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    The information did not come to light until 3 minutes before we went on air. At that point there was no official statement, we were simply informed they had been removed on medical grounds. Once the SCB statement was released we made sure to read it to inform the fans. Anything prior to that is speculation and we are not looking to get into that. So yes, any other broadcast organisation would have done exactly that, went by the book not rumour.
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    Everyone will be pleased to hear Peter (the photographer) has posted an update to let everyone know his condition thank god it’s not as bad as first feared. Hello all. Thought I'd provide a quick update. First of all a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took the Time to message and call. I truly felt the love of the Speedway Family and am blessed to be part of it. I have just come out surgery to close two wounds on my head. All went well. I do have small breaks to my C2 and C3 vertebra and will be in a neck bracelet for about 12 weeks but again everything will be fine.
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    As already been said the guesswork and I heard this and that happened isn’t the time or place. Freak incident that I hope to never see again. All the best to Peter and hope he makes a full recovery he was responding to the paramedics which is fantastic news. Also hope Craig is okay I know he struggles mentally as it is and I know he thought the worst at first, hopefully we will see him back in action sooner rather than later. Also hope Adam is okay says he’s broken something in his shoulder area just not sure what, but was in good spirits still. And for people asking for refunds on BSN you’re an embarrassment.
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    Im biased being a Witches fan but what a signing this guy has turned out to be Gives 110% every meeting ....not just here for a payday and turning up as and when it suits him. His scoring has been sensational but i want to touch on the other side of our sport He is the last one out of the pits to the changing rooms.....signs EVERY autograph and has EVERY picture EVERY week........always has a smile on his face and chats to everyone I knew he was a class rider but to see how he interacts with all the fans all the time he has been a pure pleasure to see every week We need more riders that do this not just hastily disappear after a meeting Ive heard from various sources that at away matches he has time for all the opposing supporters to Thankful as an Ipswich fan we didnt sign Holder with the attitude he has!!
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    Okay, I’ll say it again, wow. First of all, both sets of riders should take a bow because the racing we were served was nothing short of world class. I’ve never heard a roar like when Harris and Brennan hit the front in the first heat or when Pijper and Complin did the same in heat two, but when Tarasenko passed Masters in the thirteenth heat, Ashfield was lucky it didn’t have a roof because it would have came off. The goods weren’t only served-up by Glasgow though, because Masters pulled-off a last gap pass on Harris in that first heat, Jordan Jenkins outstandingly took over Basso in heat five while Masters was basically dancing with Brennan in the tenth heat before bettering him. Did anyone notice Heeps versus Basso for third in heat four? Wow. 60MPH, side-by-side at times and inches from the fence. Basso didn’t get past, but that was an incredible piece of track geography by Heeps to stay ahead. I’ve no idea how he managed it. It was almost as if the racing line was a lottery. There was passing on the outside and there was passing on the inside, both on the bends and on the straights. Incredible. Michael Max was back in the centre green one last time, so I felt like everything just came together again as I relived my youth. That smell of burning methanol is better than the aroma coming out of any Michelin starred restaurant on the planet. The Ashfield I last saw and the Ashfield I experienced last night was night-and-day. It adds to the spectacle. Apologies for the rant, but this guys hooked on speedway all over again and is devastated the season is coming to an end, but will be back for the play-offs, 100%.
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    I have been invited on to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 8:00am on Thursday 31st August (tomorrow) to discuss the Showground development.
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    I cant believe that anyone wants to watch the incident where someone was seriously hurt back again - at least BSN have the sense and respect not to upload it. As for people wanting updates, we are way down the list of priorities. The important thing is that the photographer is getting the treatment he needs and his family and friends the support. Updates will come as and when they are ready but we are not the priority here (cant believe I am having to actually point that out to people). Best wishes to ALL those involved
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    If you want to speak to Nick Morris, press hash. too soon?
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    What sort of speedway fan wants to see a track close? Disgraceful
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    As far as I'm aware neither Tarasenko , Sayfutinov or Laguta have waged war on anyone . Now take your political morality and sod off to a forum that deals with that stuff .
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    Is he full Russian or assessed Russian? Surely you should be having a go at Peterborough too? And Ipswich for signing Emil Sayfutdinov? Singling out Glasgow seems strange. Find it hard to hold a citizen of a country responsible for the actions of its Government, I certainly wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the shower we have governing this country.
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    You try and post certain words and it won't let you , yet it allows dick and fanny in the same sentence . Bizarre
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    Charles Wright has given everything for Redcar for many years. Been on the lower end of wages despite being one of the top riders in the league. Turned down numerous approaches for much more money from other clubs. Hes now been given a once in a lifetime (especially at his age) opportunity to ride in the top league in the world and has to miss a match that ultimately means nothing for Redcar. Playoffs are confirmed and league position now means nothing. Give the guy a break!
