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    I reacted with despair and dismay to the totally unnecessary further restrictions announced yesterday. We seem to have lost all sense of perspective in all this. Due to the upsurge in testing we are seeing around 3000 new cases a day but the hospital admissions and deaths are thankfully flat lining. Back in early May with the test regime in place then we were also seeing around 3000 cases a day but deaths recorded then were around 5-600 a day. If there was the capability to test as many as we are testing now back in March there would have been enough new cases to fill Wembley Stadium every day, according to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's estimates. Yet now we are still destroying the economy, the hospitality and leisure industries, jobs, healthcare on case numbers that would just about fill the home straight stand at the East of England Showground - and the vast majority of those would have minor or no symptoms at all. Life is full of risks that we evaluate and act accordingly upon. The simple act of getting up in the morning and going downstairs carries risks - around 800 people a year die falling down the stairs in the UK - and none of us are put off getting in the car and driving somewhere despite on average 75 people being killed or seriously injured on our roads every day. And no one has ever been overly concerned about a respiratory virus that still kills 1,000's each year despite there being a vaccination against it, simply because it's always been present and we are used to living with it. Yet for many that rational evaluation of Covid is not happening and the government's actions are not allowing it to happen. Piling on restrictions installs fear, not reassurance. Sitting at home hiding under the stairs will not make this go away and who really wants to spend their life living that way?
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    Imagine if speedway crowds took the knee, most would never get back up again
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    These pictures from Wales are insane. Who should have the right to determine what an essential item is for one person compared to another? For most people a TV that stops working would not be classed as essential, for the lonely old lady who lives on her own it could be her only contact with the outside world. For most people a broken microwave isn't essential, for some it's their only way of having a hot meal. For most people new bedding isn't essential, for someone who's looking after a sick relative it might be. For most people a video game isn't essential but for the 10 year old child that now is perhaps the only way to keep in touch with their friends. It's disgraceful that not only is this happening but that there are people who think it's actually necessary
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    Well I'd hate to disappoint you!.. We went into lockdown in March, the idea being to buy time and flatten the curve. Indeed, as Dr David Nabbaro, the WHO's special envoy on Covid 19 said "The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganise, rebalance your resources: protect your health workers who are exhausted" "We (the WHO) do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus". Well we had three months of it and on the plus side the curve was flattened (though the peak in cases was before the lockdown started), the air was cleaner, wildlife benefited, there was less noise, a lot of people found that they could and actually liked working from home and by and large people followed the guidelines. On the down side 40,000 still died within 28 days of a positive test, at least as many again if not more will probably die as a direct result of the lockdown restrictions, millions lost their jobs, thousands of businesses went to the wall, hundreds of people didn't get their cancer's detected early due to screening's being suspended, large numbers of routine operations were cancelled meaning for some treatable conditions became permanent ones, mounting mental health issues and national debt exceeded £2 trillion for the first time. And after all that we now find ourselves more or less back where we started. This time there is plenty of 'real' evidence and data related to the virus, not just models. And there are now thousands of doctors, scientists epidemiologists, many as eminent in their fields as the governments experts, some more meritorious who say that the approach is wrong and there is another way. Who knows if they are right? The shameful thing is there is no debate to be had, SAGE go completely unchallenged and most of the media (not all) seek to smear them rather than argue and debate what they say. They have set out their arguments clearly and with data to back why they think SAGE are wrong. Why the Imperial College models that SAGE use are hopelessly wrong. These are not conspiracy theorists, lizard people or general loons but people who at least should be properly heard. So we are going to do it all again. I'm not a medical expert but I'll tell you what will happen. The curve will gradually flatten but with no planned exit strategy as soon as it ends it will creep back up again and we'll be back where we started yet again. In the meantime thousands more jobs will be lost and it will be the final straw for countless more businesses. Hospital waiting lists for non Covid conditions will spiral even further out control. The hospitality and leisure sector will be a case of not so much kicking a man when he's down but picking up the baseball bat and continuously clubbing it over the head until it's very lifeblood is running into the gutter. Lockdown failed before and it will fail again. At the very least we should be looking for and talking to those who see another way.
