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    Had a walk down to Northside today, plenty of activity from around a dozen volunteer's, the base is in and looks well packed down, plenty of camber on both bends and also on straights, inside curb being laid, about 2/3 done, shale ex Derwent park being sorted to be laid in the next few weeks, changing rooms and pits to be marked out and built, so still lots to do and winter weather on its way !! Good luck to the people behind the venture,
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    From Rob Grant Not that I need to justify my actions but I will point out that at the time of replacing JPB I knew Newcastle was in a financial hole and the Diamonds were having to be subsidised heavily to get the bills paid , hence the dropping of the National League as the crowd figures at the time were shockingly low. I told Steve Pate that things weren’t quite rosy and that I wanted to put Archie in so that if Newcastle collapsed the lad could say he had ridden for his home town club. We knew he wasn’t ready but we had our reasons for letting him do it. Archie could of easily refused to sign but he didn’t and we were pleased to give him the run till the season closed. We had 7 meetings left to stage in National League and we weren’t just talking a couple of grand to complete them it would of been a substantial amount. Some folk on here saying they offered to keep it going are talking utter garbage as no one approached me at all esp the main man that’s letting his mouth go. All sponsors agreed for the club to retain the sponsorship in order for the main team to survive. With the exception of the main man who’s letting his mouth go, who asked for a full refund, which was given. Newcastle are running championship only, you have a team to support, we have a facility to operate out of, we have a good loyal backing, let's just focus on keeping another club active as we don't want to lose any more, We have seen the issues with Birmingham and Kent and we are in the same bubble. So for heaven sake just enjoy what you have, while you have it as nothing is guaranteed anymore.
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    Great arcticle by Liam Waite in the News and Star this morning, even made the front page headline. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/19724272.workington-speedway-legend-steve-lawson-plans-return-sport-town/
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    Adrian Smith will be another in quite a long line who have seen the sport from outside and thought "Wow! What potential".... So therefore, got involved, .. And, like others before him, would have gone into it thinking that all he had to do was highlight to the those already incumbent all the obvious inherent flaws that all can see hold the sport back in the UK... And then simply convince them that there are a great many alternative ways of moving this great sport forwards... However... Like so many others before him he has failed to take into account how insular and short term focused so many within the sport are, with many appearing to be "quite happy" with their lot as they hold 'some power'... Failing to grasp of course that they 'hold power' in a sport that hardly anyone has heard of, never mind cares about.. "Ideas People" are not wanted....
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    Can someone tell me, whats the point of having a RS scheme in the Premier League but not in the Championship ?, surely the point is progression of young riders so it should follow that the RS scheme means the Championship is the natural step up for young riders then the Premiership.
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    To be honest, I think people trying to brush the use of said P word as no different to saying "Aussie" are just being deliberately obtuse. It's pretty clear to anyone with a modicum of sense that it's not just about a shortened version of the country where someone is from. It is also about context, and I think we all know that the context in which people are called such a thing is, in general, racist. That is why the term is seen as a racist term. Does that really need explaining? I'm not so sure it does to be honest. Saying it isn't is the same as saying it's not racist for people to throw bananas at black footballers because you wouldn't be offended if someone threw an apple at you.
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    Simple answer, I don’t know and quite frankly I doubt you do either. Like your alter ego you have no decency using the deaths of people to try to further your beliefs. If and when deaths are confirmed as being Covid related, I have no problem with you or anyone else posting about it. Until then I suggest you show some compassion and have some respect.
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    Right from the start of this, Bluey and his mates have continually posted contradictory statements First there was no such thing as COVID and it was manufactured in a lab in China. Then, although COVID doesn't exist, people who have been vaccinated are dying at a higher rate from it than those who have not been vaccinated. As an extension of that we were told the Delta variant doesn’t exist either; it is just a way of scaring people into getting the vaccination and of controlling the population. Then apparently the Delta variant, like the non-existent COVID, is killing vaccinated people more than unvaccinated people. The vaccination is so “THEY” can control the world’s population but you will need to be vaccinated for the rest of your life because it doesn’t work. We've also had, the number of cases in hospital and deaths is no higher than we usually see with seasonal flu; now there is a big rise in the number of hospital cases and deaths due to vaccinations. It's almost as if they can't think for themselves and just repost any old Tweet or conspiracy theory that shows they are "in the know" without ever thinking through what they are saying and its contradictory nature.
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    i think completely ignoring 'keyboard warriors' is a major mistake. Truth is, there are an awful lot of people on this forum who love the sport and sincerely only wish the best for it. That, however, does not exclude them for being critical - indeed, on many occasions, it is good that they are. The BSPL and its members are hardly paragons of competence and honesty - they have, on many occasions, acted stupidly, selfishly, and with utter contempt (and even abuse) towards those who turn up every week to pay their entrance fees. It is right that they are brought to book for their actions, and one of the reasons that many of them despise the BSF is because certain members hit them very hard with the truth as they see it. 'Paranoid defensive ramblings' are a very good description of - on the rare occasion someone deigns to reply - what we get, usually tinged with hostility and aggression. Isle of Wight's Barry Bishop is one of the few who does regularly engage and what we see is a reasoned, measured response to our comments. The number of likes his posts receive reflect just how much his contribution is valued. You're absolutely correct that 'whatever you do someone won't like what you do and will criticise'. Some do so out of spite, malice and the settling of perceived scores. Others - including yourself - do so for what they think is right, even if they maybe mistaken (not that you are here). Its a question, then, of sorting the wheat from the chaff and that is something I have mentioned to the small numbers of people I know involved in running the sport and competing in it. The BSF can be a very significant source of customer feedback and knowledge if the comments are considered with a keen eye.
