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    It could only be this country that can continue to roll out constantly negative messages peddling doom and gloom. Deaths with covid have fallen off a cliff, the expected wave of new infections from kids going back to school has not materialised (let's face it, the majority will have got it in the second half of last year). All the targets for vaccination are being met. I'm hanging onto this so called roadmap for dear life and putting June 21st on a pedestal but it's just looking more unlikely and for no valid reason. When are people going to wake up. We've all lost over 1% of our lives already to this, when is it going to stop. You can't keep healthy people from living their lives, it's sheer madness. It genuinely makes my blood boil. How can anyone be content with this?
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    side effects now gone .Glad to say I'm back to my normal miserable self. Can I now go on holiday ?
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    I am not aware that any of the clubs who have joined the NDL have said publicly that they would not have done so without a reduction in the points limit. Given that that would support the decision made by the BSPL (of which they are all members), I find that surprising if indeed it is true. According to a post from Islander a week or so ago, Eastbourne, Belle Vue and Kent had confirmed that they had no difficulty with a higher points limit. Given that Kent will have to - due to planning permission requirements - run NDL meetings on a different night to Championship ones and given that the Colts have always had separate race nights from the Aces, that's no wonder (the Colts have always built teams to the full points limit with a definite eye on winning the competition). Mildenhall made it clear that they wanted no reduction, and Isle of Wight were the same. Its not difficult to conclude why no NDL AGM was allowed and why the points limit was imposed : because the changes planned to suit the Premiership and Championship (over half of whom don't even have any involvement in that league) might well have been voted down. If those that have entered the NDL did so with the primary intention of development, then it doesn't really matter what the limit is and thus it would have been no reason for them not to join. There's no doubt if Barry had felt that Isle of Wight could have reasonably have continued to participate in the NDL they would have done. Faced with an organising body that could not care less about his opinions and the success of his business (only their own self interest) and with absolutely no guarantee that this situation might change, its little wonder that he took the action that he did. If we are to point fingers at who is to blame for Isle of Wight's withdrawal, lets make sure they are pointing in the right direction.
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    Destroying lives and businesses, and wrecking education and mental health is not the answer to a virus that mainly kills people with multiple comorbidities with an average age of 82 ...
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    Less than a month ago, BoJo the Clown announced the roadmap to ending lockdown, even encouraging people to book holidays from June onwards. Vaccines we were told, would reduce the chances of people getting ill from COVID and allow the country to get back to normal. Yet ever since then, it's been one rollback after the next, priming the country for yet more lockdown disappointment. You don't need to believe in the whack job conspiracists to see the UK government is utterly incompetent in how it's handling all of this. It can't even get its messaging straight, and for a public official to be coming out with irresponsible statements about this going on for years, is utterly reprehensible. The tragedy is, all the MPs will blindly vote once again for further emergency powers next week, and no doubt the public will vote for the same lame incumbents come the local elections in May.
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    So why i have had both doses of the vaccine then, if it does not protect me from the virus, what is the point, when and how am i going to get my life back, obviously SAGE want us locked up forever, "just in case"
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    I thought Mr Godfrey's comments about Plymouth and Kent were particularly disingenuous, short sighted and stupid. Without a third tier that works for stand-alone clubs there would have been no Kent or Plymouth available to supplement the crumbling ranks of the senior leagues. Somerset, Trelawny, Mildenhall, Rye House, Berwick, Eastbourne, Stoke, Isle of Wight and SCUNTHORPE all moved up to/ returned to the professional leagues after running as stand alone clubs in the third tier. (In addition it provided a place for Birmingham and Oxford to carry on when they went bust mid season) There are now fewer 'professional' clubs running than at any time since 1959. Next time Godfrey wants re-inforcements for his crumbling edifice where will he find them?
