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    Considering how skint Poole are, and how they can't afford Giles Hartwell and any racesuits, I think Matt has done well with the new racejacket design for the Poundland Pirates.
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    Matt's searched down the back of the sofa. He reckons he's found enough money to pay for some budget racesuits for the Poundland Pirates after all.
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    The decision was not only made at the AGM, it was subsequently confirmed on 1 February 2018 - despite the fact that Peterborough challenged it. As such, they did test the decision and were refused. Three weeks (BCD has stated it was less) later - apparently after solicitors were contacted - the BSPA backed down completely. According to Phil Rising, the SCB were fully aware that the Nicholls decision was illegal and refused to ratify it. I am therefore asking myself whether the decision to retain the rule after review in early February and then reverse it a matter of weeks later was a matter of incompetence, viciousness or both. I don't regard Rathbone as the peoples champion - and I suspect those that do are motivated by their own prejudices - but I do regard him as someone who stood up to a ruling in the interests of his promotion, his team, his fans and his sponsors. That is very hard to condemn. The problem with a closed shop is that no-one is allowed to challenge it. That means however illegal, corrupt or biased their rulings are they must be adhered to. That surely cannot be right, and the answer must be not to punish dissent or dissension but not make such rulings in the first place. Decisions that are fair, open, justifiable, subject to precedent and legal are far harder to challenge. There are those who bash the BSPA at every opportunity - again, almost certainly as a result of their own prejudices. The thing is though is that the BSPA themselves have, to a degree, created such an attitude. Personally, I take pleasure that an illegal ruling has been struck down and I doubt very much that I am the only one with that view. I have made no secret of my respect and admiration for the promotion at Isle Of Wight and its clear Barry Bishop and Martin Widman have put a huge amount of time, money, effort and enthusiasm into ensuring that the Warriors are a paying success. Yet last season, time after time, rulings went against them, be that because they were turned down (despite precedents) or that others received ludicrously beneficial judgements. That undoubtedly contributed to their final league position and no doubt there were times that they would have felt utterly disillusioned by events around them. The thing is I - and I would stand on my own reputation for fairness and impartiality - can well believe that they were denied their share of discretion through simple jealousy, provoked by the remarkable (and totally justified)amount of credit and praise they have received from speedway fans across the country. Ged Rathbone was heavily fined and had his promoters licence suspended as a result of allowing Holder to ride in Poland. Two seasons ago, I went to a meeting where a promoter took part in a sit on the track during that meeting. He, one of his riders and a number of the home support sat on the track on one side of the tapes while on the other side were riders ready to race. I thought that was a grossly irresponsible act and an awful breach of health and safety regulations. To my knowledge, that promoter was never fined, punished or disciplined in anyway and, in my view, there is no question about what was the more serious offence. Any organisation that treats its members with such appalling inconsistency - and, seemingly, favouritism - can also make decisions in precisely the same way and therefore deserves at least some of the odium and criticism it gets.
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    No brainer, they are a must in terms of a professional image nowadays.
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    What a load of absolute horsesh!t!! so i will be the first one to bite. Riders this riders that? What about the fans?Where is the respect for them? Who without them there is no speedway!! Fans are treat with utter contempt the length and breadth of the country man, They are shafted for value for money in everyway imaginable yet still pay their monies, people are sick of paying over inflated prices to watch substandard racing on ill prepared tracks, with poxy made up rules and short handed teams. they are treat like mushrooms and drip fed information when it suits. If you pay your money you are entitled to an opinion both good and bad surely?? Speedway riders are not gods imo and to suggest they do it for our entertainment is both futile and ridiculous, if that was the case they would do it for free or basic expenses.... they dont and no one forces them to ride either... our armed forces, police force, fire fighters put themselves in danger for us ffs not bloody speedway riders!! You will be telling us jockeys are the same no doubt? Yes its a dangerous sport but its their choice to ride ours to watch. Speedway fans are far too passive in accepting sh!te and being told to be thankful like promoters, riders and the bspa are doing us a favor. Wake up and smell the coffee man because without or after this generation of fans there will be no speedway because society today wont accept or support the current shambles that is speedway in the UK. Ive been going to Newcastle for 40 years, it was a passion, it was part a massive part of my life it was a drug.. I loved it. Now i couldnt give a monkeys if i go or not... so where are the next lot of die hards coming from?? Who is going to stand up for the fans? Etc.. id rather voice my opinion and how i feel rather than sit apathetic creaming my self thinking a bloke in kevlars is a god or a hero... and told to be thankful!! Thankful for what?. Says something when you couldnt care a less about something you once lived for... and im not alone.
