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    i dont see why the moderators should pull the plug on this workington 2019 thread . it was started with good intention for the good supporters of workington comets and gives the fans hope and something to hang onto . i could understand if it was 12 months out of date , but its not and its keeping interest in the sport for worky fans and followers . the forum will not gain anything by closing it down , but when the time comes to relight the comets fuse all that momentum will have dwindled away . after all , fans still talk about Hackney,Long Eaton and Canterbury on here as if they are still running . get a grip Weston .( super moan )
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    So in reality he's been excluded for a vapes infringement
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    Unfortunately Paul it doesn't and that is why these young lads don't understand the consequences of their actions when having a laugh. The trend is to sweep it under the carpet or laugh with them. Imagine the frustration as a sponsor when your team or team members choose not to wear the corporate image or race jackets are removed before photographs are taken? I sponsored a team who won a trophy on a hot day and all but one of the riders had removed their race jacket and 2 had rolled their race suit down to their waist revealing the sleeveless under garments on a rostrum photograph that appeared in SS. My boss was was really impressed and asked me how he could put that on the boardroom wall. Glasgow are to be commended for their investment and commitment to professionalism, when the sport is full of corporate bodies we might then attract major sponsors, blue chip names and wider media coverage, until then it's the egg and spoon race run by the Village Fete Committee.
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    Newcastle are not known for this kind of action and you know it. You just seem to take great pleasure in having a go for the sake of it. Like someone posted earlier if anything they have been too loyal. I remember Casper Wortmann struggling badly and they gave him time. Danny Phillips was awful last time at Newcastle yet he rode the full season. There are many other examples.
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    Why does the question remain? There is no question, as Craig Cook has done nothing. It's all hypothetical. Based on hypotheses, you can ask any question you like, but it has no relevance. Time to move on.
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    Thought I would come on here after a while as it is a slow Friday. Seems the same village idiots from Cumbria had a rush of blood to criticise Glasgow (again) with unfounded sweeping statements. Lots of mud slinging, then when the truth comes out, you would expect the decency of an apology. Alas, this is not the case, the haters (generally Worky fans) decide to find another angle to slaughter. The "what if" brigade, What if you never had a successful team last year? Your wage bill would of been down and maybe ran this year? The talk of boycotting Glasgow by one member was particularly laughable. If/when Worky come back to the sport, would you like the sizeable Glasgow support to boycott your stadium. absolute bonkers. Absolute nut jobs.
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    How aloof of you. If a rider was in involved in the following what would you announce it. - the rider is a druggie - He has lost his licence through drugs/drink and can't drive and has no mate to drive him - He has nobbled the top riders wife - He has destroyed a bonding session which has involved the Police, Fire services, sponsors and inconvenienced a whole hotel and their customers and then decries and lies about the promotion - He's about to be found guilty in court and going to be put away. - He's a wife beater and those around him know and are concerned ETc Etc Etc Etc Do you serious think that announcing the full details of cases like that is in the clubs, the sponsors and the riders interest, in order to feed the likes of you to satisfy your curiosity ? Remember, that publicity is not good for the club, and the rider will probably suffer and not get a ride in future. A more than adequate rider is readily available to replace and there needs to be harmony as the push for publicity and sponsorship is increasing in readiness for the opening meetings. Said rider decides to have his say and lies about the way the club sacked him and is read by many fans and possibly new fans. It should be a NO brainer to you.
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    Poole to be the home of Weymouth Wildcats for 6 SDL meetings in 2019. The six 6-heat meetings will take place on 6 Thursdays (yet to be advised) after the respective Pirates SGBP meetings.
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    See we have a slanging match going on. our new promoters come from a substantial business background and they run the club with financial matters as their priority. A Shame thar other promotions do not follow suit.....paying riders over the odds when insufficient crowds are unable to sustain such pay packets is not in the new promoters vocabulary...unlike certain promotions i back the New promoters 100%
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    So I hope now that people are not so quick to jump to the wrong conclusions. I commented earlier on the BSF, and stated that the club was under no obligation to tell anybody what had happened, and praised them for not telling people what happened as in many cases it doesn't do any good to the rider concerned in getting another ride in the near future. But some riders try to use occasions to get their story over and get revenge, and in this case it is a great example why everyone should keep their thoughts to themselves and shut their mouths. Because of Joe trying to blacken the name and reputation of the club, due to his own immature action and telling lies, the promotion has correctly had to tell everyone what really happened, and everyone should come to the conclusion that that will not do the reputation of Joe any good in trying to get a ride in future, and may have stopped some from giving him any bookings. If it does happen, well we know it's not Glasgows fault, and Joe might have to learn how to behave in future. One thing is for sure, Kyle Bickley is not involved in this in any way, and I hope he wows the Glasgow crowd and makes some good progress with them. I remember seeing Joe at Northside probably about 7 years ago on his little Janshi 80cc blasting it out with bigger lads and better bikes, and thought he could go far. This instance will not help that progress.
