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    Well let's be honest, neither do you!
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    Let's hope for Workington's sake..this good form and good start will bring the punters through the turnstiles.
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    I think people are giving Cook a bit of a hard time. No doubt he wasnt good. He hasn't been good all year and has been getting well beaten up in the Polish 2nd tier However he qualufied the hard way in 2017 and that deserves some respect and some patience. The challenge at Togliatti he showed some grit after a terrible first race he came through where others - Zagar, Madsen, Kildeman, Milik, MJJ failed. The pass on Kildeman in awful conditions was absolutely immense in that match I'm sure if he can get his bike working better he will improve this season and whilst I doubt he'll be challenging for many finals I think he will get better
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    Love all these comments from those who may book one flight a year to Ibiza. Riders look at their and airline schedules. Riga to East Midlands was perfect for Robert, he probably booked it 10 days ago having seen it arriving in very good time to get to Leicester. Masters was racing in Manchester so naturally he booked a Manchester flight. Without Ryanair riders would not be able to ride Uk, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. No other airline flies to so many speedway cities. Ryanair (whether you like or dislike) are very efficient and major delays are very infrequent. If Ryanair didn’t fly to so many Polish cities, well I know where the riders would be living for those who have Polish teams and UK speedway would not be feasible. Unfortunately Robert chose a flight a 12.30 flight (10.30 UK time ) which got delayed - not for a couple hours but I believe 7 hours. I’m more surprised more riders don’t miss meetings due to flight delays. Someone suggested he missed flight on purpose as could take ferry to Stockholm from Riga for tonight’s Rospiggarna away meeting. Those who have spoken to Robert, know his mechanics dropped him at Riga airport and caught ferry. Having paid for flight to EMidlands and then flight to Skanska Sweden today. He lost both those flight costs, points earnings and had to buy a flight from Riga to Skanska to catch up with his van. So get over it, he missed a meeting. C’est la vie !
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    Perhaps if Belle Vue’s crowds are down on last year they might need some cash. Matt needs to get on the phone and make a decent offer on the youngster. Would come on leaps and bounds riding at Wimborne Road.
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    A big crowd at Stoke last night, but those who stayed away missed another Speedway Extravanganza at the Stadium of Wonky Light. A dodgy-awfully prepared track sent entertainment values soaring. If you blinked you might miss another faller. Stoke delivered on their aim to have fallers into double figures (10 at the last count). Where else in world speedway can you see 7 out of 15 heats awarded due to falls? Fantastic stuff. Why don't other clubs booby-trap the track in this way? Stoke convincingly won 8 falls to 2, which excited the crowd so much that they lifted the roof off the grandstand (at least I presume that's why parts of the bar ceiling are falling in). But despite winning on falls, Stoke lost by 7 submissions and numerous knockouts (mostly knockout blows to the credibility of the sport). Back to the beginning, Stoke started with a minute's silence for Roy Smallwood MBE (since he had worked at Stoke for over 40 years, an MBE seemed most insulting. He should have been given the George Cross for acts of heroism in extreme danger). I don't know if Roy was a good man or a bad man, but even if he is now in hell being tortured for all eternity, we can feel content that he is in a better place than Stoke. Roy was pictured in the programme in a 50s Teddy Boy suit. The picture was taken the last time the Stoke electrics didn't fail. Despite being dead, Roy was still in the programme's officials' list as the Pits Gate Manager. Then the announcer. It was his first time. Not just his first time announcing, but his first time at speedway (possibly his first time out of the house). He had no idea what was happening. Remember the taxi driver interviewed on BBC by mistake? It was far worse. The poor sod tried to hand over to a centre green presenter, but the presenter had no microphone. So the confused newbie had to read out Belle Vue names he'd never heard of all by himself, such as Ken Dicken and Joe Lola. The hapless announcer must have thought he had been duped into the Jeremy Beadle show, except for the fact that Beadle has been dead for 10 years, and is now presumably working as the Stoke Pits Marshal. Heat 1 and novice O'Keefe leads from the far better Clegg and Perry. He realises this is wrong and throws the bike at the fence to become first faller. SUN BREAK Heat 