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    Honestly It's nice to see that some people can recognise the effort that Rob and the promotion are putting in and the difficult position the previous promotion left him in... that's what makes the comments made in the Speedway Star even more crass and the ignoramus should be offering an apology to Rob as what he and others may not appreciate is Rob has not only paid out twice now for the club he lost all the money in the company account when Newspeed went into liquidation... he buys the club and starts investing... starts selling season tickets and bringing sponsorship into the club... then the VAT black hole is revealed... the club or Newspeed is folded and the liquidators freezes all accounts and seize all assets... so the promotion lose thousands in season ticket money and sponsorship cash because the bank account is frozen and not only this but there is the ignominy of having to buy back things like the tractor; water bowser; the grading blade; the air fence and everything else that was an asset of the club... everything the club owned... all goods and chattels... On top of this Rob has honoured all the previous season tickets at his cost... he was within his rights to say sorry Newspeed has gone bump so your season ticket has gone... not very good PR if he was to do that though so in essence no season ticket monies this year to start the club off... no additional sponsorship cash because of Covid and some sponsors got their cash back... which again he paid... this is an honourable guy trying to do right by folk and you have a half wit going to press and saying what he did... from a club where cash now isn't an issue... not everyone has access to limitless resources and funds with the backing of a 250 million pound turnover company... Grants family butchers... turnover 2 ton of sausage and a wagon full of bacon... not exactly an international operation... more greasy spoon than Google... Sorry but it's bad form... we have a guy in Rob Grant whose been nothing but straight with people and this guy goes to press and has a pop... How Rob Grant is maintaining his enthusiasm is beyond me because lesser folk would have thrown their hand in by now... Regards THJ
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    'A very significant problem': Fears that patient backlog in some hospitals may last for years (msn.com) That's a real surprise! The path chosen to deal with the virus will knock the death toll from covid into insignificance in a couple of years time.
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    What an incredible love story 73 years married, so sad to hear of his death. A lifetime of supporting his wife and country, we won't see the like again. RIP sir.
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    Rebellious..... interesting.... Very hard to rebel against an organisation that dictates and doesnt communicate or even want to communicate with clubs that their decisions directly affect while having little or no consequence on their own business.... perhaps you meant standing up for ourselves and not allowing ourselves to be bullied in to joining something imposed upon us? We will see what happens in the future then we can look back and see. As a side note, none of our meetings planned on the IOW in 2021 will involve "league" racing.
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    Whereas the anti-vaxers on here never say anything
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    Yes, I've been called a bloody idiot by my nephew. Good job he lives in Stoke-On-Trent. I will just carry on as I am and do a test once a week, which so far has been negative. Strange that all these people who have been vaccinated have still got to carry on wearing a mask in designated places, can still get the virus and pass it on and will still have to do a test before they can go in some places so what is the point, apart from the fact a lot of them seem to like to brag that they have had the vaccination?
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    Oh my gawd. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-56766202
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    Like I say, come have a go! Anyone willing to volunteer 6 hours on a Saturday to go out publicly and try keep people entertained gets praise in my book. They always be doyles like you wanting to slate them but never step up and volunteer your own expertise. Personally think that talking for 3.5 hours to a microphone connected to the entire internet with no previous experience is some good going! Talking over extended breaks when absolutely nothing is happening for half an hour. Drop me a message and we'll get you lined up for the next one and see if you get as much praise as they have
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    Sky can go forth and multiply with their faux outrage at the prospect of a ESL damaging the game for clubs and fans. It was their money that established the Premier League in 1992 without thought for clubs and fans then. Sodding hypocrites.
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    One thing I do know is that whether you believe in the great reset, the vaccine, lockdowns, partial restrictions, no restrictions or anything else it is largely down to choosing where to get information from that you believe and forming an opinion from that. If you think you know all the answers and anybody disagreeing with you only does so because they are stupid you need to look in the mirror for some genuine stupidity.
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    Certainly doesn't sound like you're crying you continue your crusade. Me, i'll adapt and get on with life, like i have done in the past year, but maybe that's because i'm a brainwashed sheep? Like my dad always told me, if you have a problem "get on with it".
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    As well as having an AZ vaccine maker on our pub quiz team, we also have a COVID tester who's currently doing that instead of being a chef at the moment. According to him, the lateral flow tests are self-administered and therefore are very dependent on those being tested following instructions, which all too frequently they don't. I'm not sure about the exact reliability, but neither he nor my sister who's a pharmacist think they have much value and are largely a waste of time. I suspect it's like those car performance figures you (used to?) get in car magazines, set by expert drivers under the most optimal controlled conditions, but clearly impossible for the average person to replicate under normal conditions. I think the point though, is that the tests should be largely redundant with vaccination anyway, and if the vaccination isn't as effective as being claimed, then that's yet another lie that's been fed to the population.
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    I gave up on professional football years ago when big money was being circulated and ridiculous transfer fees and salaries were being paid. The game became elitist and those not within that group (owned by rich foreign 'fat cats') were having to pay money they didn't have just to keep up hence why so many clubs are struggling with debt....and never mind the extortionate ticket pricing fans were expected to pay. I find it unacceptable that even when playing in front of empty stands due to the pandemic footballers are still being paid vast salaries and I'm not personally prepared to endorse the game at that level.
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    Been fun to listen to all these hypocrites who have had their snout in the trough, many hiding in the background, for the past 20 years, having their piss boiled by even greedier hypocrites who don't care who knows what they are about.... UEFA say it's a "spit in the face" for the fans... So they too are pissed off because that is their role in football to do that.... Hypocrites being challenged by richer hypocrites... 39th game anyone? Semi Finals played at Wembley anyone? Three lots of TV subscriptions to watch every game anyone? If only the fit and proper owners test existed...
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    Unlike some years ago when university was for genuinely clever people, any old thicko can go now and while they are acquiring a pretty ordinary pass in a completely useless subject they will probably rack up a huge debt that they are unlikely ever to pay back.
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    Come and join me for a pint Steve...
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    Photo credit John Chaplin (John Somerville collection) Presenting 1948 British Championship to Vic Duggan at Wembley

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