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    I don't mind Poole hosting a meaningless end of season challenge. But to even suggest that this match is the final of a tournament held in 2022 is an absolute joke. In reality it is a one off meeting featuring the current Poole team racing against a bunch of riders willing to take a guest booking whilst wearing a Leicester racejacket.
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    Nonsense. As clear an exclusion as you'll see. Ref bottled it. Poole tinted specs as usual
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    It was no fluke and at Coventry I thought he would be lucky to walk again. He isnt the rider he was but I thought he did a good job for Sheffield overall.
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    1. Danny King 2. Jason Edwards 3. Connor Mountain/Drew Kemp 4. Leon Flint 5. Charles Wright 6. Jake Mulford 7. Luke Harrison Erik Riss (to Edinburgh?), Connor Bailey (to Workington?), Danyon Hume (???) Out Leon Flint, Connor Mountain and Luke Harrison In Keeps the main core of last years pretty successful team together but... 1. Replacing the unreliable (last year anyway, understandably) Riss with Flint, who needs a change from Berwick imo 2. Replacing Connor Bailey with Connor Mountain/Drew Kemp... Pretty like for like tbh, but I can see Bailey leaving for Workington 3. Bringing in Luke Harrison (which I think is pretty nailed on) for Danyon Hume, who I just can't see back at Redcar next year for some reason... Hopefully Charles is fit in time for the new season... Another option for that number 3 position would be Kyle Newman or Jonas Knudsen... All similar riders, depends on who's available/lowest price etc... Can't see Tom Brennan at Redcar
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    Some Glasgow fans also forget 50% of the league/Cup racing happens at tracks where passing can sometimes be at a premium, Poole,Armadump,Plymouth, Berwick....... So having a rider that can consistently get out the traps faster than the other three riders is of a great benefit.
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    We need to be in a realisation that with the drop to 38 and the reassessing of the Polish riders we won't be having riders of the Class of Basso, Taresenko and others round Ashfield in 2024. I'm pretty sure Bomber will be back at one and hopefully Lee too so at least we'll have some fence scraping to witness.
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    So let me get this right, Speedway in Swindon is unviable but Speedway in Poole is viable both Stadiums owned by Stadia UK, the present scenario is Stadia UK closed the Greyhound racing in Poole to move the televised Greyhounds to Swindon thus making Poole Speedway the only source of income at Poole except for a bit of income from Car Parking and a Car Boot, this then made Swindon more profitable but gave the Speedway less dates to race on, Speedway IS viable at Swindon but not so viable as building houses on the Car Parking area used for Swindon Speedway patrons. https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/23849178.clarke-osbourne-reveals-swindon-speedway-leave-stadium/ Osbourne is not telling the whole truth in this article, and the new company is just window dressing and everyone knows it.
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    Trouble is gaters aren’t the most exciting riders to watch,but at the end of the day they all finish up with decent averages and win their Teams matches on a regular basis.Passing is at a premium in speedway nowadays with the slick tracks and rocket machine equipment.Riders beaten to the 1st bend ,only a few percentage pass a decent rider that gates.
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    Lot of sad losers having a night at home.
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    Don't be naive. It's on the chairman & the management committee to do their job & remove the licence. What are they doing at Rye House & Peterborough where there is a chance of speedway next season? if they put a bit of pressure on or financial incentives on the table to the leaseholders but it's silence as usual. Too many clowns like Godfrey, Chapman & Harkess running the sport have killed it off.
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    The first thing that should happen if Swindon has any chance is removing the licence from wideboy Russell. Has no intention of bringing speedway back & is clearly working with Osbourne to stop it. Does the BSPA have the bottle & courage to do that? No, they'll just continue to bury their heads in the sand & see clubs just dwindle away. You only had to watch the planning inquiry regarding Brandon to see the real views of Osbourne & that smarmy wally Gareth Hooper. As soon as anyone at the BSPA saw that then the licence at Swindon should have been removed from Russell.
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    He certainly should of been excluded in that semi final though for wiping Pedersen out. He lost control and it was one of the worst decisions I have seen to put all 4 back rather than exclude him.
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    Agree…..but not in the same board scraping manner as Bomber and Basso. These two will be hard to emulate.
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    Why don't they SCB/BSPL take the speedway licence back from 'on ice' and allow another Promoter to take it on?
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    Sorry I consider myself reprimanded
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    Dougy was always a pleasure to watch around BP when he rode for the Lions. He was cheerful and had a positive attitude to his racing. In my book, he'd be welcome back in a heartbeat.
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    Riss would be a great number 3, agreed. Best in the league, potentially. I mistakenly took Clegg’s average from his time only with us this season!
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    Certain councils in Britain are not interested in saving what they see as British 'legacy culture' which is why every sport except football is being allowed to die (rugby League, speedway etc). The cultural landscape is being reshapeed purposefully to better suit the newer cultures who have no real interest in the old ones. I know what i am saying may be controversial but go take a glance around your local speedway stadium next time you're there and look at the demographics of the spectators and you will see what i am alluding to, especially if you also understand the demographics of Poland and then factor in their country's relationship to speedway and how well it is doing there. In many cities there are no new generations who are being brought up like we were or even being raised in the same cultural environment. I've been saying this for the past few years and everybody looks at me like i've fallen from Mars but speedway won't exist in Britain within the next 30 years when the indigenous cultures are all but gone no matter how much it bids to appeal to the newer ones. Enjoy British speedway whilst it lasts as it certainly won't be around forever.
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    Struggle to understand why Wolverhampton council never stepped in to say speedway must remain and refuse planning permission for dogs on a monday night. As for tomorrow, its not a challenge. Every team in the league participated and so its no different to the k o cup. Just a shame leicester couldnt get their act together last season.
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    You hold yourself alot i reckon.
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    No surprise it’s off at Leicester on Sunday. At least they didn’t wait until start time this week. Over to you now Buster!
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    Fans who have a ticket from last week are being allowed in "free" for the re-run of the meeting which didn't happen - albeit the club wanted to run it but the riders found it too difficult (well some did) to ride. And if they don't want to watch the other match. they can toddle off back home & not be out of pocket having had to pay for something they didn't want Many a time promotions are criticised by spectators for charging higher prices for a double header when the spectator only wants to watch one match - Now Leicester have introduced that opportunity they are being shot at. Just cant please all of the folk all of the time
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    I don't have detailed facts at my disposal so can only put forward a guess to explain why so much time has elapsed - is it possible that Leicester and Oxford had to await other fixtures (probably including ones involving themselves) to be completed before they were the confirmed finalists? Add in the inevitable postponement or two, and you get to this situation. More a general lack of urgency perhaps?
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    Isn't it the case that GI as a business buy and run stadiums until they have the opportunity of selling the land the stadium is situated on for housing or similar building development. During the intervening years they charge rent to users i.e. speedway/ Greyhound racing / football clubs and in some cases even play a part in promoting a particular sport. This latter involvement provides some sort of credence to them being interested in finding a new stadium where the displaced sport(s) can move to. But of course, this never happens because when condensed down, GI business plan is to buy sites that in time will be ripe for development - Period. Put simply, once GI get hold of a stadium, the closure clock has started to tick.

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