2 and O'Keefe becomes the first rider to cause an awarded race. Heat 4. O'Keefe retires and Shuttleworth inspects the "shale" to give BV an awarded 5-0 (Shuttleworth's first of 3 track inspections). SUN BREAK Heat 5 All 4 riders finish. This is to be an extreme rare occurance. Heat 7 Awarded again as the hungry Shuttleworth eats more "shale" Heat 10. Alcock falls, and Clegg goes an unexplained splat while in a comfortable lead. Awarded 5-0 Heat 13 Smith is the first BV faller, trying to use the outside on the first bend. (You can't do that). In the re-run tired Shuttleworth needs a third lie down on the track. Awarded Heat 14 Who else but O'Keefe falls. The ref puts on the red light and fuses the whole stadium. He's been over-using the red light. (Remember in the 70s when it got cold and you had to switch off the TV before you could put on the second bar of the electric fire, or else risk fusing the whole street? The City of Stoke still runs like this). The referee is warned that he must not use the red lights again. To do so would damage the flux-capacitor, destroy the space-time continuum, and we'd all be stuck here in 1955 with Biff Tattum, and Roy Smallwood playing Johnny B Goode whilst dressed as Stoke's answer to Showaddywaady..... Shoddyshoddy. The ref agrees that when the inevitable awarding of heat 15 happens, the race will be stopped by hand signals and the shouting of the moronic announcer, which will alert members of the track staff to wave red flags (the ones that are still alive anyway - Roy and Beadle are excused duty). Heat 15 and an actual race develops between Atkin and Lawlor. Perry is a distance back in 3rd, Clegg further back stone last. Lawlor chases Atkin and just gets ahead up the back straight. Atkin faces being moved into the outer part of the 3rd bend track (here be dragons) and tries to resist. The two collide and the race needs to be awarded. (the 3rd awarded race in a row, 7th of the night). The Announcer then announces Perry (who was minding his own business back in third) is excluded. The win awarded to Max Clegg (who was stone last). The announcer returns minutes later (possibly with a referees hands around his throat) to change the exclusion to Lawlor...but still has the awarded places wrong. After a further few minutes it is changed again. The MDL match is cancelled and everyone leaves, completely unsure on the final score or the final awarded decision of heat 15.
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    Crescent Girl has cleared this up on the Berwick match thread this morning The compassionate grounds for the facility related to Mrs Lawson being admitted to hospital late Friday and therefore permission was granted for Richard to miss the meeting in order to be with her Seems perfectly reasonable to me and the ensuing debate wouldve been avoided with a better worded Lakeside press release Best wishes to the Lawsons - hope any scare is over and recovery is full and speedy
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    I think you're burying your head a little bit here, Back in the 70s the wage was around £50/60 a week, and petrol was 6 bob a gallon ( 30p), I could take the wife and the kiddies, buy 2 programmes, drinks and burgers all round for less than a tenner. The night was full of enjoyment and exciting races that kept everyone interested. Looking back at a 74 programme that cost 1 shilling (5p), here were 23 races starting a 7.30 pm on a Saturday night against Hackney, (we lost 36-42.) The tenner probably equalled a 1/6th of your weekly wage, but we had nearly 3hrs of enjoyment watching 23 races. The same day out now is very different, with considerably less to watch, A lesser program, perpetually drawn-out to make it last does nothing to enthral the fans. Everything you buy, you pay through the nose,. Petrol £ 7/ gallon, Admission £18 a head, Programmes £3 each Drinks £3/4 a throw. Before, it was excepted as a normal price for a night out and each believed they received VFM, not any more.... It would be wrong to pin all the blame on costs, for the sport was much different then, the Bike were slower and the competition was much closer. Missing the gate wasn't the be-all importance then as it created more excitement. Every race was competitive and closely fought. Today's super fast bikes, that cost the earth, produce a different race from the ones we use to watch. All the low torque engines have been replaced with high revving ones. Exhaust and tyres play their part . The throttles now are either open or closed, very little control how there once was. The emphasis has moved from the rider to the bikes, meaning far more follow the leader races, and these don't pull in the punters. You only have to look at the dwindling number over the years to see the effect it has had. But nobody takes any notice of these facts and continues in the same old pattern. Regardless of how you dress it up, the sport today is not working. and unless they address the important issues of Costs, VFM and excitement, the sport will continue to die ...