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    For me the Witches rider of the night was Dan Thompson - deserved an extra ride rather than being taken out
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    They went out to thank their fans that travelled down despite dodgy weather forecast. Its called appreciating the people that help pay their wages and it's about genuine fans appreciating the effort and entertainment the Tigers provide whether home or away.
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    Some of the comments on here all add to why British speedway is in the dumps. Riders can spend 10’s of thousands of pounds on equipment but the spectators say going watching is worth only £15 for 15 races. Then it comes to the cream of British racing event, a GP with the worlds best riders giving it all, and they did once again, in a city centre (couldn’t get any more centre), meeting guaranteed no matter what the weather, seats (not standing) from £20 and a fair chunk of the crowd would be in that price range, plenty of meeting day activities including bars, eateries, parks, , rolling hills 10 miles away, sand & sea…………. and they still want hotels for £30 a night. Get a pop star performing in the same stadium and entry could be £60-£100, the hotels in 3 figures, and the city will be rammed full, no problem. We know the prices in 2024 will be at least this years prices, so if you want to go you get saving from now. The show is not moving to Wembley, but Wembley costs would be similar if not more, the facilities of parks, rolling hills, sand & sea will not be there, parking probably madness and high price, don’t know about bars and eateries, hotels just as expensive etc……. you can’t guarantee a meeting cause if it rains that’s it done, it would be a temporary track with its potential problems, and as I recall the racing at Wembley was not brilliant anyway. Atmosphere was good, very good….. but what would you prefer a fantastic atmosphere or good racing. My choice would be good racing every time. Cardiff can produce good racing, it has over the years, massive hiccup last year, but lesson learnt they are not going to let that happen again.
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    Great GP weekend. Cardiff has so much to keep you entertained outside of the GP. We spent time in the Bay (Techniquest is great if you've got little ones), City Centre is full of things to do (Fan Park. Shops, Castle etc), but all of that is of course secondary to the main event. Hats off to the organisers, that was a really good GP, crucially with the track much improved. It delivered some decent racing, with a couple of different lines working from early doors, and whilst some gates were preferable you really could win from any of them which kept things interesting. Yes, attendance was down, but the stadium still generated a top atmosphere, and I won't lie I quite liked not queueing to get in, or for food or the toilets so if people want to stay away again next year I couldn't give a monkeys, if it's in Cardiff again I'm 100% returning!
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    Lisa-Collette by the sounds of it.
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    A petition was started yesterday to save Peterborough Speedway. If anyone would like to sign it the link is here: https://www.change.org/p/unjust-removal-of-a-pastime-and-sport-precious-to-thousands-over-the-world?source_location=search Please also share amongst your social media connections if possible. Thanks.
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    I think you'll find he just posted what the majority of us are thinking. Why don't you take a step back for a bit, and you might then see that you're not painting yourself in the best light? I came on here to try and find out if the cameraman is okay, and instead am met with you posting constantly, taking offence at posts when they are trying to be helpful and arguing with people. You say you came on here to try and find out some information yourself, but as you now know, there is no update yet, so why are you still spamming the thread? Is it because it has 'Poole' in the title and you think it's your birthright? Right....now let's focus on the cameraman. Hopefully he's making a recovery. If anybody has any reliable news about him it would be much appreciated, as I think we're all (even Shovlar) concerned.
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    Surely this topic has run it's course now folks. I hope Artem Laguta remains with us, but of course I fear he won't, as I would imagine he must be expensive. Whether you like or dislike Keith Chapman, he's trying to find a way of keeping our club running beyond this season, and we should be supporting him in those efforts, not slagging him off all the time for what he may, or may not have been doing to our liking in the past, and even now. It's obvious that he's buying time whilst he can find a buyer for the speedway club instead of taking the easy way out, and withdrawing us from the league. So surely he deserves the support of all true King's Lynn fans to encourage him, whilst the search continues. It's a terrible shame that Alex had to leave due to his personal situation at the moment, even though his departure was ill timed, but we can't change what has happened, we can only encourage what might happen going forward. 'UP THE STARS'
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    To be fair... They do put Bomber's name in EVERY programme printed for EVERY meeting in both leagues.. Just in case...
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    Whilst idiots keep handing their cash over,, they will keep being treated like idiots,, pretty simple really
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    As as regular attendee at Foxhall this season i can say Emil has been an absolute pleasure to have at my club Performances on the track for obvious reasons But off the track he interacts with all fans after a meeting often the last one to ho get changed … lets the kids sit on his bike and will have as many photos as people wish …. A thoroughly decent human being

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