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    Well guys thought I would drop a cheeky message in to say hi etc . Been following from a distance as always . Like everyone else I'm looking forward to finding out who the last 2 names on the team sheet are ! . I' sure the promotion are looking at every option and configuration. Who ever the last 2 guys are I'm sure it will finish the team off a treat . I'e been looking along all other teams and I think we have a good shout there is a lot of untapped strength in our guys so far . I' sure we will bring the best out in each other 100% . Team building across the the championship is kind of the same far as I can see . Most teams have a plus and I can also see a weakness . Our team so far is quite solid our guys all have the capabiliy to excel at various times through the year and we have the strength throughout to help a team member that might be struggling once in a while . If we all click at the same time there is going to be a thrashing handed out once in a while lol . As for myself I can tell you I'm in a better place mentally and with fitness . With the help of some valued sponcers and new ones I've acuired since coming Newcastle again I'm super happy with how the bikes are coming on ! . Im Looking forward to a Stella year this season riding for Newcastle in hoping the club will be able to rely on me when needed on the track and in the pits . Helping out and supprt with the other guys when needed . Im sure George and everyone else are going to finish the team the best way possible for the club . Looking forward to seeing you all soon !
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    I managed to to get to the NSS 3 times last season. Meeting 1 was v Swindon in the KO Cup Semi Final. Fabulous meeting that had everything in atrocious conditions. Great racing.Anywhere else, I am convinced it would have been rained off. Meeting 2 was the following night, Colts v Eastbourne. After the night before I wasnt expecting anything special at all. Incredibly, it was again superb entertainment. Track was superbly prepared, passing in almost every race . Inside, outside, through the middle, the young lads could race confidently anywhere at any time,despite the changeable weather. Meeting 3 was a about a month later as the Colts won the NL title v Eastbourne. Once again tremendous racing. An absolute credit to NL racing.The NSS has a superb circuit. I managed to get to Poole 7 times last season. Well, to be honest, I think I saw more full blooded racing in any ONE of those NSS meetings than I saw in any at Poole. Riders were literally bouncing across the track and you could clearly see hestistation. Dont get me wrong, I am Poole through and through and have been since 1955.That wont change. I welcome the track being ripped up and hopefully will produce some better and safer racing. Only time will tell. Fingers crossed, eh?
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    But youre cheating you have 4 of them
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    With this as the opposition we will not need to worry about the Poundland Pirates
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    I just wonder whether you have ever been to Redcar SP? The Track certainly isn't narrow, and I have seen some fantastic races there. I, for one, am very pleased that Redcar are staging the 4's. I am sure that they would not have been awarded them had assurances not been given regarding the size of the Crowd and viewing ability of said Crowd. Personally, I wish Redcar and the Promotion all the luck in the world with this endeavour. It is a feather in their cap to bring such a prominent Event to the North East.
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    Atmosphere makes so much difference to the overall experience Thats why some of us in the back straight stand at Foxhall got together and made a very conscious effort to make some noise - horns, bells, whistles, megaphones allsorts. It has grown and spread to other parts of the stadium and has made a noticeable difference It has also helped to reconnect the riders with the fans which itself has built on that difference to create something approaching a real buzz which had been missing for sometime
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    IF it is Lakeside that owe the money, they should be forced to clear their debts before they are allowed to run in 2018. Its disgusting ...
