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    Like I said, I don't necessarily agree but I have never posted 'I object to lockdown'. There was/is no point. I could either spend my time trawling through the internet continuously looking for items that back my view, morbidly spend the time searching for and collating figures of deaths and what the main/underlying cause of that death was then bombard others with the results of my morbid obsession or I could get on with my life as best I could. I chose the second option.
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    I just think Twitter is a farce. There is so much abuse on their, mostly posted by unidentifiable people, and this abuse then gets posted as a story in Daily Newspapers. (Fans unhappy about... etc) I'm pretty convinced that most if this stuff is posted by journalists with fake accounts so that they can then criticise people and report on it as if it is a balanced report with quotes when they are merely quoting themselves. As for a 4 day boycott by the sporting world, big deal. Nobody will even hardly notice. If people are genuinely fed up with the abuse they get on Social Media, the answer is simple. Don't go on it.
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    I don't believe COVID was all a conspiracy, but I do believe governments have overreacted out of all proportion to the actual risk to most of the population. And I do think that having generated fear in the population to improve compliance, it possibly has become an experiment in social control along the lines of rationing that unnecessarily went on for 10 years after WW2. Some government measures - such as banning their own citizens returning to their country which is totally illegal act - now go well beyond the pale and are completely unjustified in proportion to the risk. There also needs to be some very serious discussions about how the government has removed many civil rights (including some internationally enshrined human rights) without much debate and with the acquiescence of much of Parliament. I recently asked our local MP what their roadmap was to return these rights and the functioning of the country to normality, regardless of whether vaccines prove effective enough. All I got back was they supported lockdown measures and it was clear they had no plan whatsoever as to the future, so this will guide my future voting choices, but unfortunately there are still too many sheep.
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    Don't make any apologies for having an opinion mate. The social media "blackout" is just token bandwagon jumping. Some things do get very personal on here I agree and the perpetrators are a small minority of keyboard warriors. Criticism is a good thing as long as it's constructive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it is becoming the norm now that you are not allowed to have one unless it is the correct one and on the approved playlist. Unfortunately everything now has to be this sugar coated world of unicorns and rainbows.
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    I think what people mean is, why don't you post some proper opinions, arguments and theories of your own and have a proper discussion about them rather than just regurgitating other people's memes and twitter feeds? It would mean a lot more than just saying that there's nothing more to say when asked about it. Who knows, you may even have some reasonable cases to put forward, but how about trying to put them forwards in your own words so they come across as more than just crackpot propaganda?
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    How exactly have dissenting voices been silenced ? You are a dissenting voice and you haven’t been silenced. The data and stats that you rely on haven’t been silenced. So who specifically has been silenced and how has it been done ?
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    This is recurring theme with you. Always implying there is something obvious but never stating what it is for those of us that are either thick or don’t agree with you. Now either you don’t know or there is nothing to see.
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    As I said or asked before, are you saying that all the reports of hospitals at capacity in India are lies ? Are you saying the doctor who said he can only take in 30 patients a day, when around 1,000 are wanting hospital treatment is lying ? I asked where you get this inside information from, but nothing.... just the usual charts pinched from some twatter group
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    Masks are a total delusion unless the wearer has a symptomatic cough and sneeze. Otherwise, they are used now by the government solely as a badge of the public’s submission to its ridiculous narrative.
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    Honestly The promotion had to jump on the carousel at sometime and get the ball rolling... with the rules laid out at that time... they would have been accused of waiting until the last minute if they had done nothing... so they cant win no matter what they do to be fair... also the council wouldn't sanction any use of the venue without it being Covid Safe and knowing how the Promotion would make it so... When the promotion asked the council if they could start and run meetings the council said they would allow 299 fans in the stadium under the current restrictions at that time... the Promotion said we think we can safely accommodate 650 and comply with the current restrictions regime that the government have in place... So the council said "go on then show us how" which meant the Promotion went off and produced a Risk Assessment with Method Statements (RAMS) to show how they could safely fit 650 people in the Stadium and comply with all the current Covid Safety Regulations and if the council didn't like these RAMS the crowd would have been restricted to the lower limit... but the RAMS were accepted by the Council as workable so the club are allowed to work to the higher crowd figure... yeah... The whole thing may be moot after the 17th of May because of the speed the restrictions are being lifted... however as it stands they have to comply with the regulations that are in place now... Who knows... these regulations could fundamentally change on the 17th of May and the club may be allowed to open the venue ticket sales up to all and sundry on the 18th of May... but at present they are having to work to a plan that keeps the Council; the Stadium Owners and the Covid Police all on-side with a maximum capacity of 650 fans being allowed in and those fans being protected; covered; restricted; and managed as per the adopted RAMS... It isn't a trial venue; or trial sport; or a pop concert for kids and it isn't a funeral even though there could be a massacre... it's a meeting that is due to run under restrictions as laid out now and must be currently complied with now... the council; the club and the stadium owners needed to know numbers and how the regulations were to be complied with... the Council had a duty of care to ensure what the Promotion were proposing would ensure everyone's Covid Safety... the club had to start the ball rolling sooner rather than later because it has been a bit of a logistical nightmare... but they have done it... they pulled it off... Should the position change with whatever hoops the club need to jump through to get the meeting on... whether they are tightened or relaxed the Promotion are well placed to respond and adapt... So rather than question the people applying the rules all we need to do is comply to them... it isn't hard and the Promotion aren't doing this to be awkward they want 850 fans in not 650 Having just read that the social distancing rule may be reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre this may offer more space and options within the stadium but not if it's still bubbles of 6... and not if the current regulations are still in force... so what's the point of second guessing... Ours is not to reason why ours is just to... buy a ticket stop moaning and have a bit of faith in this new promotion... hopefully by the 21st of June it will be back to paying on the turnstiles... milling around... no masks and no mandatory bath in hand-gel before you go for a run off on the pot after ya beer... Also even if nothing changes the worst case scenario is come 21 June we should fingers crossed be getting back to some sort of normal... Then we will have to find summat else to moan about... By the way don't believe everything you read as there are a lot of rules tied to what you can and can't do from the April update https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-coronavirus-restrictions-what-you-can-and-cannot-do#april-whats-changed Regards THJ
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    I think that not criticising doesn't necessarily mean agreement, I have been very critical of lockdown but pretty much followed the rules and my criticism won't achieve anything.