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    You mean those 'experts' who thought it was a good idea to shove all the elderly back into care homes untested from hospitals. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. Those 'experts' who decided to suspend all cancer screenings, all diagnostic services and just concentrate on Covid. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. Those 'experts' that completely closed down the hospitality and leisure industries, hoping that chucking a bit of money at it would see them through, then allowing them to re-open partially with heavy restrictions, again hoping that they will survive it all. It was obvious to anyone with a microgram of common sense what would happen. And today, Roche are having trouble supplying swabs and testing materials as well as analysing tests for the NHS. This includes Covid, cancer, diabetes , blood and urine tests. To help solve the problems, the 'experts' are going to prioritise Covid tests! As in "f**k the cancer patients, they can wait." Now if you were to poll the general public 'Would you rather take your chances with Covid or cancer?' Common sense tells me what the answer would be...
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    People who live in tax havens and lecture others about social responsibility will always be on a sticky wicket.
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    On the radio the other night there was a black guy talking about how he encountered 'aggravated racism' several times every day and that white people couldn't understand that. Took me a while to work out what he meant by aggravated racism that could be happening so often. As far as I could tell what he actually meant was every word said to him during the day that he didn't like, every time somebody took a stereotypical viewpoint and any other imagined slight he could find if he looked hard enough. He used a lot of unnecessary long words to get his message across and had as big a chip on his shoulder as you will ever find. I suspect he came across a lot more people who were rude to him every day because he is a pretentious, hate filled t**t than because of his skin tone! People like that always say you can't know what it is like because you aren't black and there is no doubt that they are right. However neither do they know what it is like to be white and if they think we never come across prejudice and stereotyping they would be wrong. I am from the Hampshire countryside and sound like a yokel so many people automatically assume I'm not too bright, I drive a lorry for a living so that confirms that suspicion and I ride motorcycles and everybody who does that understands how many people view you for doing so. I'm not going to try and say all such assumptions are wrong in my case but the basis for them is. Even Doctors and Nurses openly refer to motorcyclists as organ donors! Every single one of us no matter our colour, religion or nationality will deal with such things on a daily basis and mostly not even notice them. If you are in a minority group of any sort then there will be more prejudice for sure but in the main people just shrug it off as ignorance and get on with their life. However if you were really determined to pick a fight and stir up division and hatred you could do so. As ever those who choose to do that claim to speak for the majority who really just want to be left along to crack on with things.
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    Let's stop the sniping for a while, and all send best wishes to Tomasz Gollob who has tested positive for covid, and allegedly has sepsis. You can fight this big man
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    You are of course correct in that you have to read all or as much material and evidence as possible to form your own opinion on a subject. You say you've done that and judging by your posts on here, support the government's policies of lockdowns and all other measures introduced. So in your opinion, how did you justify to yourself the damage to other hospital services; for instance the potential extra deaths, according to Cancer research charities, of 35,000 patients, the 110,000 people now waiting more than a year for treatment, the 4.2 million on NHS waiting lists, the 2,100 avoidable deaths from strokes and heart attacks during lockdown, and the fact that 173,00 fewer people were seen in hospital for the major health conditions? How do you, in your opinion, justify the colossal damage wrecked upon our economy and jobs market? Output down by 22%, the £34+billion paid out in furlough to fit and well people to stay at home rather than work, hundreds of thousands of jobs already gone and hundreds of thousands more will be gone soon. Countless businesses closing their doors forever. The hospitality industry being closed yet again and being used as a scapegoat for the rise in cases. And in your opinion was it right for the government aided by the media to whip up such unnecessary and unfounded fear amongst the general public; that the virus was an indiscriminate killer, that people, were no longer friends or family but potential biohazards to such an extent that some (my father being one!) are still afraid to leave the house? The mental health issues that will inevitably arise from this as well can't be overlooked. And in your opinion was it logical to shut schools for something that doesn't unduly effect children (Covid) whilst we never do for something that can cause them harm ('flu)? All of this has been done in an attempt to suppress a virus that does not kill 99.9% of it's victims, a virus that 80% of people who contract it are asymptomatic (according to latest studies) and there is clear knowledge as to who are at risk and need support and protecting. We've had one major lockdown that did not work, there are 20 or so local lockdowns that are not making the blind bit of difference and on Monday it appears that the government will be dishing out more of the same which will no doubt produce the same result. So I'll be really interested to hear from you, or any lockdown supporters the evidence and reasoning you used to come to your decision, because I have looked and looked and I as sure as hell can't find anywhere near enough to support it.