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    The campaign group has no allegiance to anyone, and any evidence of “all the trouble the group has caused” would be welcomed. If I in any way felt that what was being done was not being done in a professional or respectful way I wouldn’t be putting my name to it as one of those involved - especially as I am quite openly involved in various ways across the sport. You’re welcome to come to a campaign group meeting, you might learn something - but I guess then we might also learn your identity, which presumably you don’t want to happen.
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    FANTASTIC character, real salt oil the earth, under-estimated rider, skipper of a multi-talented Belle Vue side and as important to the team as his more illustrious colleagues Peter Collins and Chris Morton. Fortunate to have a long chat with him at the NSS last year. As forthright as ever. What a tragedy his accident was, not just for Wilkie but also his long-suffering wife whose own life was turned upside down after that fateful evening. Talk about heroes ... Wilkie is one.
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    Exposure on TV can help to remind the public that speedway exists and hopefully make them want to go and watch it live. Whether these are new or lapsed fans is immaterial, as long as they attend. Equally whether a viewer is a regular attendee at matches or just watches on TV is immaterial. They contribute to the viewing figures that keep the sport being televised. You could apply the above equally to sponsors. TV coverage to me is a superb bonus that allows me to watch matches that I could not otherwise attend and also maintains and feeds my love of the sport. I suspect I'm not alone. Are speedway supporters really only capable of watching one match a week? Only speedway with its limited, negative thinking, which does so very much to stifle it and destroys the opportunities I mentioned above, could blow it so consistently year in year out. All sports need TV, which is why they clamour for coverage. Well, all but one, it seems.
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    The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round
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    At the recent fans forum we were told about the tie up with the Polish club and the advantages to both teams youngsters. What was also said was the owners are aware that Poland is the most successful speedway nation in the world, that their business model is obviously working, and that it is something we can learn from. This is looking ahead to also improve Belle Vue as a club and the way its run seeing how they do things and if we could implement certain ideas.No doubt if a certain southern based club were doing this some would be telling us how innovative this is instead of trying to diss it. The sport in this country needs this kind of forward thinking instead of treading the same old path that obviously isnt working.
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    Team suits all day long for me Not having them now would be a big backward step Cost is a red herring too - each suit is the equivalent of a routine service for an engine
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    That's about the right mentality of British Speedway, the sort of thing you'd expect to hear in a year 4 art class - not a professional league full of different teams. Massive marketing opportunities missed by not having team suits and a complete amateurish feel. Teamsuits are an absolute must. I think it's poor that even some National League teams have them and they aren't being considered by some teams in the Premier League.
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    THE Campaign Group have now submitted their representations to Rugby Borough Council regarding the Brandon Estates planning application. It has been necessary to prepare a lengthy submission in order to not only deal with the deficiencies of the application in technical terms, but also to correct numerous assertions made throughout the planning material which are either misleading or simply incorrect, and to also present an accurate timeline of the events of recent years. We have objected to the planning application on a total of eleven grounds. These are listed in the Executive Summary below. Each of those eleven grounds has its own section in our main document, and many give rise to other issues as the arguments are developed. We are particularly critical of the Turley Report on viability, and the Sustainability Appraisal, as neither present a fair or accurate appraisal of the position of the stadium when acquired by Brandon Estates – or at the end of 2016 – and both are entirely tailored to fit the applicant’s own criteria rather than providing an objective view or considering other suitable options. Other key sections refer to the damage done to the stadium since 2017; local and national policy concerning designated sports venues; the Green Belt status of the site; the negative impact of development on the area; and a wide range of other associated issues. The main document is backed up by further information in appendices as follows, many of which confirm that information in various parts of the planning application is seriously deficient or incorrect: - A brief introduction to the Campaign Group, our motives and our members. - Information previously published by the applicant which is directly contradictory to material in their planning application. - A 