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    Anyone know if there are any tickets left for the Poole end of season dinner dance next month?
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    I have followed the youth scene for a while and thing's are looking pretty good for the future and for me Neil Vatcher is a unsung hero he has really pushed us on as a nation.He does a great job his enthusiasm is infectious and it would be great if a few Brits can crack it and actually go on and have good speedway career's.Lambert leading the way Bewley improving by the minute and the likes of Saunders,Kemp,Flint,Rowe,Atkins, (etc) doing great the future looks exciting just thought Neil deserves lots of credit.
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    My thoughts are with the injured riders tonight after two horrible crashes. Firstly to Mitchell Davey, it was horrible to witness that and to see riders pile into him when he was on the track is something you never want to see. I was a bit concerned when the track staff were asked to form a barrier around Mitchell when the paramedics were treating him on the track and Mitchells parents who had flown over were called out to the track. Thankfully they said he was conscious but I send all my best wishes to Mitch. Also Sam Bebee as well who himself was on the end of a serious crash a season or so back, he had to withdraw with a wrist injuries from the same crash, best wishes to him. Ive seen a few riders come off on bend 4 but Jordan Jenkins really hit the wooden fence hard. After some time down he got up and into the ambulance, so I hope he is okay. Its nights like tonight you realise what a superb job the paramedics do, I take my hat off to them. Once again I hope all the riders tonight make a full recovery.
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    I can see both sides of this one but surely common sense would say it would have been easier to put Cook in the other semi bearing in mind this is the first GP of the season and it’s obviously a big deal for Craig. Somewhat ironic that GB are trying to get Woffinden back for the Speedway Nations and now appear to be trying to upset his obvious choice of partner. The words piss up and brewery spring to mind.
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    It has been mentioned a few times on this forum about atmosphere making a huge contribution to the experience of live sport. Recently I paid my first visit in living memory to a premier league football match, Huddersfield v Swansea to be precise. The atmosphere and noise was incredible, but as Tony Mac alludes to, most of the time nothing really exciting is actually happening. A huge cheer followed by fervent clapping as a player clears a ball away from danger – you would think the guy had just found a cure for some terrible disease. If you saw that same action with the crowd removed, there would be literally nothing exciting about it at all! In my opinion this partly explains the, ‘speedway was much better in my day’ viewpoint. The atmosphere back in the 60’s and 70’s clearly was superb and added hugely to the experience even if the racing was poor. A good example is the 1981 world final at Wembley. A fantastic occasion, for sure, but count the overtakes. Not many, and yet this is one of speedways best remembered meetings because the occasion and crowd elevated it to something way beyond just the racing.
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    Workington were just too good for us on the day , Proctor has never ridden better than he is now and Bewley was very impressive on his return . Bradley Wilson Dean had struggled to score a point in previous Ashfield visits , he looked a totally different rider yesterday . That result yesterday has turned the group on its head , with Workington now in pole position to come top . We need to take a long hard look at things , there is a definite problem in the pits with machinery . Young Jack is struggling with this , Worrall looks slow and Bomber's continuing difficulties are well documented . Blowing an engine at the tapes in heat 1 was a major blow , the second bike clearly wasn't fast enough , then he proceeded to break down on Jack Thomas' bike . When i heard him announced in red for heat 15 , i half expected to see him out on an Allied Vehicles mobility scooter , as it turned out that might have been a better option .
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    shanes the sacrificial lamb whilst the other foreign scrap under perform
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    you must understand starman that there are other posters on the forum who have had serious health problems,some not as bad as yours some far worse,but they havnt used it as an excuse to be rude.i wish you well for the future but if you post on the forum its likely i will disagree with you on occasion and you with me,its always been your rudeness ive primarily objected to
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    I much preferred it when you supported Peterborough and fantasised about Kenny Bjerre!
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    Let's end this one. Mrs Lawson was taken into hospital late on Friday night. Lakeside given a facility by MC to allow Richard Lawson to be with her. There was no complaint by Berwick about this, and with the lady now back home and resting, Richard can resume racing, as he did last night.