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    Perhaps a deluded Workington fan heartbroken that they wouldn't be able to see Kyle riding this year conned Joe into vaping knowing that the repercussions - breaking team code of conduct, apparently abusing hotel manager and fire crew, causing hassle for those staying at the hotel, embarrassing Tigers management in front of sponsors/potential sponsors - would result in his dismissal.
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    I’m sure Cook it whoever else would have had the good sense to apologise the next morning and not force the club to sack them.
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    Perhaps it was the same person but using different names - Im sure you would understand that situation
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    We have a track we have a team that was put in place by December and touch wood the season will commence at the Abbey.At King's Lynn well what a total shambles supporters ( the paying customer) taken for granted kept in the lurch and the worrying thing is it is run by the frontman of British speedway.By the way King's Lynn are a great club with loyal supporters who will stick by the club but for me they deserve alot better.
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    Lol it's Thursday, it's raining, so it must be speedway!!! Thank goodness it was just signing on night, all those brilliant volunteers signing up ready to get the speedway on next month!!
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    Utter pish from THJ as per usual.
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    I think all he’ll get for that load of nonsense is sympathy for his carers who have to deal with his ramblings on a daily basis. What a waste of bandwidth.
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    All this is not the fault of Speedway, Swindon Speedway and Terry Russell in particular. They have been continuing their business of running the club according to information given them by the stadium. Terry had another meeting with the stadium 10 days ago. He ran a farewell meeting to the Abbey in accordance with the information provided by the stadium. The final meeting on the current track last season was described so in accordance with the information provided by the stadium. Swindon have a track (new or old!), they have the 2017 World Champion returning and a damn good team with young and enthusiastic input from a new co-promoter, the son of a true club legend.
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    yea ... just close the pucker down and let us all rest in peace . while we are at it, lets just close the whole of uk speedway down and cut out the middle men . extremely selfish post .the die hards of workington speedway live in hope . while people like you just live . will you make the same COMmEnT next year when another club goes to the wall ?
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    We will fly you up first class, greet you with the massed pipes and drums. Lay on a lavish champagne reception followed by the finest Scotch pies known to man. We will provide you with a golden throne to pass aforementioned Scotch pies and after the finest Speedway in the Championship tuck you up with a beautiful single malt and a cheeky wee shortbread. Just stay away from the hotel fire alarm.
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    Direct from Peter Facenna on Facebook, no need to apologise Midget, blobby etc. I don’t usually respond to comments on social media, however on this occasion due to some of the comments that I have read above and that are being made elsewhere, I feel I must. The reason I am choosing to comment here and not release a further statement through official club channels, is that the events that unfolded in the early hours of Friday morning are not going to help us attract new fans to our sport and are likely to be of little interest to anyone who is not already a speedway fan. I had very much hoped that I wouldn’t have had to go into detail about the events that unfolded, mainly to spare Joe the indignity and give him a chance to seek out another opportunity, however as he has chosen to not tell the full story and instead go out of his way to criticize the club, Joe is no longer my concern. Below are the facts, which are not based on hearsay and have not been embellished. The reason why we choose to base ourselves at the Village Hotel in Glasgow during our pre-season training camp, is that our health and fitness expert, Ray Watts, and his business, Pegasus Training, are based there. Ray is a volunteer at the speedway as well as a personal friend. Our camp started off well on Thursday with a tough fitness test session in the gym, followed by a chat around what it meant to ride for the Tigers, what we are all about as a club, and what we expect from the boys on and off track, based on the fact that they are not only representing Glasgow Tigers, but are also representing Allied Vehicles Group, a substantial employer and well known business in Glasgow. After going out for a meal together and having some fun ten-pin bowling, I dropped the boys off at the hotel at about 21:00. Having come home and gone to bed, I was woken at 00:37 by a call from one of our riders, who proceeded to tell me that after he had returned to his room from the Bar, Joe had set the fire alarm off, that the entire hotel had been evacuated, and that the fire brigade were on site. Furthermore, because Joe had been arguing with hotel staff, including the manager, as well as arguing with the Chief Fire Officer (all whilst wearing his Glasgow Tigers/Allied Vehicles jacket), he had been barred from returning to the hotel. Joe had told the other riders that he had no money to go anywhere else, so I contacted Paul and asked if he could make sure that Joe had somewhere to stay and that whatever it cost, I would give him it back the next morning. Unfortunately, a lot of the nearby hotels were full, so James and Paul had to walk a mile and a half with Joe until they found a hotel that had a room available. The hotel was the Radisson Blu and the room cost £131, which Paul paid and which I paid Paul back on Friday morning. On the Thursday afternoon due to Ray’s relationship with the hotel, we were afforded a great welcome and were provided with a meeting room and a function room that we were able to set up a studio in, all without charge. When I arrived at