20-page document entitled ‘The Systematic Damage to the Iconic Brandon Stadium’ which is a full pictorial timeline of events since November 2016 and clearly shows how Brandon Estates have been seeking to benefit from their own lack of security on-site and the damage which has therefore been caused. Here we also include the outstanding response to our recent appeal for tradesmen/women. - Professional information relating to the business position of the stadium (staging speedway and stock car racing) under the previous owners. - Analysis and confirmation of the number of UK speedway venues over a 20-year period. - ‘Brandon Stadium – A Brief History’ – a 15-page document with pictures summarising the history of the stadium, the major events staged there for both speedway and stock cars, and its overwhelming importance to the local community. - The Campaign Group’s objections made to the local plan review. - Examples of major coverage in local, national and trade press. Our full submission, including appendices, runs to 80 pages, and provides a compelling argument not only for the rejection of the planning application but also for the stadium to be retained, re-furbished and re-opened. The timescale of the planning application is not known at this stage, but we have registered to speak at the official hearing. Our thanks to all speedway and stock car supporters from all over the world, official bodies and competitors of both sports, and the many local residents who have submitted their objections to this scheme to destroy one of the UK’s most famous oval motorsport venues. Below is the Executive Summary which forms the opening of our submission: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Save Coventry Speedway and Stox Campaign is an umbrella grouping of people who wish to see the long heritage of Speedway and Stock Car Racing in Coventry / Rugby continue, and be returned to the iconic Brandon (aka Coventry) Stadium as soon as possible. The Save Coventry Speedway and Stox Campaign wishes to place on record the strongest possible objections to Planning Application R18/0186, which would result in the loss and redevelopment of Brandon Stadium. The grounds of objections are as follows: 1. The proposals are directly contrary to the provisions of both the existing development plan (the Core Strategy, adopted 2011) and its emerging review (the Rugby Borough Local Plan, 2011-2031, Publication Draft, September 2016). 2. The housing proposals conflict with the Green Belt designation of the site. 3. The housing proposals are contrary to the provisions of national planning policy, which seeks to protect sports facilities from development. 4.'Fixing Our Broken Housing Market' and ‘Planning for Growth’ provide no grounds to support the housing proposals. 5. Brandon Stadium was, and remains, a viable use for the site. 6. Brandon Stadium remains the best site for Speedway and Stock Car Racing in Rugby Borough, and the failure of the owners in their obligations to secure the site is the only reason that has led to significant damage to the buildings since January 2017. 7. Brandon Stadium has a rich and long heritage reaching back to 1928 which should be treasured and protected. 8. The redevelopment of Brandon Stadium will result in the destruction of one of the most important tourist facilities in Rugby Borough. 9. The applicants have failed to demonstrate the viability of their proposals. 10. The proposals are premature and should be considered through the Development Plan process. 11. The Sustainability Appraisal and associated background material accompanying the planning application is deficient and does not provide sufficient basis to support the new housing proposals. In the following report and accompanying appendices we set out the reasoned and measured arguments in support of each of the above objections. We believe that the grounds of objection outlined above against Brandon Estates’ aggressive and predatory housing proposals are weighty, and present a compelling case for planning permission for the redevelopment of Brandon Stadium for new housing to be refused. The Save Coventry Speedway and Stox Campaign accordingly and respectfully calls upon Rugby Borough Council to embrace the long and rich sporting heritage to reject the planning application which would lead to the loss of one of the most iconic sports stadiums in the country. In the – hopefully unlikely - event that Rugby Borough Council might be persuaded to look favourably on residential development on the site of Brandon Stadium, the Save Coventry Speedway and Stox Campaign would strongly urge the current planning application to be refused, with the applicant being advised that they should only re-apply subject to the obligation to provide an alternative replacement stadium of comparable quality being proposed for consideration in tandem. Finally, we note that Rugby Borough Council’s Corporate Strategy 2017-20 strapline is ‘Proud of our past, fit for the future.’ We respectfully call upon them to apply this principle when making their decision on this planning application. ENDS
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    Shows your total lack of respect and certainly any knowledge of speedway, was Joe useless at Mildenall ? was he useless at Workington ? was he useless at Glasgow ? was he useless at Ipswich ? the answer is NO.Your club knows the numbers game better than anyone Newman bombed out Howarth bombed out Starke bombed out all Brits best you stick to selling your Steptoe/Son junk and comment on another sport.!!!!
