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    Given me a puzzle, that has. Just come back from a couple of new car sales main agents. Got my eyes on one of two models, one has a three year warranty, the other seven years. The seven year one is slightly more expensive but the extra years on the warranty make it the better deal. But do I need the extra warranty since Wolfie tells us we vaccination guinea pigs will be gone by the start of 2026 which makes the three year one spot on. Problems problems!
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    Pleased to report to that Ulrich was discharged from hospital in Edinburgh this afternoon, he is now flying back to his family in Denmark (via Glasgow & Stanstead) to start his recovery. I know he’s been blown away by the concern the shown by the supporters of Glasgow & Peterborough and the fans in general.
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    Excellent meeting all round. How many people are aware of the absolute nightmare they had getting riders there? On Wednesday, Wightlinks new and largest ferry Victoria was put out of action due to a mishap. Almost every rider booking had to be changed, some being switched to Lymington Right up to about 4pm, there were still problems. Fortunately, everyone made it in time. Even on the last ferry back, we were all sat round chatting. Barry? Going around everyone thanking us for coming etc. 28 races on just over 3hrs, including a track repair hold up and 3 x ambulance visits Something for everyone. A complete contrast to your 'normal BSPL' meeting of 15 Hts...... now go home. KIds were involved from start to finish. Barry even apologised that due to holdups, he couldnt hold the kids running race. They are working their socks off to produce something you dont normally see. Breaking the 'established mold'. They are succeeding and Im sure the BSPL are watching everything very closely. Long may it continue.
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    Some people are so desperate, they will go to any lengths, badge Lies, misrepresentation and I would guess part of it is being clueless We are all for the chop, but we should be worried stiff about the latest sensational bit of news that is coming. They ain't worried, but those who are doomed anyway should be Then the PCR test is a load of old rubbish, the virus probably doesn't exist anyway, it is all a sham. But when the figures back up their argument, out they pop with a chart full of cases done by that rubbish PCR test !!! And if the virus does happen to exist, they told us ages ago where it originated from and also who is behind it.
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    Go on tell us the answer Blu !!
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    I see where you're coming from but the car is for the start of next year (I always start the search early) and Wolfie's prophesy stated the year 2025 as demise year rather than 'by 2026' so three years could be sufficient and I might use the money saved towards a holiday somewhere safe like Florida.
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    Could be a Hurricane, a lot of people make that mistake!!
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    Sad to learn of the passing of ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill today aged 72. R.I.P Dusty.
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    It's Shovvy's way of finding an excuse for why his "big fish in a small pond" club are 2nd tier, has to come and talk to fans of proper big teams to stay relevant
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    A Speedway promoter reacting to feedback...? And taking it as constructive comment, and not defensively? And using it to improve his operation rather than decide "I am right' and ignore the feedback? Are you sure you are cut out for this Barry?
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    Please explain the point being made here. All I am seeing is evidence that the vaccine works because, when cases were previously at this level and there was no vaccine, I'm guessing that Covid deaths were above the 450 stated there for heart disease. Also, there's no anti-lockdown argument as we are no longer in lockdown. An explanation for this would be beneficial.
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    Pleased to report to that Ulrich was discharged from hospital in Edinburgh this afternoon, he is now flying back to his family in Denmark (via Glasgow & Stanstead) to start his recovery. I know he’s been blown away by the concern the shown by the supporters of Glasgow & Peterborough and the fans in general.
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    If Blu, Wolfie and Crumpet + 1 were on the Titanic
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    Post from a trucker very good mate. Thanks Rai: Yep, it's quite bad. It is brexit. TV and radio saying that we have to self isolate because of being pinged its total bulrubbish. A lot of drivers have left the country because of brexit and new IR35 tax rules. Look at the motorway services at night, before brexit all the truck stops and motorways was rammed with foreign trucks, now you bearly see any. My both uncles used to come every two weeks to uk delivering stuff from all over Europe, but since brexit they haven't been here once. Just to much hassle and cost. Why come here and deal with all that, when you can roam Europe with no hassle what so ever.
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    Strange that Blu and Wolfie like EVERY post each other post. Yet the third stooger is only liked by one, nothing from Blu. Thought they were a threesome. Hard to ignore the rumours.
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    Squash is put forward by their Federation every 4 years and never makes it in the Olympic sports. It usually makes it to the last stages and one time it lost out the final section to Wrestling I think. The irony is the retired President Head of the Olympic Committee was a decent player, and we thought that that would clinch it for us to get the final say. A nationwide day of Squash was organised in 2010 and practically ever club in this country took part. Each court was occupied by players playing during a 24 hour period and it did give the sport a lot of publicity but to no avail. We all had 2010 teeshirts on and posed for publicity pictures for the local press and National magazines. The sport is played in every continent and everyone can play Squash as it's not an 'elitist sport' like some other sports. The Olympics is the poorer for the exclusion of Squash as it has all the ethics of the original Olympic movement.