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    As much as people like to retreat to the extremes, things are rarely black and white. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Kenny Carter lost the plot. I think we can all agree that. What he did was horrific and unimaginable. Even in his crazed state of mind, he knew that and took his own life. Tony MacDonald's excellent book "Tragedy" gives a fine insight into what led to his mental deterioration and the traumatic childhood that preceded it. Nothing could ever excuse what he did, but there are good reasons why he wasn't of sound mind. He was also a brilliant speedway rider. Unless you were a big follower of the sport in the early 1980s, it is difficult to understand just how much of a part he played in the scene around that time. He was genuine box office, the rider fans of every other club loved to hate. He was the go-to speedway rider in the national media, on breakfast TV, national newspapers, Question of Sport, teenage magazines. In pure speedway terms, there has been no-one like him since. Try articulating that in a tweet. It will always been a minefield discussing his life and legacy, ever likely to offend some. No-one would suggest there should be a statue. But that doesn't mean he should be airbrushed from history, he was too significant of a figure to be perpetually ignored.
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    It'll be far worse than just cancer, hospitals will be overrun for years to come as a result of the way covid has been handled. The end death toll will make covid look like a drop in the ocean and worst of all it was easily foreseeable. You can understand the reaction at the start of last year when a lot of the details of Covid were still unknown but to not change strategy once it was known who was most affected by the virus is unforgiveable I believe. Finding scientists who agreed with the first actions of governments world wide seemed to be the priority closely followed by shutting down scientists with any alternative view and the media were more than willing to co-operate fully with unending scare stories. I still believe that once the economic results of the first lockdown became evident it has been a headlong rush to avoid the blame even if it means making the effect many times worse. I'm sure that there will be a rush to say it is all down to the current government by the supporters of other parties but they need to ask themselves if any of their preferred political parties offered any alternatives or would have done exactly the same.
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    Good grief. Vaccinating children. Whatever next? I wish my kid could still catch Polio, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Gutted.
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    In January we had 33,000 patients in hospital with Covid, now we have 5,000. In January only 15% of Over 65s had been vaccinated, now it’s 100% of those that want it. In January we had 1,250 deaths a day with Covid, now we have 80. Hasn’t the time come to lift this horrific lockdown?
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    I agree with some of what you say but disagree that those not chosen to be part of SAGE should be ignored, that seems to have been government policy and IF SAGE were recruited from the best scientists in the field could possibly be justified. However SAGE is a hand picked group from many different specialities by the leader, and will therefore usually be those who agree with the general thinking of the committee, there has been the odd contradictory voice within at times but they don't seem to last long. Many of the members are not even from a medical background at all. Personally I think it makes sense to look at evidence from any source. What you choose to believe will depend entirely upon your personal viewpoint but that is how most opinions are formed, including whether to believe what is said by the government. Personally I'm a believer in the vaccine and don't believe lockdown is or ever will be the answer to controlling a virus. I didn't form that opinion because I believe any one particular source but from looking at all the evidence that I have seen over the past year or so. As far as I can see the statistics clearly reinforce my opinion but others see it differently which is their right.
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    That's exactly right but the problem for me is that the default setting in these situations is 'racist' and anyone who dares to suggest any differently is either in denial, or a right wing jack booted nazi. That nonsense with with Princess Michael's brooch springs to mind. There was a story in the news the other week about a guy called Jack Barnes who's death was ruled unlawful because he couldn't breathe while being restrained a la Floyd after being hunted down by Metrolink transport workers who suspected him & his mates had used drugs on a train. Imagine in those same circumstances if he had been black? This would have been an undeniable racist killing. Media uproar, protests on the street. That complete tool Hamilton would have been straight on to his tee shirt supplier to do some more stirring of racial tensions but as it was it barely caused a ripple. The agenda now seems to be that black people are above criticism and beyond reproach without it being racist and that just can't be. To be honest, without all this fuss I wouldn't even have known or cared that Meghan was mixed race but she can't be above criticism just because of the colour of her skin.