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    Let's stop believing this disinformation. The number of perfectly healthy folk who die from COVID is infinitesimally small. Whenever you dig into the details of these supposedly 'healthy young people' who've died, you find there's some underlying condition in nearly every case. That does not mean their lives shouldn't be valued and it's not a tragedy, but there's no guarantees about anything in life, and certainly no guarantees that anyone would go on to live a long and healthy life. Every year a small number of otherwise healthy people die from other infections they pick up, food poisoning, cancer, heart attacks and all manner of other maladies. Unfortunately, there's always a balance in life between practicality and safety, and the COVID-19 'cure' has become far worse then the disease - destroying livelihoods, increasing preventable deaths from cancer, and even more tragically a massive rise in suicides that's directly attributable to declining mental health because of lockdowns. Governments have had a nearly a year to work out strategies to get as much of the population back to normality as possible, yet they seem to have learned nothing and just resort to a crude stick every the supposed medical experts and media hit the panic button. A few countries have dealt with things in a much more sensible manner which shows that it can be done. It's pathetic, but they're terrified enough of the population into supporting the ridiculous measures.
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    What you don't do is continue trying the same things that failed before again and again. We don't have to 'face' the consequences because they are already happening. We know who are most at risk so resources should be directed at them, the vast sums of money spent protecting people who don't need protecting is just a waste. I fully appreciate that it's rather glib and easy to just say 'protect the vulnerable' and that some of the 'vulnerable' would rather take responsibility for their own safety but that is where the government should be directing their plans and resources. The pressure is being applied on government to go for a two week lockdown, the so-called circuit breaker. I really hope they for once they actually stick to their guns and resist it. In real life a circuit breaker instantly stops the flow of electricity. You can't instantly stop the flow of a virus nor can you stop the flow of people, there will always be key workers, utility staff, shop staff out and about so for a start the term circuit breaker is yet more bollocks speak. All it will do is kick the problem two weeks further down the road and at the same time be the final straw for thousands more businesses and jobs. Look at where we are now with the ridiculous tier system. I'm now in a tier 2 region where you can get on a bus with someone to go to work, work all day with them at the office yet you're not allowed to go for a beer with them afterwards. Where businesses in the hospitality sector can stay open yet the rules make it financially unviable for them to do so and there is no financial support for them. Where the trade body for UK hospitality estimate that 200,000 jobs will go in London alone this weekend due to the new tier grading. An over estimation no doubt but a colossal number even if they're only half right. The same rules that have been applied to the North West for getting on for three months and hasn't made the blind bit of difference. Why keep trying the same failed things? We have to learn as a country to live with it and don't let fear conquer reason. Take sensible precautions like washing hands, keeping your distance and taking responsibility for your own health but we've got to get on with living and not hiding. Yes infection rates are going up as they always do at this time of year for respiratory diseases but are only around a fifth of what they were in Spring so there is no reason why hospitals will be overwhelmed. And also to remember that the vast, vast majority of people who catch Covid will have few or no symptoms.
