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    I believe the trip to the tigers on Friday night was more the reason for points being dropped and amount of falls. The long journey Friday and racing then having to travel back for home meeting last night would of been very tiring.
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    A very good night's Speedway... Woffy got his crap meeting out of the way early, better to do it now than later.. Madsen did what he has done for the past few years in Poland, ie proved himself truly world class.. Doyle showed exactly what true warriors these lads are.. And Lambert and Smektala showed that they are truly emerging talent at world level.. There's not going to be a stand out rider I would suggest this year, with everyone capable of beating each other at any given moment so this could be the closest and best season ever.. What a magnificent sport this definitely is when done 'properly'... Should be a great season of GP racing..
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    Any pass at Berwick is no mean feat.
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    Our Polish friend will disappear if no one takes the bait. Ignore and he'll get bored.
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    He's won more World Championships than every Polish rider ever combined.. .. Woffy 3 Poland 2..
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    They will have to put the ticket on the first few hundred,, as won't be many there to purchase them. Maybe someone will buy the first hundred programs and win and still make a profit
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    Will watch on the bt sport app Not worth £18 on the off chance buster has actually put a ticket in a program to win £500, it will probably be found in the secret unsold batch
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    Eurovision? really? I hope that was tongue in cheek. Not much you can do about the length of time it takes to run a meeting like tonight, because of all the accidents. I was actually amazed that none of them required ambulance delays, especially the Kennedy and Etheridge (heat 3) crashes. i actually thought the racing was better tonight, more passes than usual, maybe the rain overnight actually helped the track? The crowd tonight was very poor. It was more like a typical Berwick Rangers crowd than a speedway crowd. Very concerning given the good start to the season the club have had. Imagine what it would be like if the team was getting beat like Berwick Rangers?
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    Speedy recovery to Tom, a big loss for the Eagles , well done to Tigers, a hard fought win, special mention to Paul Starke who has been struggling this season and Connor Coles who should get a chance at no 6 for us
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    Another great evening in Warsaw. Atmosphere brilliant until the second semi final when it all went relatively quiet. What odds was Madsen?, should have invested a zloty or even two. Pleased to see Iversen up there after last year's injury, but we'll done Robert Lambert.
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    Not exciting, dangerous. Exciting is passing cleanly. Ref should have excluded him.
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    Just to add I have no problem with dogs myself but you wouldn't see this happen at any other professional sports events.
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    Only a sport as backwards as Speedway would let dogs in, this excluding the people that need them for disabilities of course.
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    Born to British parents in Britain... Perhaps he should have told his parents, "Nah you go ahead and emigrate; I'll just stay here..."
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    Zmarzlik isn't Polish. That has just as much credence as you saying Woffinden isn't British. The reality is... Woffinden is British. It isn't a debate, it's not an opinion. It is a fact. As for you and your trolling, I suspect you'll be gone from the forum before long.. before returning under yet another username.
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    DO us all a favour and crawl back under the rock from which you recently departed
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    Stop taking the bait honky
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    That’s a pretty disgusting racist comment. Reported.
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    A good race is one where you don't fill in the result in your programme after two laps.
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    I'm absolutely gutted Jake is going to miss this meeting, he is far and away our best rider at this present moment and irreplaceable imo. Still hoping we can put in another good performance against one of the stronger teams, would hate to lose our home record on TV .
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    My guess as to what'll happen...
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    Hey don't get spoiling it for the bitter and twisted , their only enjoyment these days is taking a poke at the bloke who saved the bees in 2011 and despite the ravings of the narcissists ,ran it succesfully in the top league for the next 6 years . where were the big gobs ,when no-one wanted Coventry In 2011 . oh I know queueing to to get their free admission off the bloke they can't stand

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