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    Something fundamentally wrong when you have the same rider number 1 in Cham/Prem.
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    I was sitting in my seat at the front of C block as Alan Wilkinson went careering into the boards between bends 1 and 2. Behind the solid white boards were the steel lamp posts, the steel girders and the steel hawsers that were tensioned up when the stock cars were in action. Clearly, these materials wouldn't offer much impact absorption for an incoming rider but to be honest, nobody gave too much thought to rider safety in those days. Lots of people clattered into the boards during a meeting and most got away pretty unscathed and the gathered masses fully expected Wilkie to get up a after a few moments, dust himself off, kick his bike wheels straight and get ready for his next ride. Riders were hellish tough in those days and there weren't many tougher than Alan. In the good old days, the medical back up seemed to consist possibly of an invisible doctor and some well-meaning first aid volunteers who stood about in the middle in white boiler suits. The primary aim of these good people appeared to be to get any crumpled and battered rider loaded onto the stretcher with it's large wheels and trundled off with the minimum of delay so that the action could be resumed before the punters became impatient. Looking back now, it seems amazing that we seemed to know so little about how to deal with riders who might have suffered serious head and neck injuries and without doubt, if medical facilities and procedures had been better then many riders, including Wilkie might be in a rather better position today. There are plenty of things wrong with modern day speedway but at least more importance is given to looking after riders' safety and it is a shame that many have been let down in years gone by. I spoke to Wilkie a couple of times at the Dog Bowl and whilst his body was a little worse for wear, his views were as forthright as ever. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to thank him for entertaining us humble speedway supporters over the years. I shouldn't think that too many medical wallahs read the old guff that's written on here but thanks for doing what you do and hoping that rider injuries are few and far between in 2018.
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    You say you know the long term forecast is poor, but still moan it's called off early. Had it not been called off until 10.00am Sunday, you would have moaned that they knew all week what the weather was likely to be like. Just no pleasing some. P.S. I know there are some who have been inconvenienced, but hundreds of others haven't.
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    A big yes to team race suits from me.I support the Belle vue aces with a passion and I like the club I support to look like a team.Just like any other team sport I can think of. Like most supporters of any team in any sport the teams colours and logo are a big part of sport.Seeing my team dressed in red white and black with a big ace of clubs on their chest gives me a buzz even before the 1st race begins.
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    I don't like either team suits or race jackets. There's no scope for merchandise. i.e. joe public wouldn't wear either out and about as people tend to with football/rugby/cricket/ice hockey/basketball/NFL/baseball kits. The kevlars should be considered as safety kit worn under a team shirt, that supporters could buy replicas of. I seem to remember Boro Bears (and others) trying these in the 90's but the designs were awful, they were baggy and the riders used to cut the arms off to display more sponsors so they looked shabby. Designed correctly they would be relatively inexpensive and could be made available to supporters. Got to be better than those god ugly wulfsport anoraks. Guaranteed to make any new supporter run a mile.
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    Exactly. Except that was a long time ago, so the point stands, the racing isn't the cause. It's the gradual decline in crowds due to lost fans due to natural wastage not being replaced by new ones. As the crowd dwindles, the atmosphere dwindles, the same race seems less exciting.. any newcomer is greeted by a less good atmosphere and doesn't get hooked into it.
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    You surely have to be closely related to Horton to spout the continual bile and lies on here in support of Horton. The only fact on here is the vast majority of Bees supporters do not rightly so trust Horton and will not be giving him any of their money. Whatever the consequences then so be it but he is the kind of person Brandon Estates need to drag us to oblivion and they will succeed. Jeff and David have always shown passion and integrity to save Coventry stadium and the Bees, all of this is alien to Horton. However you just keep showing your support for that perpetual liar and loser.
