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    I said this before, as much as Osbourne is what he is he isn’t breaking the law and all his decisions are business decisions, if speedway was a cash cow he would be working in our favour, the council will do whatever the cash dictates,, council support for a track closed or otherwise means nothing but on the other foot speedway needs the council to run, it all boils down to money unfortunately and it rarely falls in speedways favour, even in oxford’s case if it wasn’t for the greyhound guy buying the rights to the stadium would speedway even be back ? Unfortunately moral people don’t run the world
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    Those Brummies fans who voted for Brexit can be proud of themselves. Still they've got their borders back, immigration is under control and that £350m a week is pouring into the NHS instead of into Brussels per their red Battle Bus, isn't it?
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    Anyone noticed Kelvin is out of sync with the pictures? Tapes up he says each race and they aint on my TV?
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    I like football, I pay money to my club, Bristol City, to listen and watch the streams officially available to me helping put money into my team. I do exactly the same with the excellent service BSN provide for us, I pay my money firstly to watch and secondly to pay for the work they do for us and the sport. Shame on anybody who gets by this on the cheap when the sport needs help.
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    Looks like they have found new owners.So for once a club has not closed down after Osbourne being involved ...Really Please for them
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    I suspect we’d have seen a lot better performance from Redcar’s youngsters if things had worked out as planned over the last 14 months. Our team structure relies on a strong top 3 doing most of the heavy lifting and we just haven’t had that. Connor was a late addition to the team last year. We lost Eric early on and he was only a shadow of his former (or current) self when he returned. We were still just about in with a shout of winning something when we lost Charles and the season quickly fizzled out. We’ve started 2024 by losing TJ and then almost straight away lost Danny. Puts a lot of pressure on the bottom end to perform in every heat with no respite. I’m sure Connor, Jason and Jake will put a couple of points on their averages at some point and I wouldn’t want to lose any of them. Just a bit tough being a Redcar fan/rider/promoter in the meantime that’s all. Similar situation at other teams to be fair.
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    Heavy rain in Kings Lynn at the moment so not looking good for next week's meeting.
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    Can't wait for the fights over the dummy
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    Suppose that depends on your definition of "Chemist". Walter White was a chemist.
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    My take on things. We are pi$h Edinburgh are also pi$h. They are just slightly better pi$h than us.
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    There's been a backlash to his appearance at the Blunsdon site. To be honest when I spoke to two local councillors, the Green one said it's a shame about the Moto Cross, and the Red one didn't seem to care. Not enough peeps bothered about local speedway these days. Swindon becoming a dormitory town for commuters to the south-east now, recreational stuff disappearing, just more houses everywhere being built on sporting areas.
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    He got caught.End off.
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    is this is how true speedway fans see this . as does this post . so , you start a new job and it takes time to settle in . its not like a light switch when its either off or on . last weeks meeting against edinburgh was close racing , but the scores did not look that way. Celina won the reserves race in a FASTER time than Tate in ht 1 . even when Celona got pushed out on the first bend , she made the ground up on the front three . both reserves are improving at their own rate and deserve time to get to grips with everything you also have to look at CELINAS sponsor (ray fisher bodyworks ) how do you think they feel about that . this could damage any further involvement with help from them with the riders . i think about %95 of fans who turn up @ worky do like the effort both put into it , but speedway does not work like that .. to to see Celins and Sam doing their best to improve bit by bit .didnt Sam beat kyle howarth at worky v scuunthorpe . more progress from these two .we are NOT glasgow and drop riders like hot spuds . we are supporters who love the sport for what it is . up the marras . speedway would be a borefest if changes were made to win a silver tin pot worth about £10.00 .
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    'Banned' 'failing' 'despite' 'evidence' - all a little over dramatic me thinks. How about: The standard 7 day sickness protocol, as per SCB regulations, will apply to Dan Thompson who has covid.
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    Think you will find it was kept out maintaining the track longer as the medics were dealing with Dan Thompson.They done a good job with the track today IMO.No rider had any bother riding it which is something given their inexperience.Good Meeting IMO.
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    Happy with your sexist comment now?
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    Just been to Workington for the first time since it was the little training track, what a superb race track, imo best this country has, great little set up there too with great viewing and close to the seafront too what’s not to love
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    Just a big thank you to @racers and royals for all the hard work that's done providing all the info on here. It's much appreciated.
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    Can someone tell me where any better reserves are gonna come from ? Don't forget the team is put together on a budget. Moneybags Glasgow are also on the lookout to replace complin and maybe others. Imo we are doing OK for our 1st season back, get behind the team and enjoy the ride. UTC
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    What a ride by Artem laguta in Heat 15! Laguta beat Zmarzlik by a mile, and on Bartek's home track ! What a shame he and Emil are still not allowed to ride in the SGP.
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    Shows what you can do to get a meeting on and finished in no time. Well done to all concerned and surely the way forward, fast sport with superbly quick process. Racing might not be top notch but they got the meeting on.
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    The simple truth is todays Speedway Promoters in general are lazy people who can not be bothered to get off their backsides and drum up support. At BV they have the best speedway track and stadium in the country BUT if you ask someone in Manchester where BV is or what’s speedway they haven’t got a clue. The promotion of BV and the sport is zero and that’s why speedway is where it is….basically bust!
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    If they were guesting for Glasgow, but as they are guesting for Redcar unlikely.
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    Very personable, modest, level headed young man as well a talent on a Speedway bike. His family must be very proud of him along with Darcy Ward and all his sponsors. For 18 years old he has been deeply impressive. Good on ya young Tate.
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    Ask the poster .... TINYS Members 316 741 posts Posted Sunday at 10:34 AM My mate went to stock cars at Lynn yesterday and apparently Buster announced that there won't be speedway at Lynn after this season. Thanks for the kind words. But your wrong on both counts.

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