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    This might be all wrong. It's an age thing...... Wasn't it Rick Miller that was the only rider to finish a race at Brandon only to find he'd been excluded for not trying. He spent most of the race performing wheelies for the crowd. That was a 0-0.
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    Touch of the Big Time Charlies about us last night . While we moaned and whinged about the track , the Scunny riders got on with it. attacked the track with a purpose and were well worthy of the win . 53-37 didn't flatter them at all . We're coming to the time of year when tracks ate going to be difficult and weather affected , and if we show the attitude we showed last night we'll be winning nothing
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    A confident win.... no Bandit crocked this week (best wishes to Matty W though on recovering from what was a nasty spill) and my hubby wins the 1st prize on the 5-1 draw on our anniversary weekend... oh, and our next away opponents lose heavily at home That wasn’t too bad a night I tell ya
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    My NHS career puts me in good stead to do it but no, it’s an absolute pleasure to help out my club anyway I can... that and my £10 standing order every month is just a small token of what I wish I could do!
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    Perhaps you need to take your rose tinted glasses off.... If the positions were reversed and an Ipswich rider had got up and let the race continue there would have been uproar. It's only seen as cheating when the other side does it. Long standing fans still laugh about the time when Kevin Jolly done exactly the same thing at King's Lynn back in the 70's, when the league was actually a meaningful competition. That did win us the match back then. What Kurtz did made no difference to the result, we gated on a 5-1 in the re-run but Holder easily got by King in the only genuine pass of the match. What was more depressing was that a good crowd had turned up, positive new signings in the Witches camp and a genuine must win scenario only to find that yet again they were given a total pile of crap to race on. Dust after 4 heats, no extra water put down, nothing round the outside, just the usual gate and go you get at Ipswich these days. The close scoreline made for a good atmosphere but how much better it would have been if there was some decent racing to go with it. At the end of the day the better side won.
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    WOULDN'T argue with that ... maybe throw in Cardiff as well.
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    Yes Sarj wasn't convincing there , but whoever thought Mikkel B Andersen was an improvement needs their head examined
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    Yes there is , but I like to go to the Black and Gold after the speedway and stop in Berwick overnight
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    It wouldn't be if we had kept NBJ but hes injured now so would have needed replacing anyway but maybe if we had left it we could have got a better option. It was still a bad decision in my view. Wells didn't get sacked by Belle Vue because he was going well.
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    LOOKING more and more like two wild cards will go to Doyle and Woffinden with Hancock a possible third.
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    He's a multi alias fruitcake. Who knows who is he but he certainly wasn't there.
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    I really don’t think Lambert is ready for a full season of GPS, perhaps another 2 years off. It’s been a good experience this year being series reserve, has given him more gps then probably thought, what with Greg not taking his place unfortunately. Kolodeiz, apart from a GP win, which was really good, he hasn’t done much. He must have something going for him to win a gp, and I accept you can’t win gp every meeting, but some sort of consistency would be nice. He seems to be another Lindback, so frustrating cause you know what he can do but just doesn’t manage it for whatever reason.
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    reading the press releases from eastbourne the authorities should be more ashamed they have refused Eagles permission to use a bloody good reserve in Danyon Hume who wants to ride for them. No doubt if he was some johnny foreigner no one had heard of he'd be fine. more ashamed should be Georgie Wood who gets himself another ban for being totally unprofessional for the IOW and letting them and Eastbourne down.
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    Some posts on here really haven't aged very well at all have they, bemoaning the 'no hope' Zagar and Iversen for qualifying for next year. Who are those two in tonights final again?
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    But surely Plymouth can't go on without Wallinger? They will have to close the club down.
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    Best wishes to Martin Smolinski for a speedy recovery, the guy is in a bad way but still tried his best to score points.
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    Not sure anyone really attacked that track. Glasgow Speedway is much better than tonight served up. Results are secondary to entertainment for me. Understand we needed to get meeting on and lots of hard work went into it but when riders can't turn the bike it's not really good to watch. Scunthorpe thoroughly deserved to win.
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    Probably a good idea. It will be a hell of an ask for r/r for a double header.
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    Another superb team performance times seemed a bit slow tonight hope Matty okay never stops trying. Also a postman £500 better of I think I heard. Hope we are getting a guest got the double header next week anyway away out for a beer or three
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    Ouch !!!!! i am really pi$$ed off- 4 correct mid spreads(Lambert,Laguta,Lindgren and Woffinden) but hardly any money for them !!! Zagar killed me, however i haven`t time to sulk as next Saturday we do it all again in Round 8 Leaderboard after round 7 Teterow Robbie B £4400 Susans 1 £2650 Pepsi £2250 Mark £2200 Panthers 89 £2125 Matt K £2030 Psycho 3a £1760 iand £1690 Icescot £1675 Grand Central £1360 Skippy £880 Teabody 279 £855 Hilly £720 1 spread stretcher left Col £452 1 spread stretcher left Round 8 Vojens Saturday September 7th start time 6pm UK time
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    I'd just like to point out that the folks who were annoyed at zagar and iversen for qualifying for next year should get their coats
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    Having read some of the Poole fans posts, I just can't see why people think they have Poole tinted glasses on. Anyway,, maybe Brady was winded, luckily for him he heals quickly, which just happened to coincide with red light coming on. The cheating twunt
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    Just a thought. Have you tried going to a Colts match? They are really good value at £10 and the racing is probably better than seen during most TV matches. Also, watch the 15 year olds progress is heartening. I'd recommend going to the play-offs this year as the crowds are likely to be quite decent. Hope to see you there!
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    Scooters I can understand. If Bomber is there, he would steal it, and see if it goes any quicker than his bikes! Of course, it might take him a time to get the setup right... I'll get me coat...

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