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    Well done to everyone that contributed to the collection for dan gilkes, £1243.64 raised.
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    coming from the boy with multiple names who hides his real identity carefully. On the other hand I use my own name and it is very easy to identify me. Keyboard warriors like you are ten a penny, they can be seen every day on Facebook and Youtube. They are the ones you see in the videos hanging around at the back doing all the shouting when there are a couple of blokes fighting, on a good day when somebody is on the floor they get to run and get a swift kick in before running off. You see them with their dash cams screaming and swearing at people from the safety of their cars and when somebody confronts them they go from abuse to 'I'm filming this, I've called the Police'. Don't you worry Toto, keep licking the windows and pretending you aren't a spineless nobody.
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    understandable, coming from Poole, that you don't know what a 'motorway blade' is
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    The problem is when the weaker reserve thinks he's the better reserve or the people around him are telling him that.
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    Oh shut up!!! Its sad that Josh was injured but he was not riding to entertain he was riding because he is paid to do so!!! Doesnt matter on the figures he doesnt do to entertain!!! Anyone who thinks that is an idiot!!
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    Reflecting on this now having absorbed all the tributes and comments, it's clear that speedway, in the modern age, has lost its greatest ever promoter. I can't recall such an outpouring of grief and admiration for someone involved in speedway who wasn't a rider. Nigel spent years promoting nothing but positivity in so many aspects of speedway that his contributions were quite extraordinary and surely without precedent. Crikey, he even ghost wrote Kelvin's recent book(s)! This really is a case of you don't know what you've got until its gone. A truly tragic loss.
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    This is where we differ because as far as I can tell the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission and therefore not having it wouldn't put others in danger. My way of thinking is that the vulnerable should be responsible for having the jab themselves as it reduces the effects of the illness for them. The younger and healthier you are the less the risk from Covid until in children the threat to life is as near zero as it gets and I can see absolutely no reason for those at minimal risk to be vaccinated. For those of an age where the risk is higher but still small (45 - 60 maybe) then there should be solid information made available to allow them to make a proper choice. Throughout the pandemic the figures that are available to be checked have been presented in a very biased manner specifically to make people more fearful than need be.
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    Russia should not be in Ukraine full stop no arguments not their country
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    Russian nor Belarus tennis players will not be at Wimbledon tennis this year. I have said it on here before, there is a strong link between Polish and Ukraine citizens, a lot stronger then you may think. And the hatred for Russia now is quite strong. Likely to continue until the population in Russia open their eyes and realise they have a one man government.
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    Well It’s hard and I am proud of Kelvin for stepping up to the plate. The show must go on and all that. It’s going to take a bit of time to get going. Well done to Chris Louis stepping into Kelvins shoes and Kelvin for stepping into Scoops. Not easy and I commend their efforts. I hope there’s no moaning about commentary. If there is they deserve any crap aimed at them.
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    That's the beauty of JustGiving, if you want to contribute you can but if you don't you're not forced. Everyone has a choice
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    Indeed.... If they did it for free then that is "for our entertainment".... For so many it is their only job so they are professional sportsmen investing in very expensive kit to deliver a much greater return in earnings.... A "risky profession" no doubt, but so is Boxing, MMA, Skiing, Other motor sports etc... Not to mention Firefighting, Police, and the Armed Services... None of the above anyone does "for our entertainment"... Some do it for the money, some for the adrenaline rush... No more than that. ..
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    Show me where I've said anything about wanting Birmingham to close. It's the absolute opposite and you're purely burying your head in the sand if you can't see the problems this could cause- not just for Birmingham, but the sport as a whole. My sticking point is that for all the goodwill and money the promotion put into Birmingham how on earth will it survive if its ripping off fans like this? No new fan will put up with it and the die hards will dwindle. We all need to be realistic and understand the average fan cannot be affording to lose money for nothing. With how often rain offs and crashes do occur in speedway, can we seriously not expect this to happen again? Bluntly, what has happened at Birmingham is a shambles and they need to do better. If Birmingham need a blue print of how to run a speedway team they need look no further than their opponents for this meeting. Berwick like Birmingham was once a club in trouble but their new promotion have worked theirs socks off on and off the track and not done it by cutting corners. And whilst they might not be the most cash rich side or field the best 1-7 in the league you can say with their involvement with the fans with the 5-1 draw, the dirt xtra and genuine effort to bring value to money to their fans in the double headers that they've thought outside the box and been rewarded with an incredibly loyal fan base.
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    Oh but there is. If the spread of misinformation about the vaccine means that people are hesitant about receiving the vaccine, it leads to them putting themselves and other people in danger. It also means it takes longer for COVID to die out as a life threatening disease and means that people get "exasperated at not being able to live" for much longer than need have been the case.
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    Alas the tyranny of figures, lies, damn lies and statistics. I think we have reached the point where selective blindness has been reached, at least to Covid and vaccine cases, deaths etc. There are sources for both sides to back up their choice as the correct one. If the vaccine is dodgy....those who have not taken it have nothing to fear, those who have I`m sure are willing to take any risk, however rare, as part and parcel of being jabbed. There is no point pointing fingers at the stupidity of the other side. Me??, My view in all this mess is that I`m not frightened of dying (it`s coming) but I am exasperated at not being able to live...and having that dependant on taking a chemical jab I neither want nor need.
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    Kelv says home fans on their feet,,,, that's cos there isn't any seating Kelv
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    He’s a tremendous motorcyclist and has a huge heart - throws his bike in places others wouldn’t. Feel very privileged to see him as an Edinburgh home rider.
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    Can u suggest where they get replacements from,i watched them yesterday cant fault there effort just a shame more fans cant see that!
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    Don't think any of the above is unreasonable to expect from any promotion to be honest.
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    Why oh why does the press give that pathetic couple so much oxygen. Ginge and whinge we don't care about you.
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    Reducing reliance on Chinese products is long overdue. The West has many of resources that China needs, but doesn't necessarily need the stuff China makes. China is becoming another playground bully that needs to be given a reality check. Also, if the Chinese people are willing to tolerate the social control (of which COVID is a part of), that's up to them, but the rest of us don't have to put up with it.
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    And when he was alive he had the right of reply. When someone's died people should just pay their respects or say nothing at all, the only people who might be reading negative comments are his family who are left behind and I just hope if they are reading this forum they ignore the ignorant posts and focus on the overwhelming ones from people who realise he will be missed and also a great loss to Speedway.
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    Oxford put a good team on track, just beaten by a better team.
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    If somebody who was not a fan takes the trouble to acknowledge how much Nigel did for the sport, how much he'll be missed and what a great tragedy his passing is, then that is a tribute made all that more sincere by indicating where it is coming from.

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