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    I think enough has been said now and we should not utter or mention his name again.... purely as a respect to the pensioners that he terrorised
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    As recorded above he has had to undergo a "Random" drug test more often than most. Now whilst I will never defend an offence that is proven I don't believe he was using any form of drug whilst he was racing. I will agree that he is hyper & over active giving the impression that he might be a user but his tests have been clear & he was never the only one tested but he was the one most often chosen at "Random". Given the results I will happily say he is not a drug user & lets be fair he is not on trial for drug related offences.
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    Sod it. I'm taking my referee exams. Then I can get that smell even if fans ain't allowed in.
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    Dougie Noble,Tam Low,Ronnie Henderson ,Kenny Clark,Abs Dickson,Donny McKenzie,Ron Taylor and myself Jimmy Culbert we beat Hackney Cheetahs 49-43.
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    Dick “Babbles” Barrie.
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    His career highlight was a race on the TV when he beat Doyle, the reality is Doyle barely bothered his arse because he wanted to race tomorrow and could see Garrity racing like a complete rocket in front on him. An absolute arse of a boy on a speedway bike.
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    Of course it is. Even high profile athletes got away with it for years.
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    I have nothing but huge regards for Geoff. He became Captain at Poole in 1963 and served us brilliantly until his move to Reading in 1971. In fact, I still think of him as our BEST EVER Captain
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    It's certainly not the kind of photo that would encourage a kid to become a speedway rider!
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    Tam Daly rode for Sightill Hammers, Dick "Babbles" Barrie rode for Scottish Rangers. Both Edinburgh based teams.
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    Tony Davey broke his thigh for the second time, both times through no fault of his own, three days before his testimonial. Also ended his career.
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    Well the Aces obviously but Mike’s post makes a lot of sense IF spectators aren’t allowed in next year and all monies come from streaming, Belle Vue is possibly the only track in the UK I would pay to stream a meeting from, certainly the only one in the Premiership. You are almost guaranteed good racing.
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    Enjoy a bit of cycle speedway. Been to watch a few clubs in northern England: Astley & Tyldesley, Heckmondwike (defunct, sadly), Sheffield and Stockport. Great sport to photograph! There is a handful of other clubs fairly close by, in Bury, Cramlington and Hessle (near Hull). Edinburgh has a club, too. Up-to-date information via https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/cyclespeedway Growing up in a village on the moors above Halifax, I and a few mates used to 'play' at cycle speedway on a track carved out of a field. One of the older lads used to ride - properly! - for Halifax (also now defunct). He had all the pukka gear, including a very nice bike. Can't remember anybody beating him on our little track!
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    John Priest was 48 when he rode for Sheffield Prowlers at Ashfield in 2000 in the same team as his son, Luke. It was John's first league outing for over 20 years.
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    Have heard a rumor, (and I must stress its a rumor and could be a load of boll--s) that Theo Pijper may not be returning to the side in 2k21
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    Some good rules in CS which could be adopted in Speedway. When so many points behind (think it's six or maybe eight?), you can choose gate positions and keep doing so whilst behind by whatever is the margin they use. More credible than a tac sub rule to try and keep the score close.. Also, moving before the tapes go up is an exclusion with no replacement. It certainly focuses the mind and sorts out the starts.. My lad rode for Stockport as a young kid till his football life took over, and he did quite well individually, with the team being very successful in the Northern League and also did well nationally against "bigger" teams.. A fantastic sport to get young kids into, promoting team spirit, competitiveness and fitness, and ran by real enthusiasts..
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    I'm thinking of putting a cap full in my lawn mower. I'd probably cut the grass more often, and with a smile on my face.
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    Really enjoyed this chat about cycle speedway, brought back some great memories, all comments sensible and adding to the discussion, no arghie barrgie, no nitpickers , no one trying to score points over others.......just sensible forum talk..
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    Can't see how at least a certain amount of juggling with team strengths can be avoided myself. Some overseas riders probably won't return and Brexit is certain to have some effect on rider availability as well. In theory, things should stay as they are, but in practice, this seems unlikely.
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    Anyone got any thoughts on next season’s team or are we all assuming it’s the same 7 who didn’t ride this year.
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    Jesper B Jensen, 11th July 2007
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    Heat 7 : https://fb.watch/1iJn2S3Bgq/
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    Hi just been told by a BT staff member that, sometime in the future, Eurosport will no longer be available as part of BT or Sky packages (not sure about Virgin Media}. Is there anyone who can confirm, or deny this, or give any more information on this. I am wondering if it will be available independently in the same way as Premier sports. Any info appreciated. Thanks
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    Makes you wonder how good the Eurosport TV deal actually is if GB can't afford to run behind closed doors where Sweden can run to crowds of 50... Of course we'll never know but it can't be that good of a deal

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