the hotel early Friday morning, I met Ray and apologised profusely for the embarrassment that Joe’s actions must have caused him. Ray and I then sought out the Manager of the hotel so that I could apologise in person. During my conversation with the Manager, who was very understanding and praised the other riders for their behaviour during the incident, he informed me that Joe had shown no remorse for his actions and had created a scene with his staff and the fire fighters. He also told me that had this not been the case, Joe would have been allowed back into the hotel. I informed Joe on Friday morning that he had caused reputational damage to me, to Glasgow Tigers and Allied Vehicles, and to Ray, who had gone out of his way to ensure that we were well looked after by the hotel. I then informed Joe that on the back of this misdemeanour, he would no longer be riding for the Tigers. I suggested to Joe that he could try to change his train ticket so that he could get home, however he informed me that his dad was coming to collect him. It’s been reported that Joe was ‘left stranded’ in Glasgow on Friday, however had Joe informed me that he wasn’t able to change his train ticket and that his dad couldn’t come and collect him until much later, I would have arranged another train ticket for him, despite the hassle that he’d given me that morning. I also offered to get the items he had left in his room dropped off at his house next week. As for the comments stating that we simply dropped Joe for Kyle and that this was always planned, I can assure you that this is not the case. Kyle did get in touch when he lost his ride at Workington but was firmly told that we already had our team and that we didn’t have a space for him. If making this team change was always planned, we would have done this weeks ago, before going to the expense of bringing Joe up to the training camp, kitting him out in all our team wear, buying a set of hiking boots for him, and ordering Kevlars for him, which thankfully haven’t been produced yet. The bottom line is that if Joe hadn’t acted the way he did on Thursday night/Friday morning, he would still be a Tiger and would be joining us at the Supporters’ Group event tonight. Joe is a character and applied himself well during our initial gym sessions, however the club and its main sponsor cannot tolerate our reputation being damaged in the way it was, especially after a conversation only a few hours earlier about how professional we wish our club to be and about how our riders are representing Allied Vehicles as well as Glasgow Tigers. It’s a shame it has not worked out for Joe with us, but I wish him well for the future. Out with this incident, our training camp has been a great success, and I look forward to the Supporters’ Group event this evening, where fans will get to meet our 2019 team. This is the last statement I or the club will be making on the matter.
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    Doctors specialising in pain management can sometimes achieve excellent outcomes for their patients. I endured excruciating non-stop pain from nerve damage for 4 years until I had a spinal cord stimulator implant in 2006, followed by a replacement upgrade implant in 2012, courtesy of the U.S. company St. Jude Medical/Advanced Neuromodulation Systems (ANS). Prior to receiving the implanted device I had been prescribed numerous strong painkillers, including Gabapentin and Pregabalin, none of which were of benefit. I was fortunate as the implant immediately had a positive effect, reducing the level of pain in my legs and feet by about 50% on a bad day and much more than that on good days. Following the replacement in 2012 the level of pain is hardly noticeable most of the time and when it is present it is bearable. The implant programs can be altered remotely by the patient, in order to modify the frequency, intensity and areas requiring stimulation. ANS is now part of Abbott Laboratories, with a Swiss subsidiary, ANS Suisse AG. Tomasz will be in good hands if he is to receive treatment from this company or another with similar expertise. He has significantly more severe medical issues than me and the nature of the surgery will undoubtedly be highly complex and more advanced than for a straightforward stimulator implant, but I wish him well and hope for a rapid improvement in his condition following his forthcoming treatment.
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    I don't feel it's a case of not caring about their fans, I think the point has been answered by the earlier part of your post. As a Club they have been given information by the owners/developers and have passed that information on. When that information proves to be incorrect then it has reflected on the Club. They find themselves in a position where any information put out is either disbelieved off the bat, or criticised further down the line for proving false. In turn, they have not given any recent updates other than they intend for the track work to be done ready for 2019. Assuming this is still needs to be agreed within the development, we'll see if that happens or not. Having seen a little movement on site (by little I do mean little) and heard a couple of whispers I am hopeful that at least the track work will commence and be ready for the opening of this season. There isn't much breathing space left for further delay and worst case, we'll turn up in April ready to watch on the existing track. I'm betting there are some Rockets, Hammers & Comets fans (along with others) who would like to be in a similar position
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    Maybe you've not fully digested Peter's statement, or understood the relevant parts. Joe's actions went beyond the realms of Glasgow Tigers speedway. Allied Vehicles are a major employer in Glasgow - they employ over 600 people. Their reputation was put at risk with the hotel chain, the Chief Fire officer and the significant number of hotel guests who had to evacuate their rooms and stand in a car park in the middle of the night. I'm confident some, if not significantly more, of those guests would have been complaining at reception the next morning. So if you were the Glasgow promotion and weighed up the full extent of Joe's actions and the potential impact on your major business - would the availability of a replacement rider be in the forefront of your mind? I very much doubt it.

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