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    Poland is the place to be though if you want to earn good money and really improve, not sure it's possible to be 'too fixed' on riding there. Any rider with ambition wants/needs to race there.
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    A man I met at the Reading Racino, who was asking for directions to Torquay United's Riviera Arena.
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    No point asking the current fan base as they will turn up whatever. The powers that be need to be looking at what will entice new supporters in other wise the sport doesn’t have a future. One thing for certain is that the poles will call the shots & there isn’t much the uk can do about that & we only have ourselves to blame. while we have been busy devaluing the product on offer here the poles have equally as busy making their product something that tv, business & the public want to be part of……hence they are in a strong position to dictate to us.
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    There's plenty of riders wanting team spots / available to cover injuries: Max Clegg, Jack Smith, Ben Morley, Ryan Kinsley & Adam Roynon etc Not strong enough for Workington or Plymouth, but technically there are options available.
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    Steve Lawson still getting up to match fitness maybe.
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    I'm sure it won't happen. It's just that I used to drive past the Moto Parc on the way to Blunsdon and it would be the perfect place for a speedway track. Someone should do it even if it isn't the last lot at Blunsdon. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Ooh, I feel a song coming on.
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    Clark Osborne .. not known by many lol
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    Getting a bit embarrassing now… especially for those that told us over and over all 7 were signed before Christmas
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    From Swindon Motorsports website The founder directors have invested capital to launch the company, employ the professional team, bring together the operating partners, locate a site, design the facility, and make a planning application. The Board is keen to work alongside partners with a skill base and expertise in the management and promotion of multi-use leisure facilities. In addition, shares will be made available for purchase by individuals in due course. Further information on this will follow soon. We are in discussion with various operating partners and will bring these forwards in the weeks/months to come. Our list of partners is not exclusive, and we are open to approaches from operators of motor sport and motor-oriented self-drive/ride facilities. CONTACT US As a potential operator of motor sport I used the "contact us" button in November 2023, shortly after the news that a site had been identified. As yet I have had no reply.
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    I won't have a word said against the Bristol Superdrome. It's the "Most successful Speedway venue of the modern era". It says so here https://swindonmotorsports.co.uk/team-%26-partners
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    Apparently, he was good at falling: https://www.newspapers.com/article/wilmington-daily-press-journal-ray-paret/25597862/
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    He just disappeared. I suspect Lou Casazza and Dutch Mueller had something to do with it
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    For me, one big league wouldn't work unless you got rid of all the "star names", as too many clubs couldn't afford to use them.. And that would mean an uncompetitive league.. With the fans who are used to seeing the "star names" (at the clubs with mainly the best attendances), losing interest in watching a lesser standard.. An 8 team "super league" with six of the current clubs in the top flight, ex Brum, but adding Poole and Glasgow would be my call.. Organically the top 8 clubs for attendances.. The rest are then an amalgam of Championship Lite/NDL level... Meaning clubs don't overstretch their natural level, riders are in the large majority semi pro, (have one "Bomber" per team), and admission costs then reflect the semi pro standard.. Could bring back IOW and Kent meaning even more fixtures..? DU is still there, but it needs to be currently, but you do get a flagship league to market the whole sport off, and the 2nd tier is then becomes the natural feeder league for UK lads wanting to get into the top flight, giving these riders plenty of opportunities to race...
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    It doesn’t matter what the supporters want they are not considered, if the BSPL were interested they would ask, they haven’t.
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    Whatever happened to Snooks Blankenburg?
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    Anyone coming up to Workington from away travelodge showing at £39 for the Saturday nite
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    ITV4 Monday night 8 pm
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    Substitute Dopey for corrupt greedy couldn't give a s**t Council.
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    W⚓....TR...not you Tim!
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    If, and it’s a big If, you believe that statement, then no doubt these “various legal and planning actions necessary “ will include a significant number of houses on the “potential” site as part of the planning application. I can see it now, the applicant will build “xxx homes with the consent for a further xxx homes subject to completion and operating of said stadium” xxx homes get built whilst the land for the stadium lays dormant, just like Wallyford stadium.
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    Agree to disagree. saying joe found it tough, probably too soon for him to be riding at this level is being realistic, calling an 18 year old kid awful is unnecessary imo.
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    Perhaps they could do a follow up piece listing those efforts so that we can all enjoy the efforts that Chapman made behind the scenes? I saw bugger all out in the open in public!
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    Two leagues with the NDL being one and allow the NDL to run along the lines of NORA so you get at grass roots level, two wheeled entertainment across the various disciplines. Then you have one league made up of five or six man teams from the current championship /premiership clubs with a knock out cup competition, a regional four team tournament and U K individual championship open only to those riders who are UK based. Clubs allowed to race on nights that suit their business and if those riding in Poland or elsewhere want to participate, they do it on UK terms. If Poland wants to monopolise the European sport, allow them to get on with it and leave the rest to plough their own furrow. If you want to see the top riders you have the GP’s but don’t ask UK fans to pay top dollar to see riders in our leagues who really are not committed to the UK speedway scene and view it as a cash cow. Time the sport in this country got a grip but then you have the BSPL and that is the root cause of why speedway in the UK is on its knees. We can all live in hope but not in this lifetime.
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    But the vast majority have been closed down due to landlords accepting the big bucks from people who want to build houses. How many of those defunct tracks have now got houses on them or will have very soon. Very few close down due to lack of support. i actually think Speedway is on the way up actually. The crowds at meetings last year, granted in the Premiership, were fantastic most of the time and the enthusiasm from fans (apart from the usual moaners) was second to none.

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