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    It's not too often that Terry Tibbs talks speedway these days but when I do, people say Terry you're still the man! So Kings Lynn fans talk to me! I've told Busty so many times that unless his brings back Main Man Rogers into the fold that the sport in the Fluxing Arena of Eastern England is on a slope more slippy, than the EU butter mountains. I had a lunch with little Johnny C in the Wimpy in Chingford High Street just last week, after 2 Milk Shakes and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, little Johnny C agreed that there is only one man to bring back the glory days and that is Main Man Rogers! I have sent Busty a telex telling him he needs to quickly contact The Ace that is Mase and agree a deal for Main Man Rogers to return with immediate effect. The German chap was ever so nice, in fact my 4th wife Greta had a liaison with him once in Krystof Stojanowski's caravan in the car park of the Smallbrook Stadium on the Island of Wight, but that's a different matter for now! Answer me this, is there is a man with more credentials that Main Man Rogers - the answer is simply no! Look what he did for the career of Bomabardier Harris, turned him into a near GP Gold Meadlist. Don't forget what he did at Coventry Speedway, the way he mentored Big Blayne Scroggins into probably their greatest team manager of all time and of course his success at turning Mildenhall Fen Tigers from the FSO's of the sport to the BMW's! Talking of BMW's my valet boy Christopher Mills, is around to do a bit of spannering if any of you are looking for someone who is handy with a wrench, whilst my business Jimmy Lynch is busy with that wench Audrey he met at the Chinford British Legion just before lockdown in January 2020! But once again I digress. I could go on for hours, but we need to act fast Listen to Terry, bring back Main Man Rogers, Busty! Thank you, goodbye, much looove!!!
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    what a breath of fresh air it was listening to Chris louis who actually knows what he is talking about instead of the clueless screaming Pearson, more of Chris louis for me please.
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    On another issue, when you see reports today about payers getting racial abuse online after missing a penalty it makes you realise exactly why they choose to kneel before a match to show support for each other. What is wrong with people that makes them feel the need to even consider doing that?
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    Just reinforces, don't believe everything you read on Twitter
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    Hi Archie21, I’m very sorry to hear that you are having issues booking tickets. There were a few people having issues making payment with Event Genius but I had been told by them it had been resolved. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a private message with your name, I’ll get our ticket partner to look into this ASAP. Alternatively, you can provide your name and telephone number and we can add your name to the list that is able to pay on the gate - that allows us to satisfy our agreement with our council by taking track and trace details. I understand your frustrations, but please reach out to us if you need to as we are always here to help and I certainly wouldn’t want you to give this a miss. Feel free to email me at duffill.redcarbears@gmail.com if you don’t want to PM and I’ll get you sorted. Regards, Jitendra Duffill
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    Dunno. Maybe the eradication of smallpox, polio, TB, measles, mumps, German measles, tetanus, whooping cough, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, diphtheria, chicken pox to mention just a few.
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    # If they insist on a face nappy and you're anti, go elsewhere. # If they don't insist and you're not comfortable with that, go elsewhere. It's that simple.
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    Bloke is box office and every promoter in this country would have him in their lineup no question if they could afford him. 100% of the fans would have him also if he was on their team. He’s only a pariah if you don’t have him.....
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    I'm no fan of Pedersen but this does look like the Referee did have it in for him. Referees don't half have life easy these days. 'Visiting' the Referee was a common occurrence years ago. It used to entertain the crowd too. I can remember a number of Riders popping into the Referee's box to dispute a decision. It was fun, all the booing and cheering, depending on which team you supported was all part of the Sport and the entertainment. Ah well, "The past is another country, they do things differently there". (Quote: L. P. Hartley). Sadly...........................................................
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    It is becoming all apparent that the sudden self-isolations of the Prime Minster, Chancellor and Health Minister are a convenient and fascinating coincidence that has removed them from Parliament at a critical time just before the recess, whilst Mr Cummings is publishing more revelations about Boris and Co.
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    Labour have been pretty pathetic in their opposition to the removal of peoples' freedoms, and indeed seem to want to impose more. It's why they can't be trusted on the issue either.
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    I think it's called 'making it up as you go along'. The BSPA/L would be proud...
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    Commentary today has been a vast improvement. Informed, knowledgeable and on subject.
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    Big fan myself but understand not everyone's cup of tea. Still banging in really good scores in Poland and was a pleasure to watch for Eastbourne. Plenty of other hard riders out there (Lindgren springs to mind) but think it's amplified by Nicki's character. If you hear him interviewed and talk to many riders in his peer group he's actually a really decent bloke, just a tough little so and so on the track. As was said on a previous post, if we had a few more Nickis in speedway then it would certainly increase crowd numbers, love him or hate him, he's box office.
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    A lot more than the hip many would suspect
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    So much more enjoyable without all that screaming.
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    Leigh Adams once said anyone can buy a cheap speedway bike and learn to slide. Perhaps we need to get back to that philosophy at championship level and take out all those extra expenses.
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    ‘ is anyone losing interest ‘ asks the title ?, well no as you ask. I find the ‘ sport ‘ fascinating now as individual promoters find their own interpretation of the rules ( are there any now ?). Having seen Poole’s and now Birmingham’s line ups for there next matches I am constantly entertained. A facility granted for a rider who hasn’t ridden for you when that was against the rules but now isn’t ?. A guest for an ‘ injured ‘ rider ( injured in this country allegedly )who is now riding in his own country but not here ? I used to think I understood most of the rules but not any more. I don’t think we can call speedway a sport for much longer as sports have rules, not guidelines to be used to increase an advantage for some but not all.
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    So many people voted on just one issue with no regard to the wider implications.
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    If they wish to make those choices then it's up to them, but unfortunately others are being forced to follow, including in environments where it's really completely pointless. Only a couple of days I received an email asking me to sign a petition to demand the continued use of face masks, and thousands have seemingly signed this. The population has been mixing and non-socially distancing for weeks now, and the reality is that the deaths have not increased. It's really time to move back to normality now, including the rubbish about needing a PCR test to travel.
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    Sad to see the ban for Nicki. I am a self acclaimed Nicki's no1 fan having signed him in 1998 for the Diamonds, and selling him to Wolverhampton the following year. When you get close and understand him, he is the ultimate sportsman. and will take every opportunity to get the win. Yes, he goes overboard sometimes but, like in the cases with Zagar, it is a carryover from a previous clash when Nicki had got done. These spats go on, and continue for sometime years, and refs know that and as long as there is no injuries and it's just being competitive, the ref will allow it and the majority of fans will see what they have expected and paid for. There are others on this Forum, also close to him, and they will tell you what a great guy he is when he has gained your trust. He is intelligent, mannerly, respectful and has you as a contact and a friend for life. I am lucky in having worked with him, so I admit I can be biased when I see his crashes, and I have to step back and have a rethink sometimes. Refs do get it wrong of course, as in the case in 1998 at Stoke for the first time, when Nicki overtook Paul Pickering on the second bend and Paul somehow dropped his bike. The ref then excluded Nicki despite all the protests. At the end of the meeting, the ref approached our Team manager George English and apologised for his error saying he thought it was Ronni Pedersen. Just shows that some refs can also carry the grudge, not just fellow riders.
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    this old fella probably sits watching mainstream media all day, and this is how it's affecting people

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