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    It's rare that I attempt to in any way defend the BSPA for its many perceived failings, but as a fan of numerous other major sports it's fair to say that speedway is not alone in causing angst and bewilderment among its followers and, just perhaps, we are all guilty at times of being over-critical of officialdom and what is served up in the name of sport and entertainment. Take football. It continues to price itself out of the financial reach of the average man and woman on the street and attending Premier League games now costs an arm and leg. Then there's the overpriced kits (three versions at any one time) and other merchandise clubs pump out to further rip off their loyal followers. Premier League chairmen/owners are widely regarded as the greediest bunch of governing parasites in world sport. People question the integrity and nous of some running Premier, Championship and National tracks. But look at the disastrous club ownerships that The Football League has stood by and allowed to wreck and ruin - my own club, Leyton Orient, almost went to the wall a year ago at the hands of our then psychopathic Italian owner, who treated us like his personal play thing with almost fatal consequences until the O's were saved in the high court. County Cricket has just entered another desperate new phase of trying to reinvent itself, with the newly-proposed '100-ball' brainwave set to be introduced in 2020 in an effort to attract new, younger fans and mums. It's a franchised based scheme, with a select group of players (not including the best English Test and one-day cricketers) chosen to represent new teams representing cities rather than counties. This, though, will effectively kill the current T20 domestic competition brought in in 2003. The ECB and county bosses are being publicly hammered and ridiculed for dreaming up yet another new format for a game that already has 5-day Tests, 4-day County Championship matches and two one day tournaments. Cricket clubs and the ICC at world level have spent fortunes improving their pitches and outfields but they still can't control the weather and, like speedway, matches are often postponed or abandoned after just a few overs play. These two national sports are awash with billions of TV money yet still, it seems, they couldn't organise the proverbial p*** up in a brewery. How many different 'World Championships' does boxing have these days? In recent years cycling has been totally discredited for harbouring cheats who take drugs to enhance performance. Which race teams and riders can be trusted? Greyhound racing has literally gone to the dogs, with more and more tracks closing year on year. I don't know enough about other sports, such as rugby and ice hockey, to comment here about where they come up short but you can rest assured they too will have their critics and be hampered by decisions (and indecision) taken by their respective rulers. 'Who cares about other sports, speedway is all we're interested in', I hear you scream! I hear you, loud and clear! But remember, there is a lot wrong with many other sports, too, including those with huge financial resources and tens of thousands more followers, and speedway is by no means alone in struggling to satisfy its loyal supporters. Should we keep questioning and challenging the BSPA and FIM (I would add the SCB, too, but they are toothless and have virtually ceded control of the sport to the men and women who run the tracks)? Of course. No-one could argue that speedway couldn't be much better organised and administered, and badly needs to offer more variety in its formats and competitions. The ridiculously over-complicated rulebook needs to be torn up and re-written in the simplest terms. Doubling-up and guests must be eradicated ASAP. There has to be more emphasis on British youth development, with team places made available to the best prospects. But speedway is plagued by many problems (bad weather; lack of stadium ownership; ill effects of the GP and other domestic leagues) beyond its control. So all things considered, while it doesn't solve problems to acknowledge the fact, we're certainly not alone among sports fan calling for more sanity and things to be run better. Speedway? It ain't so bad after all!
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    Surely, if Belle Vue cant field a team then Lynn would agree to a postponement . (Seem to remember Poole was given that facility when they were to race against Lakeside some years back). I cant believe meetings like this can ever benefit the sport and any success Lynn may achieve would only be a hollow victory.. anyway. Sure, I would love the Stars to win, but its need to be raced for, not given to them.... Ridiculous situation....
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    Just came across this on youtube.... Now if there was EVER a lesson in promoting the sport, and yourself, THIS IS IT ! Others may want to take note ? (!)