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    As I've said before I only know one person who could be said to properly understand the new, gene type of vaccine being used for Covid, that's a very clever young lady who worked on the research for the delivery system. She seems perfectly sensible given that she both rides road bikes and races as well, the only flaw I can see in her thought process is that she is a fervent Remain supporter When I asked her about testing and how safe it is she told me that she couldn't wait to have the jab and the protection it would offer. As far as testing she said that saying it hasn't been tested would be like saying my bike hadn't been tested because it has only ever run on Maxxis and Dunlop tyres but could kill me if I dared put Michelins on. It's potentially true but so unlikely as to be a negligible risk. I'm perfectly willing to accept her judgement as I don't know of anybody better to ask. It should also be remembered that the failure rate of any vaccine is almost entirely down to those who don't recieve it for one reason or another, most vaccines will have side effects in some people and sometimes that will be serious or even fatal but the risk is considered to be acceptable against the reward and as far as I can see these vaccines appear to be no different.
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    The pandemic / lockdown restrictions have been great for many public sector workers, full pay and hide at home. They have been a god send for the science community, basking in the sunlight of publicity and notoriety. However, it’s been a death sentence if you have cancer or heart disease. Painful frustration if you need joint surgery, and an economic disaster if your business has been trashed by the govt. An unholy mess for those denied exams and the prospect of a university education. Still at least we now know we were never “ in this together”
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    Hi all, Take your time reading this as it’s a long one and please read the article too. I feel we must respond to the article below in this week’s Speedway Star, not to cause confrontation but it is very clear that the BSPL and National League Co-ordinator still do not understand why Martin and I took the decision to leave the NL and BSPL. So here goes. It is correct to state that we do not agree with the 35 point limit, but more importantly we do not agree with how this limit was imposed on the league without discussion or agreement of the NL members at an AGM or any other meeting. It is also true to say that during the 2019 NL AGM, the Chairman of the BSPL in heated discussion about the then attempt to reduce the points limit from 39 to 37, told NL clubs “well it’s coming, the NL will revert to like the Conference League”…. And that was it, it was a statement of change, not a method to change and how that method would be achieved. It is not true to say that we were made aware of what was happening before 2021. At the 2019 NL AGM, yes, we were told, as detailed in the NL AGM minutes that the Chairman reiterated that the league will be tailored more to a development league but being a development league does not mean you must reduce the point limit. Even with a year of no racing, so time to discuss plans, theorise how to implement any such changes that were in place, the next time there was any communication on how the NL will be run was in February 2021 when we received an email with the following statement in “The Board of Directors have discussed, at length, the NDL and agreed the following changes to the current regulations …… regulations listed” and finished with “if you wish to participate in the NDL with these regulations please respond so that you can participate in a zoom call to discuss who will be taking part and NL fixtures…” There was no option to ask questions, which we obviously wanted to do, just a simple statement of are you in or out. None the less, we did ask some questions. We asked if the practice of the Board of Directors deciding the rules will continue at the end of this season. Response – could not confirm this but would look to league members to have an input going forward. We asked if Mr. Len Silver attended any meetings in which this was discussed – no answer. We asked if we had additional restrictions on the IOW like fewer ferry crossings and could not fulfil our fixtures that we would not be fined –Response - that could not be guaranteed. So, you see while we do not believe in the 35 point limit, equally we were not allowed to discuss it, buy in to it, share our opinion as to why it could have a terrible effect on our business, offer advice as a club that runs NL speedway how we think it should be. If we had, and still did not agree with 35 points, we probably would be still in the BSPL with our license on hold looking forward. Furthermore, the 35 points limit is a perceived short-term fix and yet it has clearly increased the number of mid average riders being pushed out of the league just when they need to push on with more competitive racing to step up to CL standard and when all the teams are announced, how many new riders are introduced this year who were not already named in 2020 line-ups? The article states “the points limit was the will of every PL/CL promoter to implement these changes” – will the Chairman prove that? And if it is the case - doesn’t this mean clubs who’s second team are NL should not be included due to conflict of interest? Will he also prove that the NL representative Mr Len Silver attended, or was invited to attend these meetings