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    I was making a cup of tea earlier and i shouted out to the other half ''do you want a kit kat chunky?'' That's when it all kicked off...
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    Not sure why you’ve given Tegnell such a hard time. He admitted the obvious error in not quarantining care homes. Other than that Sweden has done no worse than most European countries while at the same time keeping the economy going and people in work and protecting personal liberties. The alternative Covid view in this country gets far less publicity than the right wing in Germany, and you’re right that there’s a presumption of innocent mistake for the establishment (Sage and “Covid affecting everyone”, the missed peak and masks?) over instant dismissal for “outliers”.
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    In terms of vaccination programmes, Israel and the UK are streets ahead of anybody, and death rates in both countries have fallen dramatically as a result. Here is a list of countries with the best vaccination rates. No India. Barely any Asian countries at all on the list (just Mongolia). Maybe that is why, according to your graph, death rates are rising in Asia. COVID-19 Vaccination Rates by Country | Best Countries | US News
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    Yes I'ts snooker so most of the audience would have been asleep, therefore not breathing so heavily
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    Not something i've ever heard. Before the ref or since. Indians are great people , rather have them here than eu roma wasters. Lets have some Hong Kong folk here as well , if only for them to escape the Chinese.
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    Latest is a 1 billion trade deal with India. Compared to the 245 billion deal we had with the EU. And to get the bill over the line, the U.K. said that visas will be relaxed for Indian students and citizens. Most of the brexit brigade are not going to like millions of Indians pouring into the U.K. over the next few years. Still, might get some nice new curry houses.
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    On average 27,000 people die in India everyday, and currently has a death rate of 161 per million. People need to get a grip on reality and stop watching the BBC...
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    I didn’t know you were Chunky’s other half.
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    Souness showed himself to be a completely uninformed dinosaur yesterday. Kept going on about the Glazers risking their money to buy the club and that there were no protests when Man United were at the top. That was simply a lie and I was surprised that neither Gary Neville or Roy Keane corrected him. Clearly there is no place for idiots throwing flares and attacking police etc, nobody with a brain would dispute that but unfortunately any protest sees a minority of morons who think it's acceptable. As someone who just wanted to watch the game I would prefer them not to have forced a postponement and I can't really agree with invading the stadium but we've seen that in cases like Charlton and Blackpool, just chanting a few songs and waving some banners will achieve nothing. Ultimately though going forward they need to find a way of doing it in a slightly more peaceful way
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    I did answer you. Life is just going on as normal here, and the country is not falling apart as you seem to think. There really isn't anything of note to report. The one thing I don't understand is the hypocrisy. You two complain that everybody refuses to debate, yet you and Blu are the ones who invariably respond to serious questions with inane and cryptic one-liners. More importantly, why is me calling Blu an "outsider" such an insult, when it's clearly okay to call the POTUS "China Joe", it's fine to use the terms "commies" and "jackboot lickers", and the pair of you stoop to the depths of claiming that norbold has a "deficiency of brain cells"? Despite what you may think, you two are NOT superior to the rest of us, and we certainly are not idiots.
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    What ? For the last 4 and a half years you've been on here telling everyone how insignificant the UK's fishing industry is. Now, it seems you've changed your mind and most concerned about it. I've seen some u-turns in my time , but yours is rather spectacular
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    How is that even possible when people believe all the government propaganda, you just end up in a pointless argument. Science has been hijacked by a political agenda, dissenting voices have been silenced, all roads lead to the WEF great reset, it's being implemented before our very eyes. If people can't see it yet, nothing i say will change that. I like data and stats because it exposes lies and misinformation, although i accept that not everyone has a full grasp of that. The data in the Sage report tells us that pubs and restaurants should be open, along with outside sporting events, but they are not. I smell a rat, and have done since day one...
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    Well Bill and Melinda are splitting up. Wonder if she will spill the beans on his secret plan to take over the world and control the population explosion.....

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