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    Has he been golfing with Heeps
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    I hope I am the not only fan who has noticed that only one promoter has had any input to this thread! I also noted that the promotion concerned left the BSPL after being treated like dirt by the powers that be in the run up to this season. Well done to Barry Bishop and the Warriors promotion for all the hard work they do to put on entertainment that speedway fans can enjoy. From all the reports I have seen the first two meetings have been a success from the point of view of entertainment value and good crowds which is very good news. All I now need them to sort out is South Western Railway and Wightlink so they run the late boat from Ryde and the late train from Portsmouth so I can enjoy the racing and get home to Wimbledon after the meeting. Sadly the local council allowed a football stadium to be built on the Speedway and Stock Car track in Plough Lane that I enjoyed both sports from August 1957 (6th October 1962 in the case of stox) until the last car meeting on 26th March 2017. After what happened at Wimbledon I know one firm I would never buy a flat or house from.
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    Referee had 3 decisions to make and got all 3 wrong. Woffinden one was ridiculous, dropped it miles after any contact, so much room to stay on. Madsen, there was contact but it was minimal and there was a delay till Emil realised he should drop it. The final, look at the line Janowski took, he was so tight going down the straight he was riding over gate 2! He was never going to have the correct angle to turn it in time with another rider alongside him and ploughed into Emil. Crazy decision to exclude Emil.
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    Superb performance. And - you would think - its much more worthy of funding a sport like BMX which is way more accessible to more kids than sailing or equestrian.
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    Interesting discussion on BBC Breakfast about the lack of medals for the rowing team, despite £27m of public investment. The thrust of it being...how can we get back to winning rowing medals again? In my opinion, the focus is all wrong. We have become an Olympic powerhouse, lavishing money on world class facilities and elite training programmes to effectively buy medals in sports like rowing, sailing and track cycling. Meanwhile, grassroots sport struggles on, playing fields are lost and the nation gets more inactive and more obese. I agree that there is an inspiration factor in developing role models who succeed at the Olympics, but if it doesn't translate into grass roots participation, then what's the return on that investment? Nice for the athlete, the team and the Governing Body, but apart from the fleeting thrill the country might get from a rowing or sailing gold, there's little tangible impact. Let's not be asking how we get more rowing medals. Let's be asking how we better spend millions across sport to create a more active and healthy nation.
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    Must confess I have never understood the "use it or lose it" ultimatum often quoted by fans, (and indeed some promoters), down the years... By the very definition such utterances are used suggests that those who are "expected to go" (and therefore regarded as 'loyal fans'), are actually simply "not bothered" whether the clubs carry on or not.. Because if it did mean so much to them, they would still be attending in sufficient numbers to not require those very comments in the first place.. A demise of a club is sad, but often inevitable, as the 'tipping point' is finally reached re costs v income after several weeks of struggle, and the difference between the two finally becomes untenable to be bridged by the promoter... And as the reasons for that demise often lies within the operating model of the sport, and is therefore self inflicted, it seems to prove that (contrary to popular belief), turkey's do seem to vote for xmas after all it would appear.. Promoters often do seem to sometimes over estimate how 'important' a Speedway club is to its followers and make the mistake of believing it means 'everything' to them similar to all other team sports.. However, by it's very operating model, the sport doesn't engender that blind loyalty, devotion and tribalism that other team sports do, therefore it simpy cannot mean the same emotionally... Which ultimately is the 'acid test' of any team sports' sustainability and progression I would suggest..
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    Let's be brutally honest.. These clubs are only in existence to provide riders with rides... Meaning they ride for all and sundry on as many nights as they can... Bottom line is it doesn't really matter who wins any UK meeting, meaning it also doesnt really matter who wins any UK league.. Therefore expecting people to "buy in to it", and take it seriously as a team sport is a huge ask I would say, and you cannot envy any promoters trying to go out and "sell it"... As tracks close it will find its natural level and those that can still generate a "decent crowd" will prosper (as much as you can in UK speedway), and those that can't will go by the wayside.. Having been to Brum a couple of times it must be a difficult place to try and sell Speedway. At 50 something I always felt "very young" when surrounded by a large amount of Brum fans , and city centre tracks within large conurbations, eg Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, all seem to attract very, very few of the millions who live virtually on their doorstep.. And teenage kids simply wont be seen anywhere where their father attends (and in many cases their grandad).. You can only flog a dead horse so many times until you realise that to keep throwing money at something, that has a tiny chance of gaining any return, is completely futile.. I do admire promoters who are willing to put their own money into the sport, but also am then equally as amazed that they then allow themselves to run it the way they do... Speedway's very own version of Hari Kari... (And that isnt a 4 point Japanese international that could be worth a punt)..

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