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    Really mate? Not sure I have but always happy to be proved wrong. In fact I called out the KLSSC on Twitter over some of their comments after the Swindon meeting when it clashed with a big play-off game for the Linnets. I choose football over speedway so would be hypocritical of me to then criticise others for doing the same. At the end of the day, it's totally down to the individual whether they choose to attend or not. For what it's worth I quite enjoyed last night's meeting. Wasn't a classic by any means but there were some good races and I'm really warming to this side. At the start of the season I didn't think we were in with a sniff of the play-offs but there are plenty of promising signs and more to come from Iversen, Palm Toft, Jorgensen and Andersen. Best thing for me is that it's a team of real triers, last night chasing hard for every point which after last season is a refreshing change. What I would say is that I totally agree with IainB when he said some of the stuff on this thread has been hysterical. Not everything at Lynn is perfect but I don't think it's half as bad as being made out on here at times. I honestly do think they are making efforts to improve across all areas and things aren't always as black and white as some on here are making out. I know, like and respect many of the Stars posters on here who are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Lynn. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't. You get positive posters who can see no wrong and negative ones who can see no right. I do find the constant slagging off of the club across here, Twitter and Facebook tiresome and that's with people's opinions that I actually agree with at times. There are ways and means of critcising and continually banging the same drum just means people eventually switch off to it. Invariably for me, the truth lies on a scale somewhere in between depending on what the topic is. Taking yesterday's meeting into account: Should the team news be out earlier? - IMHO yes but appreciate that there were things going on behind the scenes regarding the line-up. It should have been communicated better especially as it was common knowledge that riders would be missing. However, if they'd released that Cook was guesting and it was R/R for Palm Toft then it all changed, they'd get criticised for releasing the wrong info. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Should the meeting have been completed quicker? - Again yes but the break for track grading after heat 4 improved the racing in my mind. Track was quite slick early on but they pulled some of the material back down and racing improved straight away. It's also up to the referee to keep things moving. Also as I'm doing twitter updates, I find it hard enough already to tweet the result, any changes for the next heat and have some kind of social interaction with the people I go with as it is, so delays don't bother me. However I appreciate for some, they want to get it done and dusted as soon as possible. Fundamentally all of us want the same but it's nigh on impossible for the club to please everyone all of the time.
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    Seems to be working just fine. Hardly any guests because of no fixture clashes. Never was designed to bring back GP riders.
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    It's sad (that was edited!) that a serious attempt to make a point about the relative state of speedway in response gets petty point-scoring drivel from the usual suspects. Tony mentioned that he couldn't comment on ice hockey. I don't have involvement with that sport these days but their league structure until recently has been similar to ours, with a small top division supported by a middle section of around a dozen clubs but then, unlike us, regionalised hockey in the third and fourth tiers. I noticed when taking a look at the structure during the winter that their second tier appeared to have self-destructed with the former members now picking up the pieces in the regionalised minor leagues. Yes, we're not the only sport with problems but we are the only one where it ios pressures from overseas that are damaging the sport domestically. I've said before the BSPA has its great limitations but I rather feel sorry for them trying to face up to the onslaught of Poland, BSI and One Sport and having to surrender weekends for the top tier in response. They weren't really equipped for the battle. Football is a sport apart, if only for the money. You only have to look at the success of Manchester City and Chelsea, backed up by virtually unlimited subsidy from private individuals and their businesses to see that the sport side is rapidly disappearing. Sadly football has been relentlessly hyped so far in the 25 years since it sold its soul to Murdoch that normal economic factors are long gone. Despite protests the clubs can practically charge what they like and run up debts with impunity that they can walk away from, just creating new phoenix clubs where necessary when it gets too bad. People though let them get away with it because football is simply too important to them, and they will put up with anything and pay anything for their 'fix'. I use that last word carefully. Yes, UK speedway's in a state, but it's far from being all the BSPA's fault. With skills which they sadly don't possess they might have been able to deflect some of the harm done by foreign pay-days but. in reality they were on a hiding to nothing. It might help if the 'supporters' who mouth off here might actually see the bigger picture than whingeing about 'watered down' leagues and accepted that structural change is sadly vital and on the whole we simply can't afford to pay the top talent, although some are somehow finding the cash. More fool them. It's time for the genuine speedway fans to stand by their sport, make allowances and for those who are simply in it for championships and the 'glamour' of names to let the rest of us try to enjoy what we still have and work to rebuild the sport rather than play pathetic 'whooshing' and 'fishing' games in this forum. The BSF should be a sounding board for ideas to rescue and rebuild UK speedway. Sadly it seems that's beyond the playground mentalities of too many 'heroes' hiding behind their hilarious false names.
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    I'm sorry but that's an unnecessary comment under this topic.