during which the NL was discussed, as per the reason for creating that position, and if he was why wasn’t these messages passed on to NL members. Let us now analyse why were we told in 2019 about the desire to change but heard nothing about the method of change until just before we had to agree to it to be involved. As we said earlier during the 2019 NL AGM, it was said that there was a requirement to bring the league to be more like the Conference League. However, at the time the reasoning for change had nothing to do with rider development and everything to do with wage costs for those riders exiting the NL and going up to the CL. Why? In the National League a rider can earn X but, in the Championship, unless that rider has a guarantee he may well earn less. Meaning NL riders looking to progress to the higher leagues (and leave the NL with no double-up) ideally need a guaranteed amount to be able to do so. This “guarantee” is not out of greed but so as to not affect their income as they turn professional and stepping away from semi-professional/amateur. The problem with this is we were told CL clubs feel this level of pay is too high for them to commit to provide a comparable income. So, in short the plan was to take semi-professional riders, make their status professional to earn less. Our view is that any points limit change has in reality nothing to do with producing riders at all because the NL has done (and will continue to do) a great job in this regard plus natural talent will make it regardless of a NL or not. So if we now look to the view of costs, the only way to reduce cost is to have more supply than demand (more riders than jobs) and you achieve this by encouraging new clubs and teams to join with a structure of development – Speedway School, MDL, NL, CL, PL plus of course the Youth Series and amateur tracks. What you don’t do is cut off the very supply of your next riders. Let’s also touch on Kent and Plymouth applying to go up in the Championship because of the NL changes. As far as we know, this is not true. Neither club would have known the changes to be implemented as they were only decided and communicated in February. Kent have stated for some years, depending on planning, it had been their wish to go up and Plymouth applied in 2020 only to be denied, before any changes were imposed or decided, before a successful application this year following Somersets exit. Then there is the comment that PL/CL clubs subsidise the NL. This has been a bone of contention at every AGM we have attended and at every NL AGM, especially requested by Mr. Len Silver an explanation of this statement was requested and never supplied. They say the NL has reduced BSPL Fees – true, but standalone clubs are not full members only Associates Members and receive no TV money (so now the only club in the sport to receive no TV money is Mildenhall). They state we have reduced referee’s fees. That is true, but these are charged by the SCB not the BSPL and it is the referee’s contribution to grassroots league speedway. They will say our insurance is cheaper – again true, but only because the benefits are much less than in the other two leagues. So, please, if as the BSPL say they subsidise the NL – tell us how so that clubs can understand the valuable contribution it makes to the sport, because the answers we have been given at the AGMs we attended stated it was because: That’s why you don’t get TV money, It pays for your fee reduction, You get it cheaper because you are Associates and don’t have full membership rights… the list of “reasons” goes on. The new National League at 35 points will develop riders, for sure it will, but it will not develop any more than it always has. So why would Martin and I let decisions imposed upon us, that will not produce more riders moving into the Championship than previous years, risk our business, our product, our fans entertainment, and our credibility? There is no just reason, because the only benefit is the perceived view that CL will start to pay less for their reserves, which if doubling up to the National League is prevented, has a very low likelihood of being a successful strategy. Our view is, if the BSPL truly wanted to develop they would have invested a percentage of the TV money (and other revenue streams) into the grassroots and youth of the sport instead of spending on ever increasing wage bills. For example, if you look at the US and its new stimulus package, everyone who works in finance expects the result of this to be inflation solely because there is extra money in everyone’s pocket to spend. Now back to our sport, the BSPL announce they have a TV deal and what happens? Wage expectation goes up because clubs have cash to spend when the BSPL should investing in youth, stadia (invest in an asset and build the sport on it), promotion, advertising but our sport spends it on short term, “quick wins” and investment that has zero return for the organisation. They could also make commitments in higher leagues to have 3 riders for example under 21, or an experience restriction in the NL for example number of meetings at certain levels, or every UK club staging second halves, but restrict the travel to get there to encourage more local riders and for sure, bring back nomadic clubs in the MDL. The last thing to say on this report…. Where in the report is there any reference to you the fans, to your night out, to your club, to your investment both financially and emotionally? Do you feel like you have been taken into consideration with the new league? All the best and Tomorrow will be a better day Barry and Martin.