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    She's probably got more common sense than Bates.
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    Can someone explain to me why this rule WAS illegal but now isn't? Surely it's even more illegal now because Scott and Ed can drop down (as could Woffinden) but Swedes, Danes and the French can't. Surely now Bellego is being victimised for being French and that IS illegal.
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    Indeed, Belle Vue is almost the perfect shape and size for a speedway track and provides proper fast speedway racing like nowhere else in the UK.
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    How do people know that TV has stopped people attending ?...I actually went to some meetings last year because I saw the NSS on TV and it made me go...I'd not been to a live meeting for years....sure I didn't go every week but that's circumstances...without TV I'd never have gone at all.....how do people know others haven't done the same....how do they do that crowds wouldn't have dwindled even more without TV....they wete dwinding before TV anyway...certainly less people would actually know about the product if it wasn't on TV... It's easy to blame TV for speedway's problems but that just papering over massive cracks...a sport needs TV and without it even less people will know anything about it and even less people will show up..
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    Dudek found out that they couldn't afford race suits. Then when Matt Ford rang him up, he reversed the charges. It totally put Dudek off joining the Poundshop Pirates.
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    If Scott is allowed to race for the panthers, it's a win win situation for all. The Panthers get to track a better team, Scott can earn more money, fans of other teams will still get the pleasure of mocking the Panthers team and Ged, and the bspa keep intact their reputation of being incompetent. Everyone's a winner.
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    Every Sky Speedway meeting cost over 35k a meeting and that does not include Sky staffing costs in Osterley or the actual airtime and satellite uplink capacity which Sky have long term lease via BT media & Broadcast. Obviously I am unable to go into every cost but can give you a few examples over £1000 a meeting for catering,£2500 for power,£1100 for scaffolding, £200+ for security, Temporary Internet circuits £1400 Most experienced cameraman on excess of £500 a day plus travel. BT did a very good job in 2017 in cutting the OB and production costs but in my opinion that did show on screen with less cameras and older OB equipment. Some of the savings were Made like on catering, security and less staffing, cranes In 2018 I I understand that the production budget has been increased so there will be some on screen benefits which is good. i read with great interest in the thoughts and comments about a highlight package and magazine style programme in the week. This very nearly happened in 2014 on Sky sports in addition to the live coverage it was all costed out but the BSPA were not happy about this and it never got off the ground as some clubs feared it would affect attendances and some put pressure on local video companies to not provide footage for this and also into live productions. It still shocks me that Speedway is not able to attract a TV programme sponsor as there are a number of high profile companies involved now with clubs but did hear that at one point that Go Speed were asking for unrealistic prices whether they would take less now who knows. Even if they only got 25k for these rights better than nothing
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    Sorry but thats rubbish. I started paying attention properly to the sport about 20-odd years about (1997 when Newport re-opened) and the sport is as exciting now as it was then. And having sat and watched a lot of stuff on youtube, video and DVD I assure you the sport was absolutely not any more exciting 40 years ago. What the sport did have 40 years ago that it has very few of today in characters, riders who'd go up to the referees box, or strop over to the phone by the start line. They're gone mostly because the sport is no so professional. Gone are the days of being able to go in the bar and get pissed up with the Americans who everyone loved but if you want to be a half decent rider you can't get drunk in the bar and if you were seen getting drunk in the bar fans would complain its not professional. The standard of racing is no different now than it has been in any era, ever - well certainly any era that has been recorded.
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    I can't imagine anyone being against team race suits. Can you imagine putting out a football team with players wearing different strips? When they were first introduced I thought finally the sport was being taken seriously by promoters and to not have them now is a backward step IMHO.
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    Exactly... Another grip of mine is the 'PIT STOP' café' Am I the only on to notice that the prices go up for Speedway and Stockcar meetings. When you use the café during the week the prices are substantially lower. I understand the logic of a captive audience , but if you wish to look after your supporters the last thing you want to do is rip them off If the prices are adequate to make the Café viable during the working day, then why would it be necessary to increase them when you have a far bigger custom base....