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    Encouraging news from Brummies twitter feed " TEAM Manager Laurence Rogers has been to visit Mitchell Davey in hospital and the positive news is that Mitch is in high spirits and is talkative but understandably very tired. "
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    Makes you think when you continuously slate a rider then this happens
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    He rides for King's Lynn, our home meetings are Wednesday. Denmark should not be priority over a British fixture for a British rider.
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    Hi Everyone Thanks for all the very interesting views on this thread. As you know we are in a unique place which pretty much prevents us from being an attractive offer to the next 15 year old starlet unless we can find them ourselves. This is indeed one of the primary reasons for developing My First Skid, entering the Wizards into the SDL because we know we have to find our own and even when we do, we equally know we have to fend off the other clubs. However, we almost managed to get a starlet this year, even had a place for him at the local school that sponsors the club... but brighter lights pulled him away. But we do now have some prospects coming through, at all ages so now the work begins to develop them. Our other weakness is loyalty to or riders... we know that....... but its because Martin and I have a vision of speedway and we have really tried to stick to that. Jamie was probably the hardest (and possibly the best) decision we made. Jamie is family to us, but this year we had too many tough meetings perhaps too quickly and something had to change and Jamie was the person. But of course Jamie stays with the club, he will Captain the Wizards, be our number 8 and we want him back in the team - he is good enough once we iron out his one or two weaknesses we have discussed with him. He is working on them, with our support and this is why the decision was right. I am as disappointed with the results as the next person.... it hurts me, well it hurts us all. Few of you will really know what goes on in the build up to a speedway meeting, the preparation, the marketing, the track work, purchasing, printing, administration, coordination and so on.... it's no small task in fact its an enormous task and then when your side comes and you feel that hey...something isnt right, I cannot see the effort from them that I have given myself... why not...and then we lose.... it is a pain that rips everything out of you. We should have beaten both Plymouth and Eastbourne, but we didn't. The middle order have to step up and start delivering for us to achieve our goals and believe me we are never complacent, we perhaps care too much for our riders, but we never want to lose. All I want is a club that breaks even, provides great family fun, top racing and Martin, our staff and I are treated with respect for our efforts to make our club and both teams the best they can be. Right.... I am off to work out how we are going to stuff Coventry Always look forward and not back. See you trackside.
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    We've had discussions about Robert Lambert and last minute flights for them to only get cancelled and miss the Leicester meeting. People are now encouraging Cook to make the same mistake it's absurd. Yes, people have done it in the past bit they were seasoned GP rider's. This is the first GP of the series and Craig's first (and probably only) time at being a GP rider. Being the first meeting Craig will need the extra time (as all the GP guys will) to make sure all their ducks are in a row. It's irrelevant that last minute flights are available, or my mates got a helicopter, or my dad's got the fastest taxi in the world argument. The point is this is probably Craig's only crack at the GP's, if you can't see the fault of the SCB/BSPA in seeding him into British Semi on the Thursday then you're clearly as stupid as the SCB/BSPA
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    Perhaps he was hoping that the BSPA would see sense and put him in the Leicester meeting. It's ok pointing out that it is possible for him to fly out on Friday but we should remember that Craig has been brave enough to talk openly about his anxiety problems. This is a new experience for Craig and maybe when he gets into the routine of traveling to GP's he will be less concerned but he had understandably decided that it would put less pressure on him, for this first GP, to travel on Thursday, with no worries about flight delays and then stay in a hotel and be fully rested before the practice on Friday. Those who have to fly to appointments or to catch connecting flights abroad will know that it always adds stress when you have little leeway for delays and can mean that you don't get a good night's sleep the night before. This is a very important career step for Craig and the least the BSPA could do is to help remove any obstacles in his path. Riders have often been switched between semi finals in similar meetings so it's not asking much for the BSPA to help a British rider have the best opportunity to prepare for a vitally important meeting. They will be quick enough to publicise his success if he does well.
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    His flight .... f**k it I can’t be bothered with this
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    No they shouldn't. It's you who shouldn't respond. Try and chill out a bit or take a break off here.
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    God help Matt Ford if he has fans like you!!
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    Seeing as this meeting doesn't count towards the averages and can't be used for fiddling, it's official - Poole are officially the worst 'best side on paper' ever.
