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    I fear it may be even longer than that.. I believe he is currently in Poole General holding a bed side vigil for Jack Holder... The diagnosis isn't good either.. A specialist was heard to say to one of the nurses that one of Jack's toes had "gone to market", whilst one had "stayed at home", another had seemingly had "roast beef", whilst another toe sadly "had none"... Most worrying though was that it is believed that the smallest of Jack's toes had gone "wee, wee, wee, wee, all the way home"!!!!
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    When Holder pulled out with a sore toe I couldnt help but think about Harris getting run over at Wimborne Road and running back to the pits to win the re run. Compare the commitment
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    That race from Sarj took a pair of balls the size of space hoppers given the conditions closing in, the situation and the tiniest of gaps to the fence
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    Nice to see the manipulation of IRR rule didn't pay off!
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    As we draw closer to the end of the domestic Speedway season I would personally like to thank the people over @ Speedway updates for there continued service during the season.
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    Poole tried to cheat and it backfired serves them right.
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    Great news for Poole fans, Jack Holder must have recovered from his bruised toe nail, now confirmed in the line up for the CZ golden helmet. I am attending the meeting, so will pass on all the well wishers from the many concerned Poole supporters of that nasty injury!!
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    Huge congratulations to Ipswich. Fully deserved.
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    Well done Ipswich and best of luck in the final. raining. Well done to Kurtz and Holder in riding like utter twats in the most important meeting of the season. a proper well done to Klindt and Josh and Nico for battling for the cause.
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    Some very interesting points on here. I appreciate (as the guy said earlier) that age isn't relevant when it comes to speedway and an opinion, but having followed the sport for 45 years then I do believe that I can give a decent opinion of the merits of Cardiff, even though it does have it's down points. Speedway in the UK is pretty much on its knees. Many of us can remember the halcyon days of the 70's and 80's in the UK... when the British League was the global 'jewel in the crown' of speedway... the place to ride to be competitive... and a time which we probably all took for granted and never expected things to change. Back then... everyone in speedway pretty much EXPECTED that it would be a 'given' that we had a great venue here to house the 'World Final.' We took that as a given right. And there was also an expectancy that the British speedway public will fill the place easily. We had the old Empire Stadium at Wembley. We then had Odsal... then... we didn't. The 'masses' went to watch speedway weekly. My father used to go to watch Odsal in the late 1940's... he had some old programmes from meetings... in the 'pre tv' era. Weekly there was 30,000 people watching meetings back then! The sport was huge. Fast forward to the state of affairs with our beloved sport today... and it really IS on its knees. I am struggling to work out how clubs actually stay afloat. And how small amount of clubs there is. It is bare bones speedway. I have followed Halifax, Bradford.... both now closed. If you have track to support now... it's isn't a 'right' or a 'given,' then it is TRULY a gift from the Gods! Sheffield is where is go to watch now... almost 40 miles each way from my house! Bradford used to be 8 miles away... and my all time beloved club, Halifax... 16 miles! Now... 35 plus!!! THIS is how bad things are. Now if you had shown me today's state of affairs in the 80's, with a crystal ball. Or fetched me forward in a time machine... and showed me the absolute state of affairs in the domestic leagues.... THEN... this weekend... had taken me to Cardiff, and showed me that we actually have a stadium in the UK.. where FORTY thousand people will travel to, to watch not a 'one off final,' but Grand Prix meeting (not as special IMHO), at a venue with a roof on it so that you KNOW it's not gonna be rained off... then I wouldn't actually believe that the whole Cardiff experience was a "thing." I would marvel about it! I wouldn't actually be able to get my head around that this STILL existed. Cardiff still being with us... in a country where speedway is becoming almost defunct... is pretty much the biggest oasis imaginable... and in the world's largest desert. I know that it has it's faults. Processional racing (not hardly a rarity in speedway... if we are being honest)... but yeah... yesterday's meeting was pretty much a gate fest. Hotel prices aren't cheap in the city (that is Capitalism rearing it's head.... why sell a room for £50 when you can sell it for 5 x that amount). Geography also for some isn't so great.... agreed. But for sure... if you look at the actual state of speedway right now here.. it is on it's knees. So the speedway GP at Cardiff... whatever it's faults... IS a miracle and a Godsend. We need to get our nostalgic heads out of our boots and appreciate it is as a thing / concept. I agree that walk up ticket prices on the day of £50 is a disgrace. Why price late comers out when they could sell them at £20 and recoup money and get more people in the stadium? False and stupid econony! But in general... you can make the Cardiff experience reasonably inexpensive if you are up for it, with a little effort. I treated my sister to her tickets this year. 2 tickets were say £42 plus booking fees. Which were reasonable. A pound here or there. It can cost a couple of hundred quid to see some bands at an Arena these days. So £42 for tickets, I booked parking via a website at an Ibis only 15 mins walk from the stadium. That was only £8. So £50. Programme.... £10. We share it. £60. So £60 for the basics for two adults for the actual meeting / parking / programme. The rest are expenses. We drive from Leeds. My motor guzzles a little... so used £76 worth of diesel for the round trip of 500 miles. Yes... that is a long drive to do on the day... but the buzz of having a day out pretty much carries me