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    Jesus Christ, is not about time people gave it a rest. The lad rides a speedway bike with no brakes for a living, I would imagine that at the time going for a bit of sledging with a few friends he thought was a little harmless fun, that went wrong. Last season he missed some meeting due to falling down the stairs carrying nappies for his son, are we going to ban him from doing that as well as sledging. They were both freak accidents, freak meaning they are unexpected and unusual, these sorts of things have happened before and will happen again to any rider. Or do we at the end of every season give riders a list of do's and don't while they are waiting for the season to start.
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    As some will no I’m a cricket fan as well and a member at Trent Bridge- speedway could learn so much about customers service from Trent Bridge from official stewards to box office staff to catering staff they can’t do enough for you as a fan you feel valued they email fans before games about how the club is looking forward to our visit and by the time we get home there is another email saying hope you enjoyed your visit and please let’s us no if there is anything that can be done to improve the match day experience- ok two different sports one cash rich the other not in the same financial league but speedway is up against sports like this and the difference to how fans customers are treated is vast . For me it’s all about being valued as a fan rather than being taken for granted.
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    I too welcome the SCB's intervention in the Nicholls case but I'll await the transparency that you suggest because I am not convinced. E I Addio has pointed out that the AGM finished in mid November and the SCB resolved the matter at the end of February - after a challenge by Peterborough, a review by the BSPA and a threat of legal action from Nicholls. His description of the SCB's actions in this matter was 'appalling incompetence'. It could easily be seen as though they took no steps to correct the situation until Nicholls legal challenge, at which point they had no choice but to change the decision. The other thing is is that this is a major issue, one that affects all clubs. It is equally as important that disputes on single decisions affecting just one club are dealt with - as BCD has said - fairly, openly and subject to precedent. I have it on good authority that when Adam Roynon signed for Plymouth last season three NL clubs protested, saying that the average they were using was incorrect. Those protests were brushed aside, despite the fact that the average was indeed substantially understated (something that was later admitted, although not publicly). Matt Marson has a British passport (I stand to be corrected, but I believe his mother is British). As a British citizen and a newcomer to the sport in this country, Mildenhall put him in their team last season on a 3.00 in accordance with the SCB rulebook. Suddenly, he was graded as a 5.00, an average that doesn't even exist in that rule book. My understanding is that it took a further threat of legal action to make the BSPA adhere to their own regulations. On those (and so many other occasions) speedway fans - and even clubs - did not know who made the decision, how they made it and why they made it. That simply cannot be right, nor can it be the case that the sports own regulations are so easily broken to suit the needs of individual promoters. I have never believed that the running of speedway teams should be subject to independent control. Speedway teams are mostly loss making, so it is a case that he who calls the piper calls the tune and that initial decision making must be left to those that put their hands in the pockets every week. However, any protest must be determined by an impartial adjudicator with no interest in any speedway club. It is at that stage that currently the sport disastrously falls down and, quite clearly, if you know that any decision you make could well be subject to independent audit, you're more likely to get it right in the first place.
