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    Talk about bottom of barrels, that's over a year old and still you roll it out.! I opened a link, read the article and pointed out the word the poster had apparently overlooked, which makes a big difference to the rest of the article, imo. That's all.
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    If you want to keep team racing then run it properly with credibility and integrity, at the correct level decreed by the clubs' fan base levels, not the level that the ego"s of the promoters want their clubs to race at.... And run it on days when you can get your best crowds in, not when your employees tell you that they are available.. And do this once a fortnight but more if your fan base supports it... And dont charge more than £15 for an adult and definitely not more that £30 for two adults and their kids, but if you do charge more than £30, then dont expect most of these families to pay it more than once per month at best.. And if you cant meet the costs using that max £15 price point (£30 family ticket), then reduce your outgoings accordingly until you can..
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    A totally pointless exercise. I have no alternative but to follow the laws and guidelines set whether I agree with them or not. Pointing out anything I disagree with is pointless and I lack the inclination to trawl the net looking for 'facts' that might back any disagreement I may have. Each to their own. But like I asked a couple of times some time back and have yet to get an answer, other than posting on the forum of a minority sport, what have you done to show your disapproval and where has it got you?
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    Calm down fields of Ambrosia and the promised land of milk and honey are just around the corner
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    Are you now going to troll the government’s pronouncements, the main stream media’s coverage and “accepted” science for proof? Such as the government’s “most dog-walkers and joggers have Covid”? You see, that’s the problem with constantly hitting on Crumpet and Blu, you completely ignore the lies told on your side of the fence.
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    It seems that many of the current promoters, with the exception of the Isle of Wight, just want to carry on with the same formula. It would appear they are not interested in getting round a table with marketing people, supporters of the sport, riders etc. There seems to be a 'my way or the highway' attitude. I think change could only happen in one of 2 ways, 1. new tracks open with a new formula and not called speedway, but it is still 4 riders going round a track. So you start, effectively with a brand new sport. 2. assuming the new sport is successful, the existing set-ups 'jump ship' to the new sport. The new sport would have to be amateur, certainly at the beginning and will probably have to be 'a track in a field', as the chances of a new stadium in a town, with that kind of land at a premium and all the other problems associated with the building of an inner or indeed an outer town stadium, won't happen. The biggest thing killing the sport, is the costs. I doubt current riders would accept a pay cut. Stadium owners are not likely to be sympathetic to reductions in rents. For the sport to survive, in my opinion, it has to ditch the 'glitz and glamour' mentality, that every rider is a superstar, needs multiple bikes, a sign written van etc etc, we need to get back to a rider, with a passion for the sport, not a passion for what the rider will earn, but a passion for riding a speedway bike. Those riders are out there, they are competing in grasstrack, paying to enter, driving long distances, all out of their own pockets. What is more, they are 'starved' of enough meetings to attend. They would, I'm sure, love the chance to also ride a speedway type sport, but without all the 'cloak-and-dagger' the riders get with speedway.
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    I notice that most brexiteers are less vociferous than they were! Is that just because they won or they are having niggling doubts?
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    Italy seem to be winning a lot of things lately! Loved the Skateboarding earlier. I don't see why some people don't like seeing this in the Olympics. I thought it was great, and a 13 year old winning a medal for GB for good measure. I'd rather see that over Golf and Dressage any day!
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    Anyone playing guess the attendance tonight, add me as a plus one because i can't make it tonight but have brought a ticket online.
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    https://apple.news/AiUvTC6WuSC-aYWJBOkCQig This is something I have experienced at first hand and it is still causing major disruption for my customers. I remember DC2 ridiculing me for mentioning this back at the start of the year and said it wouldn’t happen, just more scaremongering!!
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    King Jamie, good call. I agree about showing respect. I can promise you, at Poole, if Benjamin is introduced as ‘Ben’ it will be because I will have asked him what his preference is. I certainly consider a riders choice as being the most respectful method…That goes for difficult pronunciations too.
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    Senator Malcolm Roberts is a diamond.
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    ?? Their largest outgoing is employee wages... They are one million percent in charge of that..