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    Jeez, I wonder if they’ll wish Jimmy Savile all the best ... one of our greatest DJ’s .... You do sometimes wonder who’s in charge of their social media account and thought this was a good idea ?
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    The government needs to ‘get a grip’: SARS-Cov-2 is a transient, mild flu-like disease that has adversely affected less than 3 per cent of those who actually get it, the survival rate of those who actually get it is 99.73 per cent and the average death-age of those with SARS-Cov-2 is two years greater than the national average age of death. As a footnote it is worth mentioning here that there are estimated to be a trillion trillion viruses in every cubic metre of the entire surface of the planet, up to the stratosphere. Attempts to eliminate the virus are a vain enterprise that is clinically impossible and medically pointless. Dr Duncan White, RMN* RGN* DMS MBA MA PhD FCMI MHFMA MRIPH
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    Stay safe, stop breathing, don’t annoy the NHS.
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    There was me thinking that democratic governments were supposed to govern with the consent of the people. I don't remember anyone getting a vote on these restrictions, and when a population simply starts accepting government diktats 'whether they like it or not' then that's a very worrying slope...
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    I am sure there have been things and areas where matters might have been better. Overall however even the meanest must give credit for what IMO opinion has been a magnificent effort. Certainly those that I have spoken to from many parts of the country have had nothing but good things to say about the organisation and efficiency of the whole vaccine operation
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    So it will be safe enough on 1 April for the extremely clinical vulnerable to stop shielding. But... still NOT safe enough for perfectly healthy 20 year olds to have a drink in a pub garden, get a haircut, go to any shop or meet a friend indoors. Utter insanity.
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    Hi there, I dont know who you are because sadly people on here say things under a Pseudonym, which is unfortunate, and I therefore have no idea who you are nor if you have attended a NL AGM (or any Speedway AGM). If you did attend the NL AGM, then you are clearly trying to cover up the real reason for the reduced limit and this is costs, costs, costs as the chairman shouted across the AGM room at the gathered NL Chairmen (we are not officially promoters) back in 2019. If you didnt attend it, then I you have a right to think as you please, but I can assure you the NL will develop the riders for the CL whatever the points limit. Ego.... absolutely not. Standing up for ourselves so at to not be treated as we (and others promoters) have been treated. To say it is wrong to be treated in such a way, to say that we will not allow it was absolutely the right decision to take. As you say it has been said and will continue to be said - you will note the BSPL do not deny it - in any way. They will not of course. French League please call Thierry Bouin and ask him... he can update you if he thinks it is a "media stunt".... one thing I have learnt in live us undersell and over deliver so if I had nothing other than positive reactions there is no way I would a, make a right Charlie of myself and look a fool to our fans, sponsors and riders and b, annoy the league we want to join. So there is nothing but the truth in all that is said and we very much hope to be part of their league. Finally, it is heartbreaking to leave the NDL, we have been part of its success, people love their trips to the island, the IOW actually has improved the overall show at most tracks in the UK... ask them.... they tell me they actively watch us... and that was recognised by the many award we have won. Regards returning to the NL.. the answer remains a firm no unless the leadership changes. Although of course as they concluded in their final email from the office admin, were Martin and I wish to bring the Warriors back we would be treated as a new joiner, have to pay a joining fee and have no vote..... it is a pity this was not employed for all the new joiners to the 2021 NL. Keep safe and keep the debate. All the best Barry

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