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    Well you make some points in the reply that I take some issue with 1. Scott Nicholls himself states he was contacted by Damien Bates before the AGM asking if he was interested in riding for Sheffield in 2018, it appears he wasn’t adverse to the idea but said his preference was Peterborough, he heard nothing more from Sheffield from then on, so if a new member of the MC didn’t know about the proposed rule how on Earth was a suspended promoter likely to know. 2. You and me both know from experience that challenging the MC or the BSPA gets you nothing but aggravation as the promoters who do so know from bitter experience. They don’t follow precedence and make decisions on the basis of who is asking rather than general common sense or fairness to everyone. The fact that Ged Rathbone made some serious money from the Holder deal is what sticks in the BSPA throat, that and the fact he picked up two trophies didn’t help either. The organisation as far as new rules is pathetic as last years Fours was with rules not coming out until a few days before the event and we’ll after the date teams declared their teams, then we had the laughable situation where teams were in, out and then back in in the space of a week during which some of the teams had riders then committed to Poland. And he were in March and the 2018 regulations are still not published. 3. It’s clear that the governing body for Speedway in the UK (the ACU) don’t hold either the BSPA or the SCB in a good light and after all the problems of 2017 and recent events it’s no real surprise is it. As for publishing results of some hearings, it’s been plainly obvious to some that the BSPA have no stomach at all in publishing its own shortcomings as the recent Rathbone appeal and Godfrey finding showed, for some reason the BSPA seem to think that if they don’t mention it no one will be any the wiser but in this day and age nothing is secret for very long with most discretion’s being fully dissected on the BSF and being taken to task by the Speedway star. I have said before until the BSPA start acting with honesty, openness and fairness nothing will change and this sport will lurch from one PR disaster to another.
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    Perhaps they'll get rid of that stupid title "Team GB" and call it "Great Britain"
  44. 6 points
    Phillips has proven that he can be amongst the points in the Championship, whereas the other 2 haven’t. Surely it’s a no brainer?!
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    Not all will agree with your last comment AO as some won't believe 'true fans' would ever miss a chance to see their team in action, but it is definitely true, as I do it now.. 'Iffy' weather has a huge bearing as you know deep in your heart that attending on a 'dodgy track' will often see you short changed from either the racing quality or simply the amount of races you get to see, (thirty times bitten, thirty one times shy). I find though at present that I miss more BV meetings to stay in and watch another match on TV, when the BV match has zero credibility due to it being another 'guestfest'... The irony is the match on TV has probably as much credibility as the one at the NSS however the difference is I am not forking out £30 for two people to attend it, instead paying BT £5.00 a month... Add in the fact that every meeting is now just a play off qualifier and for me it's not the TV being there that reduces the crowds (as proof, play off crowds are usually the best crowds of the year) it's the fact that what is served up doesn't justify paying out money to watch it when you can get your 'speedway fix' from the comfort of your armchair... Invariably now most matches are made up of an eclectic mix of competitors, from various random teams, cobbled together for 'one night only', so when you are prepared to take that for what it is, and are quite content to watch 'anyone' in the red, blue, white and yellow helmets go round, then you might as well do it in front of your TV, cold beverage in hand, snug in your own comfy armchair.... Simply, it's not TV coverage that reduces crowds, it's the way the Sport is ran...
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    to be fair restrictions on du/dd should be announced now for next season
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    Which is exactly what i said weeks ago, only to be shot down in flames by certain 'know all keyboard warriors' on here. Just proves that the people who tried to implement these 'rules' are incompetent...
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    As an outsider, that is the way I saw it. No question that it weakened the team, but better to do that than allow a couple of prima donnas to ride rough shod over everyone at King's Lynn. For that reason - ie that 2017 was exceptional - there is a strong case for writing it off and moving on. Its not the same old, same old here.
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    Isn't what you're suggesting been the problem in Speedway? From 1 bad year to the next we're always told to move on, it will get better. So, while the crowds continue to dwindle, admissions go up and quality on offer deteriorate every Speedway fan should just suck it up? I still love Speedway, I still love the King's Lynn Stars even more but my breaking point has been reached by the mentioned above. No more am I willing to put ££'s into the club until I feel there's 'Value For Money' on offer. For me, there's no more 'time to move on'. The way the club is run has to be encouraging and so far this winter it's still been very poor from a fans point of view. No genuine heartfelt apologies for last season. No apology for the crass ripping off of season ticket holders. So no, I ain't just gonna move on. I feel justified in not doing so. It's up to the club to make me feel positive and so far regarding 2018 I feel they're still trying to rip off fans with a cheap poor team and increased admission costs to the many.
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    Sky paid the promoters>>who gave it to the riders>>who gave it to the engine tuners.