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    I think scrapping the league format would be a big mistake. It allows riders of different abilities to race at the same meeting in a meaningful way. Both myself and my daughters much prefer it. The razzle, dazzle of a Cardiff GP doesn't match a good league meeting in my opinion. Change the league format (regional competitions before a national play off perhaps) by all means but don't drop teams.
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    A big problem that has been raised before is that Speedway Fans are split distinctly into two groups namely supporters of a given team and only have interest in that and supporters of the sport who have no team allegiance just enjoy the spectacle on show. I for one feel that the league format could be scrapped, needing to generate funds for away meetings off the home gate just isn't working. 600 fans trying to cover stadium rents, 2 lots of travel, 2 lots of points monies etc just isn't working and is leaving a financial hole. Organise your home meetings on the day and time that works best for your fan base and run the meeting formats that suit best. Even if thats 7 vs 7 team meetings the host club can build competitive opposition to help generate a better gate. Should teams then want to get together and run mini leagues amongst themselves should their attendances support it. But the primary role of any promotion should be to promote their own venue, its clear that there has been no sensible collaboration between clubs over the years and thats what has generated the mess so switch it back to looking after number 1. The clubs that look after their fan base best will survive and those who don't will fold but at least it gives all clubs a fighting chance.
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    Brexiteers made all kinds of ridiculous assertions, but the realities are now coming home to roost. The trade agreement was negotiated in an utterly incompetent way, with the BoJo government running down the clock whilst making silly jingoistic pronouncements instead of attending to the actual details.
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    # The whole point of 'Covid-19' was the jab. # The whole point of the jab was jab passports. # The whole point of jab passports was digital IDs. # The whole point of digital IDs was social credit.
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    Poole's track last week was good... A bit too slick probably but you could tell by the closeness of most of the racing that the riders behind were confident that the rider in front, nor themselves, were going to hit any dodgy part of the circuit, hence were able to concentrate on racing, not just riding to ensure they completed the race.. And there were a few genuine passes made that were down to rider talent and not rider mistakes... On other visits I have made to Poole they have seemed to have MX 'whoops' down the back straight.... Or maybe it was just the tide was in... Edinburgh will do well to get anything from there I would suggest given how strong Poole looked last week..
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    Also wasn't on the side of the bus... https://inews.co.uk/news/brexit/uk-travel-europe-charge-next-year-2022-post-brexit-new-eu-rules-1133467/
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    So you been to poole this season nothing wrong with our track
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    astonishing isn't it. imagine Coca-Cola sales plummenting and their Marketing Director suggesting they solve the problem with a new advertising campaign. the slogan "Coca-Cola if you stop drinking it we'll stop making it!" Genius. Been happening at Newcastle for decades now. As much as it's a shame speedway just isn't sustainable in Newcastle. Brough Park is an expensive millstone which is too costly to allow the club to operate at a lower level and lower crowds and, lets face it, doesn't produce a great deal of exciting racing in the modern era. Speedway in this country reminds me of loads of those TV shows that viewers lost interest in after season three but are still churned out year after year until inevitably someone realises that nobody is watching anymore. The trouble is that those making the show are having a great time making it. They just never realise that watching it is nowhere near as entertaining as making it. I think it's called lack of self awareness.
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    I'm afraid I don't see all these Poles called Laszlo causing all the problems that are claimed. Nor do I particularly take people on the radio and old ladies in banks complaining about Romanians at face value. I judge the issue on those who are my neighbours and who I've worked with.
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    I couldn't agree with you more. I come from the same page as Brexiteers but the vote was hijacked by Farage and turned into an immigration ballot. A good analogy is a man age 62 was caught by a fraudulent computer crime specialist who took £9000 from his account basically he believed all the pap and obviously divulged his bank account details. Now he wants his money back from the bank who have turned him down. In South Wales they stuck their 2 fingers up to the EU which has left them short of £375 million in Objective 2 aid believed all the pap and now have a shortfall of £360 million and think Boris and his property speculator mates will carry on supporting former EU projects.....really. Racism is an animal behaviour if you put one chimp congress with another there will be a fight. You can learn a lot from that.
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    Don’t know about you but even though I know it has to be done the worst part of a double header is the standing around waiting for the track to be regraded after the first meeting…. That seems to go on for ages and I have seen fans leave because of it

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