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    From what I remember, quite the contrary! Injury wrecked what looked like being his best season, can't recall what year off the top of my head. Always liked Ty, passionate rider and a very funny, dry sense of humour. Pleased to see him making a good start to the current campaign.
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    We have readingracer2017 posting directly after mff. Both saying the same thing in the same style.
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    Not confirmed but over £3200 raised at Swindon tonight for Mitch. Looks like the GP pit passes both Cookie & Greg donated went for £1000 a piece. Looks well over £10k raised for Mitch, maybe even closer to £15k.....excellent work from all involved & a special mention must go to Lee Kilby who I spoke too at the abbey, sss still walking round at 9pm...how he was able too I’ve no idea!!!
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    You got off the bottom of the table yet ?
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    Yes, it's Victor Meldrew time again. Well can you believe it? First we have the Stoke debacle against Belle Vue last Saturday (Furbar's match report on page 3 of the appropriate thread explains all) that doesn't even warrant an investigation... ...and yet James Cockle gets an instant 28 day ban for the crime of bringing the sport into disrepute for speaking his mind on social media. Now, I'm not going to defend Cockle, nor do I even know what he said. Maybe the punishment is fair. But the point is, how come Stoke don't get a 28 day ban for the same crime? Then, can you then believe the stupidity of the SCB / BSPA when they show their determination to score a hat-trick of absurdities? GB has one sole representive in the SGP series. Training for the Warsaw SGP begins on Friday 11th, so what do the SCB / BSPA do? Instead of working around the fixture by entering Cook into the Leicester Semi-Final on the 15th, they enter him into the British Semi-final at Sheffield on Thursday 10th, ensuring that Cook misses his flights to Poland and will only get to take part in SGP training if he gets an O'Christ Hundred Hours flight from East Midlands or London, that will get him to the stadium with an hour or two to spare, IF all goes well, and all that on zero quality sleep. What a way to treat your prized asset. Now I'm no fan of Cook but this is just plain stupidity on the part of the SCB / BSPA and shows sheer spite for anyone who dares to better their lives outside of the hallowed realm of British Speedway. The SCB / BSPA are shooting the sport in the foot with a machine gun. And who knows, there's plenty of time yet. Craig Cook may have his dilema resolved with a 28 day ban for blarting out on social media as well.
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    Looks like the only saddo is you. Not man enough to apologise I see. Read about his injuries here, https://www.daveyracing.co/single-post/2018/05/14/MITCHELL-DAVEY-INJURY-UPDATE Nothing there to joke about.
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    You posted this crap last week. Nobody cares about two NL teams on this thread.
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    Tell him to buy a wristband for Blackpool Pleasure Beach then
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    What a joke that is and totally unfair on both KL and Leicester. We should stuck with Monday and Thursday and told the CL Thursday teams who wouldn't budge that the PL teams had priority on all riders all of the time.
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    That's a very naive statement. Things have worked for you and that's pleasing. For me no amount of medication or therapy is working. Had all sorts of counselling and every antidepressants going to no avail, been out of work for 2yrs now through this, all started from a bang to the head. There is no 1 quick fix to everybody's evils, we're all different.
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    Not sure he did not ride for the reasons he stated ..not sure he's back because of the investment but more likely that the final is l at his home track ..it's amazing that people just take in everything he tells them
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    I would like the governing body to carry out a safety audit at Loomer Road to ensure that the facility is fit for purpose. This would include testing of all electrical installations by a correctly qualified and registered electrician. The eventual outcome would be that the necessary work is carried out and the venue can be brought up to an acceptable standard whereby nobody's health, safety or well-being is detrimented by any factor which might be reasonably foreseen to cause such detriment. That's pretty reasonable don't you think, Adonis?
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    Mike, you have gone through a very difficult time in the last 6 months. I am sure the doctors do not want you at all stressed. Stress is very bad for anyone, especially so with someone recuperating from a serious head operation. This forum is full of banter and bullies and is perhaps not the best place to spend time if you get at all stressed. Time out away from here might make you feel better and your health will improve because of it. Absolutely no point in getting wound up on posts by people you don’t know. You don’t have to react to every post. It will do you more harm than good.
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    Apparently the developers have argued that we do not need Blunsdon as we have now made Wimborne Road our own