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    The problem is that it isn't a "race" that causes the issues; it's a minority (albeit a rather large one) - on both sides. I worked for Merton Council in housing maintenance, and I was constantly bombarded with the crap from both sides. "We had to wait because we're black!" and "They got theirs done first because they're black!" Nobody wants to accept that not everything is based on race. It seems that mankind is just selfish and jealous, and if they don't get the service they "expect", there has to be a reason for it. If somebody is nice to me, and treats me with respect, then I am nice to them and treat them with respect; I don't base everything on misguided perception of a race/nationality/religion.
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    Of course it's not irrelevant, ok he's apologised but 10 years after the event, and only because he was found out. It's ok for him to say derogatory things about Jews but it's not ok to call your dog Kevin shish!! That's not saying I don't believe he has been a victim here, but as normally happens we get one side and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.
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    So, therefore, the only correct and sensible thing to so is to carry on with such a winning formula isnt it? Keep running seven man teams even though there isnt enough riders, meaning every team can share several riders with someone else in the league below and thus, very little demarcation between the top two leagues.. Thus, zero aspirational attainment to grow... Keep running fixed (restrictive) race nights simply to ensure all the riders have an opportunity to do a seven day stretch and have loads of rides... With whether your fans thinking it is the best night to race on being very much a secondary (and maybe even lower?) consideration.. And keep running two leagues with an ever dwindling number of clubs taking part, thus rendering both pretty much worthless recognition wise in winning.. Even more so when any team who wins can, and invariably will, get help from every other team in the league to attain that "success"... They seem to have unearthed a new adage.. "If it IS broken, dont fix it".
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    Amongst 'Medical Practioners' are all sorts of people, from those who are highly educated to those who are not. The vast majority of whom have nothing to do with the vaccine or its administration. So, the premise that everyone who works for the NHS is clued up about the vaccine and therefore refusal is a suspicious sign is false.
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    Their home form was so bad i remember a French team beating them 10 - 66
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    To me there are obvious words that are offensive and i don't use them. But i do find that these days someone will find offence in almost anything and everything to the point where i am not sure what i can and can't say anymore. I even thought twice about posting my views on here in case i offended someone with my point of view.
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    Disappointing replies so far. I get it that there always has been in the past “jokey racism” but most of us, particularly the younger generations, have come to realise that it needs to stop because it gives currency to prejudice, hatred and violence. When I went to Cambodia last year I didn’t see the people as rag-top Pakis, or anything like that; they were just the friendliest and most mild-mannered people I had ever met. But if one of them sets foot in our country they become prey to our racial labelling and an unpleasant undercurrent.
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    All about money really . so he's played the race card thou he was happy to play with these people go to family weddings with the so called main racist and also happy to resign and get paid wages from a so called racist club . The trouble is people are to scared to question what he said and what his motive is This world gone so crazy that now got someone is in trouble for calling him fat and someone for calling a india player steve because he could not say his first name
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    I wouldn't normally react to negative postings, but here we have a group of people working really hard to keep our club in business - and the response we get from a significant minority of posters, who still purport to call themselves speedway enthusiasts, is to just to sneeringly pour scorn on their efforts.
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    Andy is a good guy with some great ideas for a fully inclusive motor park so everything from stocks and speedway to lawnmower and Motability scooter racing; training track facilities for kids and adults an external BMX track the works and nothing is off the table at the moment he is really making a go of it.. and hopefully it will be fully self financing Regards THJ
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    its completely ludicrous to even attempt to run speedway at an arc venue, they are mercenary in every way and if the masons did their cobblers in htf can anyone else make it pay with double the rent. Just be realistic, arc dont want speedway at birmingham, kent, anywhere.
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    Can't believe any real Newcastle fans are unhappy with the team. A few weeks ago, the Diamonds were finished. If your last rider is a big hitter, it looks a decent team. Whoever the last rider is, it looks a better team than last year, & most importantly, you still have a speedway team to support.
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    Yep huge congratulations to all at Oxford for achieving something which must have seemed a million miles away not that long ago. Particularly pleased for @Matt Davis who will be able to take his kids there as he went as a lad, dream coming true stuff for him and his family
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    When I read this on BBC I wondered how long it would be before you posted on here, implying it was Covid related. Not sure how you can live with yourself using people’s deaths to attempt to back up your argument without any proof. I just hope none of the families and friends of those you have cynically used in this way have the misfortune to read this thread
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    Are you now just going to insinuate that everyone who dies from now on has been snuffed out by the jab? If so, and it appears likely, can you just find a way to sum it up in one single post, saving everyone a lot of time and bandwidth.

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