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    Thanks for listening tonight everyone. I will admit, my head was all over the place during Sunday's broadcasts and I struggled a lot, but tonight for me went 100% better.
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    I am now very pleased to be able to confirm that I will be commentating
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    do i miss speedway?what is their to miss?walking to derwent park with my sons and grandkids,saying hi to people who are their early like us,standing by the pits chatting to dez the machine examiner who i went to school with and who rode for the comets ,standing listening to the roar of 14 bikes getting that special smell only they make laughing at others putting their hands over ears as they walk past,walking to our special spot on the first corner near the burger van standing with people who like us have stood their for years,being pestered by the grandkids for some money for a burger which they will never eat because they had tea before coming out,clapping and shouting as 2 teams are announced by michael max or hoggy with the tones of john walch in the box,shouting at a well know referee from scotland who once again had got a decision wrong,going home after a look at the track from the pits gate saying hi to chris the pits marshall, telling my mother how well we did or why we didnt win,taking boys home and looking on the pc how other teams had done that night,going on the forum to see what other comets fans thought about the team that night.YES i do miss my speedway seeing it live from 3rd april 1970 missing work sometimes to get my fix,remembering the girls i took their some still speak to me now a couple dont but their loss eh ,so again i do miss my speedway its good to go to glasgow, newcastle, redcar. and even edinburgh but its not the same,so if u can go when this is all over DO go or like me and a few more from comets land u might not have some to go back too.HAPPY DAYS.
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    Graham Drury in the Speedway Star (another excellent issue), talks about how he loved his time promoting in the NL, "riders just rode, no flights, accommodation, or transport requests". And when he rode 2nd Division how it was mainly 'part time' with riders having jobs, unlike today where so many have salary expectations to allow them to be 'pro' speedway riders in that league... So, we actually know 'what can work', and we also know 'what used to work' (pretty much the old 2nd Division NL).. Therefore that surely has to be the target to get back too? It does also make me wonder how much of my admission cost goes into the riders' own personal agendas through their salary from the clubs. By that I mean their own individual aspirations... I've said before, so much money comes into Speedway through fans attendance and individual sponsorship, yet so much of what gets paid out doesn't postively impact the domestic leagues in any way shape or form, but instead, goes to fund riders wanting to be full time pros and help support their own ambitions on the wider global individual stage.. No disrespect but any current GB rider winning the World Individual title won't put bums on seats over here every week. This was a pipe dream mantra from a long time ago, ie a belief a GB World Champ would be like finding The Holy Grail for the sport in the UK.. Havelock, Loram and Woffy (3 times) subsequently proved that wasn't correct. (Even when Tai rode here).. Therefore, the UK should just cut its cloth accordingly, putting the clubs first... In short, if charging £18 isn't bringing in enough punters through the doors as they tell you that you are too expensive, then listen to them and drop your prices... And if you can't drop your prices as you say your costs won't allow it, then reduce your costs so you can... I can guarantee that the many punters who no longer attend due to them not seeing £18-£20 as an acceptable or affordable price point, wont wake up one morning and suddenly then decide that it is and rock up in their droves.. And this absent, silent majority, are the ones that need 'listening' to..
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    You sound like one of the many CleverDicks who know exactly how to promote Speedway but have never had to guts to do it.
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    Last night I watched a recording of the 2019 British Championship from Belle Vue. What a good meeting but the last two rides of Danny Ayres were real crackers, especially his 5th ride when he the race all but won except for him riding into the deep stuff on bends 3/4, him fighting with his bike to stay on, which he did, only to lose out to Chris Harris. i know the night belonged to Charles Wright, but Danny Ayres will be remembered for a brilliant showing, he so much wanted a win that night.
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    Rider safety comes first is a contradiction in itself ,if it came first then the sport would make riders use a more adaptable engine, the engine used today is power and nothing else, safety doesn’t even come into it ,speedway is dangerous, if you don’t like it don’t ride
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    I have thought that was the way forward for a long time, I'd even consider withdrawing from FIM events in time and just run our own competitions.
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    You’ve done a good job Dave in difficult circumstances. You’ve been up against some serious delays with no co commentator whilst sat in your front room no doubt. I certainly don’t envy that! Keep up the good work.
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    I was one of the riders that mr Rees left without money during his flirt with speedway promoting and along with the other 6 had to be bailed out by the bspa, I can still remember Richard Juul storming down the ramp at stoke to literally rip the blokes head from his shoulders cause of his bouncing cheques, IMO he should be let nowhere near speedway again but that won’t be the case as the sport has a history of forgiving “less than honourable” people back in the sport
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    It’s time they did - like most teams used to Saturday night is speedway night
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    Poland should be pleased with themselves. How can you blame them for looking after themselves. They lead the way on crowds, pay, TV coverage. Rather than be upset other countries should attept to match. Watch some Polish speedway its very good. Cutting your own nose off by missing out.
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    With everything that’s going on in the world and it’s been a while since I’ve seen any speedway I kind of forgot how much some modern riders are prima donnas where there is a bit of rain around
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    No, it’s a recording of a future meeting
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    As soon as riders stand around they go into non race mode and don’t fancy it. Seen it so many times. One or two can sway it for the majority.
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    I haven’t been to a meeting since Lakeside closed . With each passing week I miss it less. I was my intention to go to occasional meetings but there are such a bunch of cowboys in charge I don’t feel motivated and have found plenty of other things to do. There must be thousands like me. Great memories of the sport, but it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that the great days are gone and won’t be back.
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    Really enjoyed the second meeting after the shambles from Rybnik. Good first effort from Gorzow without NKI against easily the strongest side again. When Zmarzlik gets going I think Gorzow will have a decent season. I thought Thomsen acquitted himself well and Wozniak as ever is a strong road block if he can gate. KK just same old frustrating KK. Leszno again going to be tough to beat. Emil and Piotr so strong with great backup (generally) from Kolodziej and then the bundles of improvement still to come from Kubera, Kurtz and Smektala. Personally don't mind there being no crowd as I'm only really interested in the quality of racing. Anyone saying this is on a similar level to Britain needs to give their head a considerable shake.
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    Great to see Robert top score for Rybnik against Zielona Gora 14 points from 6 rides looks like he is back to his best, let’s hope so anyway
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    There is so much more on offer when you compare Polish speedway to British speedway - and the whole spectacle you mention is exactly right. Going to a big stadium with a great atmosphere would make it an enjoyable experience even for someone who wasn’t a fan. When you compare that to riders going round on a clapped out pick up truck in Britain with a track in a field and 80s music being played through tinny speakers, it’s just not anywhere near the same experience. That’s before you even get into the speedway itself on offer. A lot boils down to the money on offer but Poland have nailed it and is the absolute pinnacle of team speedway. British speedway now just has to do what it can to get by.
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    Can't make it any worse.
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    SPECIAL eight-page preview of the Polish season in Speedway Star this week ...

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