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    • Is Viagogo a trusted company? I don't mind paying a premium for tickets, but I don't want to get ripped-off.
    • Still closer than any of the Rebels 'local' derbies were in 2019!  The Fours qualifying rounds have never existed in Somerset's time in the middle tier. I wouldn't might seeing it tried though. I went to a few at the County Ground and always enjoyed them (well apart from the one where Simmo disappeared over the 1st/2nd bend fence and almost left the stadium in the air!).
    • Interesting that some fans are calling for the return of the fours qualifiers on the basis that four meetings in four days would be an attraction, but the BSPA is being widely criticised for organising events either side of the British GP. How many fans can actually afford to go to four meetings in four days? You really think the interest level would be there on the fourth (or even third) leg for supporters of a team well behind from the first couple of legs? Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if one (or even more) of the legs is rained off? It's bad enough trying to get two teams to agree on a re-arranged date, never mind four.  Fours qualifiers are best left in the past, when every day was sunny, every meeting was close, every race had passing and life, in general, was just better. Except it wasn't always so. Fours finals day can be a great occasion.
    • Second International Friendly Match @ Pinjar Park Speedway (330m track)  Perth, Western Australia (Saturday, January 18, 2020)   GREAT BRITAIN 54 1 Tai Woffinden - 15 (3,3,3,3,3) 2 Drew Kemp - 8+2 (2',0,1,2',3) 3 Dan Bewley - 12+1 (2,2,3,3,2') 4 Jason Edwards - 3+2 (1',0,1,0,1') 5 Leon Flint - 5+2 (F,2,0,1',2') 6 Jack Smith - 11+2 (3,1',3,2',2) TM: Simon Stead   AUSTRALIA 36 1 Cameron Heeps - 9 (1,3,1,3,1) 2 Dakota Ballantyne - 7 (0,1,2,1,3) 3 Jason Crump - 10 (3,3,2,2,0) 4 Kayle Ballantyne - 1 (F,0,0,0,1) 5 Daniel Winchester - 2+2 (1',1',R,0,0) 6 Fraser Bowes - 7+1 (2,2,2,1',FX) TM: Steve Johnston   Heats:
      1. Woffinden, Kemp, Heeps, D.Ballantyne. 1:5 2. Crump, Bewley, Edwards, K.Ballantyne (fell). 3:3 (4:8) 3. Smith, Bowes, Winchester, Flint (fell). 3:3 (7:11) 4. Heeps, Bewley, D.Ballantyne, Edwards. 4:2 (11:13) 5. Crump, Flint, Smith, K.Ballantyne. 3:3 (14:16) 6. Woffinden, Bowes, Winchester, Kemp. 3:3 (17:19) 7. Smith, D.Ballantyne, Heeps, Flint. 3:3 (20:22) 8. Woffinden, Crump, Kemp, K.Ballantyne. 2:4 (22:26) 9. Bewley, Bowes, Edwards, Winchester (retired). 2:4 (24:30) 10. Heeps, Kemp, Flint, K.Ballantyne. 3:3 (27:33) 11. Woffinden, Crump, Bowes, Edwards. 3:3 (30:36) 12. Bewley, Smith, D.Ballantyne, Winchester. 1:5 (31:41) 13. Kemp, Flint, K.Ballantyne, Winchester. 1:5 (32:46) 14. D.Ballantyne, Smith, Edwards, Bowes (fell/excluded). 3:3 (35:49) 15. Woffinden, Bewley, Heeps, Crump. 1:5 (36:54)      
    • Quite certain it is not the Speedway who imposed this rule
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