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    Let’s be honest. Brexit is going to be an unmitigated disaster. Even ardent brexit voters are raising their hands and admitting the UK is going to suffer far more than originally thought. Nothing good to come out of brexit. That is plain to see even if a few foolhardy idiots continue to waive The Union Flag like it will magically make everything OK. The Covid-19 outbreak will hide some of the mess. But it will soon become apparent as Europe and the EU recovers, that we are being left behind, with inflation, unemployment, and chlorinated chicken. Add to that the collapse of the pound, and of course the loss of our freedom of movement, and it will dawn on those brainwashed by sunlit uplands, rainbows and unicorns, they have have been sold a turkey. And a chlorinated one at that.
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    Olly Allen came to a meeting of the Nuneaton Supportes Club in February. He has been very active in getting the Poultec apprenticeship going. It provides for recognised engineering qualifications as well as specialist speedway knowledge. This includes bike and engine training, track craft (regular track days under the guidance of senior riders) and other aspects of being a professional rider such as diet, keeping in good shape and dealing with the fourth estate. Olly brought several youngsters from the course with him to the meeting and their appearance, ability to speak, and thier overall demeanour was very impressive. Olly explained that he has been jointly recruited to the GB Team Management with Simon Stead because of his expertese with young riders. What he is bulding is a speedway academy and I, for one, wish him well in this endeavour.
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    The whole thing seems to have just become a political football now, with decisions not being made on the basis of sensible science - either with respect to what's clearly now known about COVID-19, or about the behaviour of previous viruses. Economies and livelihoods have been wrecked for the sake of a virus that has little affect on 97+% of the population and few under the age of 60, and another health timebomb is developing because of a lack of timely treatment of routine illnesses. Lockdowns have not also prevented deaths, nor got anywhere close to eradicating the virus. Governments have now had plenty of time to come up with plans and system to get countries back to a resemblance of normality for the majority of their populations, yet the best the UK government can come-up with is closing pubs at 10pm. Utterly pathetic. And of course you now have both Nicola Sturgeon and Keir Starmer who'd rather make political capital rather than propose with any sensible solutions to the problem. One wonder how much longer the public are going to tolerate this collective nonsense?
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    Just heard Jeremy Hunt on the radio (I know but it's about what he said not who it is!) He said that it is know known that for every direct covid death there has been at least one indirect cancer death due to failure to treat or diagnose because of Covid restrictions. That's just cancer so it is certain that when you add in all the other indirect deaths from untreated heart issues and so on that there is a massive mistake being made. This is where DC2 would be handy because he would at least put figures to the statement. Whether you agree or disagree with their opinion I think their research of statistics has given much more in depth information with which to form an opinion.
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    Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
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    Four main reasons I would think 1. Manchester is in varying degrees of lockdown week to week so planning an event there at the moment is very risky and has no guarantee it will happen. 2. Ipswich has around two thirds more capacity than the NSS so when percentage restrictions are applied you can still get a reasonable (and more importantly viable), crowd in.. 3. With Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Mildenhall all 'local' you have four lots of Speedway starved fanbases to pull from, which (with a good few from around other parts attending) hopefully will ensure all tickets available will be sold.. And 4. Ipswich might be 'in the middle of nowhere' but does traditionally at Easter get one of the largest crowds (if not THE largest single crowd), of the season at any track, so obviously have a strong underlying fanbase who show they will attend on one off occasions.. Put it all together and I would think the size of the venue, the amount of awareness of Speedway that exists in that geographical area, and the fairly low impact of Covid 19 to that part of the country, ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to planning and putting on an event that needs a crowd to be a financially viable...