along. We set off early and stop off on the way (using the Starbucks near Ross on Wye.. which was drive through only this year). So fuel (rather than hotel), tickets, parking, for two people: £136 or £68 each. How much would it cost to go to a gig or see a football match? All of this to watch a largely attended event of a sport we love in the middle of a struggling era in our sport. I personally think that we are LUCKY to have Cardiff. VERY lucky. Yeah... the racing may have been shocking this year. And I appreciate that people would rather see a track like the NSS at Belle Vue house such an event. I get it... I truly do. But it just isn't happening. Even with bolt on stands... once we remove the whole Cardiff experience... we could lose it forever. And tragically... life isn't about mixing and matching. We can't have a track like the NSS in a place like Cardiff. It's indoor on a pitch. And that's not criticism to those sentiments above.. I long for better racing.. desperately! I truly do. But life is all about 'what if's,' and sadly, that is all they are. Even if we could make the NSS at 20k seater stadium... how would that help? People go to Cardiff annually... families. We are trying to promote the sport. Kids go there. Imagine the disappointment for kids if we take a 40k event and slash it by two into a 20 / 15k event (my figures are just examples and not real). People would be let down and miss out hugely. And again... all of this planning for a meeting at a city which is hardly famed for it's sunshine? Speedway is pretty much fortunate to have the NSS. But it was never gonna be a big stadium. Tracks get no support. So yeah... it is a great racing track... but really... just the fact that the NSS even exists is pretty much a miracle! We are NOW a minority sport. Sadly. Rose tinted spectacles off time. It would be absolute domestic speedway suicide to dump off Cardiff and move it to absolutely ANYwhere. It really would. I would love the thought of a 'second GP' here some place... a "European GP." Or whatever, at another venue. I would be up for that concept. 100 percent. But the British GP at Cardiff really is something that we are ridiculously LUCKY to have. The sport here is critical / not stable.. and is on 'life support' right now. And yeah... bongo cams and presenters may be a bit tacky / trash (I am not having a dig at any poster here above... I totally agree :D) but for all of the little things that annoy... we rock up there once a year knowing that our money isn't wasted on a rain off, and knowing that we will probably be served up 'follow my leader processional racing' : pretty much how speedway is in general, if we are to be honest with ourselves.... and if we remove the romantic ideal that we often have of it. It has it's massive faults... but really, it's pretty much a great thing.
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    Sarj you beauty,,,,,,,,,,,,, up yours cheating scum bags
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    Sadly, the two young Aussies only use Poole as a stalking horse to get their visas which enable them to ride in Europe i.e. Poland. Time for them to earn their way in the real world and not use any UK club to secure European visas. All British clubs you have been warned to look out for visa tarts in 2020.
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    Well done Ipswich. I sincerely hope Holder isnt too badly hurt and makes a swift recovery.
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    As a lifelong Poole fan I would like to congratulate Ipswich on there stunning victory, no moans no groans & no hard luck stories just well done
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    End of the day we all know (except Ipswich fans) the playoff final will be a poorer contest without Poole in it. Neutrals will have a couldn’t care less attitude about it. Wolves v Ipswich? Meh! Who wins who cares? Neutrals won’t give a flying toss. Swindon v Ipswich? Same. Other than the fans of these clubs no one else will really care. We all know with Poole in the final passions are raised sky high. There are no neutrals. And that’s the truth whether you like it or not.
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    Id like to know how you can hurt a toe,which is encased in boot which is also protected by a steel shoe. I said I was embarrassed at the time. Still am this morning. Karma came back and bit us on the backside. Justice. Ive said it before and happy to say it again, well done Ipswich. Fully deserved.
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    Have they managed to get the helicopter on the centre green to airlift Jack to hospital?
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    << just leave this here, some people will understand
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    What a wonderful evenings entertainment , different gravy to the drivel we had to sit through 24 hours later in Cardiff . Almost every heat had superb racing , culminating in a pulsating final , though I did fear Rasser had blown it , but he fought back to pip Nicholls on the line , sparking wild celebrations among the substantial Glaswegian travelling support . We even had Cookie and Rasser travel with us to Cardiff , on our bus , after the meeting . Poor Rasser was a sorry looking sight at 7 o clock the following morning haha . Best Pairs meeting , not just because we won , for many a year . And who cares if you need to queue for a slash when you get a track and racing like that .
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    A little something for Starman. Be honourable and congratulate Ipswich on their deserved win.
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    You should congratulate them Starman. They won fair and square. No arguments there. It was our performance or non performance that cost.
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    Does this result mean that Poole now have a spare date that they can run their round of the British Youth Championship on?
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    Obvious what Poole were up to with Holder. Sorry folks, not happy with that. Poole need a miracle from somewhere,but I dont think we deserve it,tbh.
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    Not sure. But I've heard there is a special edition of the book on sale in the Cradley area that includes a set of crayons. This will let the Spoons fans colour the pictures of the tattoo's in.

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