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    Dedicated supporters who have been going for years suddenly stop going! Ever asked yourself why?
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    In some ways I admire Trees for her unwavering support for Lynn, but I think her views would be taken more seriously if she did occasionally notice some of the negatives.
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    we started with a Team that looked likely to struggle and made changes. Not Promotions fault Adam missed so many matches unless you believe they signed him knowing he would miss them. They are "having a go" and good to see that with better weather and better performances crowds have built up well. I'm no expert on crowds but I would think at level of last few matches we would be OK financially but if form peters out and matches get less significant worry is fans drift away. Promotion between a rock and a hard place with Championship / National League, little supporter appetite for latter not quite enough yet to be secure in Championship. I'm more confident now of next season than at any point so far - hope I'm right
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    Where abouts are you......? send me at PM and I will see if any of our fans, riders or officials can meet you somewhere...
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    I was there last night .Very poor crowd for a local derby which turned out to be boring . if I hadn't met up with the usual friends I would most probably have left at the interval.No atmosphere , crap track, terrible racing. Good to see Ty back on form though.
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    Therein lies the problem, I wasn't talking about the few on the forum. It is the many who no longer attend, for many reasons. This type of attitude, the club is right and the fans are talking through their proverbial, is the main cause of the problem. It is because of this type of attitude that the gate has fallen to the level that it is. I remember a prominent voice on here, saying, if they don't like what is offered don't come, well that is exactly what has happened. I might add, as for the 'BEGGING BOWL' if the customer does not like the product, it simply does not buy it
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    Several ferry lines- some short crossings - other longer. Stena Line operates 1 route, Gdynia to Karlskrona which runs 3 times daily. TT Line operates 1 route, Swinoujscie to Trelleborg which runs 9 times weekly. Polferries operates 2 routes, Swinoujscie to Ystad runs 19 times per week & Gdansk to Nynashamn about 7 times weekly. Some of the riders also will do Denmark on Wednesday before returning to Poland.
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    Spot on jenga, love your posts, you certainly put the P in PR.
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    Surely Peterborough fans must be thanking Buster for moving Harris out to Ipswich, looking at his current form. Watching him in SON sums up where he is at now. Have to wonder now if his days are done.
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    Jason Doyle praising the track & work done by Dixie Dean & volunteers.... ''Credit where credits due! Swindon track staff done a great job yesterday in extreme heat to make that track not like a dust bowl. Dixie Dean & volunteers thank you. We have another good race track in England'' His words, not mine.
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    They are deluded that's why. They really beleive in the show they put on, and that they offer good value for money. The penny will finally drop when the stadiums are empty.
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    Could be attendances for 'stock cars' aka short circuit car racing in relation to those turning up for bike races determines where promotional preferences should rest?
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    think he could have done a little better than one point though don't you
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    Yes Woffinden has every right to earn and ride wherever he wants to and fair play to him.But he cant make out he is as passionate about his country for me he has not shown that.Cant be bothered to do the British Final ( we could even seed him through) he has let us down as well in the past by not riding in other international meeting's.Why does he expect to be able to call the shots for me he has not earned it.Look he is a great rider but he still is nowhere near my alltime greatest top 10 riders ever.
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    Good meeting, especially heat 13 with Jason riding wide on bend 2 and passing on most bends. The whole team rode well and it was pleasing to see the reserves get 11+4 between them.
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    If do don't go you are not allowed to show an interest and are obliged to delete the sport from your life!
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    If he is losing money, it is his own fault. Nobody forced him to make the original team much weaker.
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    That's two leagues.
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    Like Shovvy says Josh is only a 2nd strong. Really thought in his early years he would go on to become a star attraction. Seems he has found his level. Maybe going to Poole has hampered his progress.
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    The rules are clear. You can't have a facility for a rider who has not yet ridden. However you can have a special dispensation (as was the case in the examples of Newcastle and Nick Morris quoted above). But the circumstances that apply in those two cases do not apply here and can be easily and clearly distinguished. When signed the rider was fit and available to ride. In this instance Palovaara was not available to ride in Saturday's fixture at the time of signing
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    There must be a basic reason - most likely stock cars aka short circuit car racing is of more benefit financially to the promotion? Consequently track conditions need to be in their favour as I see it. Obviously to provide the best possible surface for the cars is essential.
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    Looked this morning and they have altered the masters bet from voided to a winner,shame bjerre couldn't muster another point from his last two outings last night.
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    Not at all tbh, it's become the norm. Problem is the promotion is completely oblivious to it and they wonder why attendances are down!
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    and I'm a big fan of my window cleaner's work...but the cheeky bugger still wants paying a decent wage every time! Saying the fans want to see him is all well and good. But you have to draw the line somewhere. Should he risk his neck for a pittance? Mark Loram may well have found it viable to race in the UK 12-15 years ago, as did many other GP riders. But would he in 2019? It's says it all that there is only one GP rider racing in the UK in 2019, in 2004 there were at least 13 of them in the UK.

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