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    Why all this fuss about being stopped by the Police. Surely as an MP she is aware of the knife and drug crime being committed in her constituency and the entire London area? Crime doesn't get detected or reduced by Police officers sitting on their ar5es watching the world go by, these were conscientious officers doing their lawful duty. If the incident which happened four thousand miles away in the USA hadn't, then we wouldn't be hearing about this at all! What seems to have been forgotten is that across the pond all Police officers are routinely armed with lethal weapons, as are quite a large number of their general population. Here the Police carry out their duties by consent. If they choose to stop a car (be it because of tinted windows, where it is registered) we have as a population, agreed that they can do. What was the problem here? the driver stopped, the officers spoke with the occupants of the car and the initial exchanges were polite, relevant questions asked, and one of the officers said they couldn't see into the back of the car because of the tinted glass (possibly from a safety point of view). It then becomes a racial issue, why? This whole thing was a routine every day matter that has been created into something else by one person...... Dawn Butler. Hope she's proud of herself, as someone has already highlighted, as an MP she should be trying to help Police/Public relations not destroying them.
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    I think EIA needs a reminder of what was going on around that time.Ford was unhappy that Coventry had managed to keep Shamek at reserve for so long, IMO they used the very same criteria that Ford himself used many times (ie they played Ford at his own game)and he didn't like it .Pawlicki's 16 +1 did for Poole on the second leg meeting and Ford reacted by taking in his firework display, turning off the hot water to the visitors shower room & removing the Champagne from the bar area. Hardly the reaction expected from a mature person. Then came the sudden rapidly arranged meeting by a select few who connived a change in the conversion factor for lower league riders moving up, effectively screwing up bees deals for two riders already in place. I've seen comments that the teams shouldn't be selected before the AGM but we all know that it was the accepted way of doing things for years ,and probably stilll is now. We also had the re assessment of Pawlicki's average, another very unfair decision. Despite all the protests to the contrary it seems blatantly obvious that Ford was the Prime Mover in all that went on in the winter of discontent, & to add insult to injury he then proceded to register Kildemand as a poole rider whilst the bees were in the middle of a team shuffle mid season 2011. Kildemand went public and stated that he had no knowledge of his transfer to Poole as he hadn't even spoken to Ford. But it did have the desired effect as it stopped Coventry using him again.Those are just some of the moves of a very underhanded & bitter man.
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    Has not the world gone mad when "Black Lives Matter" is the new buzz word yet "White Lives Matter " is offensive. So much so that Burnley FC are ashamed. I for one am sick of grovelling apologies for what I can't get my head round.
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    BBC now describing Edward Colston as a “17th Century slave trader”. As abhorrent as it is, it wasn’t unlawful in the 17th Century. And he went on to be a philanthropist, I believe. Can people be forgiven if they turn their lives around? Does the BBC describe George Floyd as a violent criminal?
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    He probably failed to arrive and a guest replacement was used.
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    Yes. All of that. Just like in March there was a set plan to avoid lockdown ... All disappeared in 24 hours or so and total capitulation to the braying mob ... And now we've gone down the same route again. Wrong. Just wrong.
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    When I had a word with Mr Google a few days ago, to see if I could find any unbiased scientific opinion I came across a “Which?” Report from about four weeks ago that said that masks do protect both the wearer from others and others from the wearer, but crucially it said that the amount of protection a mask gave was only marginal and by far the best protection was washing your hands and social distancing. In. Fact at the start of the lockdown some advice that came to me from two consultants at Adenbrook’s and an associate cancer specialist at the Harlow hospital, was just keep washing your hands. Hand washing and social distancing seem to be the advice most people ignore. I went to our local farm shop on Thursday , everyone was wearing masks, some even arrived in their cars wearing them, but I seemed to be the only one using the hand sanitizer provided by the shop when I went in and the only one using it when I came out. Trust in the masks seems to be absolute, hand washing apparently too much bother.
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    Robert has a great future. But let's take great pride in his achievement today. As David Rowe in commentary, he was in the National League 7 years ago. And now, he is beginning a World class career, winning a major championship and heading into the GP series next year. A special day.

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