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    Eh? He was a SPEEDWAY rider. Committed s crime and was released on license. Was back riding SPEEDWAY at Scunthorpe in amateur meetings. How is that not relevant to a SPEEDWAY discussion?
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    It should say “if Mr Kurtz rides in any polish meetings or any other meetings abroad in the next 28 days then the facility will end there and then”… this statement is an absolute joke!!
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    Good to see the SCB confirm Brady’s injury and that the paperwork is in order. Now can you stop all this silliness BSF and wish him a speedy recovery.
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    It is totally relevant He was looking to return to the sport, putting out PR that he had learnt his lesson and deserved a second chance Whether he is at liberty to take up a team spot is a key factor in the story
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    I'm sure Chris would love to sign Scott but we all know why he can't ,it is great that he is enjoying significant successs in the Indian summer to his career long may it continue .
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    Back in April Oxford would've had over 6 points to replace Atkins, but either weren't ruthless enough / or very loyal & kept Atkins. You can be sure a team like Poole would've made a change, probably one of the reasons they always finish near the top.
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    I hear discovery have launched a new competition for the speedway of nations that you can participate in from your home infront of your tv, it’s called spot the freeloader in the pits, I have been playing this game for a few years now, you always get the usual suspects but the SON promises to be something special as nobody can afford to pay to get in at those prices
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    In this match number 3 could be easier, gets an extra race against Lambert & a reserve in heat 12, rather than Mountain & a reserve in heat 8.
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    Looking at the stats on the Speedway GB website, Atkins has a 1.14 home average & 0.00 away average. Roynon can hardly do any worse.
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    Attacking leicesters track is something I've heard alot from top riders coming to the den. Emil and Doyle love Leicesters track because they are brave with it.
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    Yes statement issued by HNGS with regards new location for the Heathens. HNGS Ltd 5th Statement and update. In our last statement we mentioned a pre planning application as copied here below :- A project of a 10 acre site including car parking approximately 2 miles outside the Borough of Dudley was submitted back in November 2023 and a decision/ outcome February 2024. This P/A above was rejected by the Council. This was to be expected. However by submitting this P/A it has given us a list of Council concerns with which we can now work on. HNGS Ltd along with HSST are now in the process of obtaining the help from a company based in Bridgnorth called Strategic Liesure and a top planning consultant from London called LDR Planning Ltd. Planning issues such as noise concerns, transport and highways, architectural plans, landscape and visual impact etc are all going to be included within the planning work. Naturally all this work by the individual specialists will take some time before a second application can be submitted. Your support and patience are appreciated and we will inform you when the next steps are ready to be taken. Regards HNGS Ltd.
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    Additional links: https://vk.com/wall-53550004_148934 https://vk.com/wall246397852_2829 https://vk.com/video-53550004_456241794
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    It's a good few years ago now, but I used to go quite often too (could be there in under a hour straight from work) when you could stand on the back straight. Saw some brilliant racing. And, when the Aces were visiting way way back when, Owlerton was never better than Wyer & Wilson v PC & Mort imho.
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    Farndon did fall a lot in his early days. It was probably due to his leg trailing style of riding as he leaned his bike over and nearer to the ground than other riders of his time. The other reason that his scoring wasn't as high as it perhaps might have been was he suffered from engine failures. In the days before riders had armies of mechanics and helpers in the pits, Farndon just wasn't very good at machine maintenance. It was said that Freddie Mockford used to send someone round the track after every one of Farndon's race to pick up the bits that fallen off his bike during the race.
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    After going to Oxford I'm so looking forward to seeing the Pirates in action again on hopefully a better prepared WINborne Road track in comparison to last time! C'mon the Boyzzzz
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    Well done the Witches. Remarkable really given that Jason is not on the scene but it shows what can be done with a balanced group of riders. The league needs every team and Leicester seem to have one or two who are not at the races but stick with it, the sport would be poorer if another team bit the dust. The UK is never going to match/compete with Poland and it is frustrating that the sport cannot drive its own destiny and instead hangs off the coat tails of Poland thinking that because one or two who ride in Poland are now over here means the sport is on the up. That is not the case and crowd levels tell a different story. Those in charge need to start thinking outside the box to reinvigorate the sport in this country and that includes promoting, not just managing teams.
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    Cook had what sounds like a nasty spill at Ipswich tonight and had to withdraw. Hopefully just a precaution and he’ll be okay. Better not look into guests and post them cause I’ll just get told off again
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    Well at least races can be won from any of the FOUR gates unlike a dump called "Howlertune"
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    Looking forward to a Your West Ham thread.
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    Thanks to all for taking the time and trouble to respond. Cheers, TMc
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    Development Series?! Rider Championship?! Same riders - what's the problem? most of those attending (mainly regular Poole fans) won't give 2 hoots.
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    There is NO race format stipulated as the NDLRC is not covered by the Speedway Regulations 2024 or by Supplementary Regulations.
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    Live updates https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/848/fim-women-s-speedway-gold-trophy-teterow.html
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    This is a SPEEDWAY forum, not a prison recall noticeboard….move on.

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