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    • It wasnt so much that he got passed, but how he got passed so easily..  Up the inside, leaving a huge gap to come through with seemingly no thought to move over to the kerb, even though he had plenty of room to do so, which would have blocked the run of the rider(s) behind... Until he was behind that is, whereby he then rode the inside line for the rest of the race.. Reading the Ipswich thread it seems quite a common occurrence this season, ie chasing dirt that isnt there and getting passed up the inside.... Lost probably 8 points or so I would say from being passed whilst in "good" positions...
    • Predictable Witches - King has a poor record in Heats 13 & 15 anyway, so four similar races in this meeting have proved he's not in any sort of form.
    • I had an email advising discounted for season pass holders there was a code quoted on the email.
    • Don't know how it came across on the stream but watching it live, it was a good meeting which got better as the racing developed.  As the promotion were keen to get it finished early and I was texting updates I didn't get chance to go to the toilet until the gap between heats 10 & 11 when the announcer was interviewing Fricke, I was regretting the refillable soft drink at the Harvester long before then! First comment is that it is nice to park on tarmac rather than a muddy field - 1 improvement on last year, I'd say the crowd was slightly down compared to the twice I visited the EoESg last year. The only rising stars that looked competitive in this company were Brennan & Thomas, guessing Lemon thought Douglas may have issues swapping to his second bike - mentioned by Masters when interviewed so took a punt using Brennan.  In fairness Douglas & Masters gave up chasing Fricke and team rode Brennan out of it toward the end of that heat.  Thomas kept Kurtz honest for a few laps. Gate 4 appeared to have a big advantage at the start which disappeared by the end. Without doubt the best ride of the night was MPT passing both Witches in heat 7, other than that Panthers were disappointing - the couple of times Harris gated a queue formed behind him, but I only recall Holder passing him, it was obvious Holder was way quicker throughout, Harris only got in front from the gate by grass tracking to push Holder wide. King was the slowest non RS on show, when he did make the gate and he did a few times he went backwards. IMO Fricke was the quickest rider on the night, with Holder & Doyle not far behind, think Belle Vue made a mistake choosing gate 4 in the semi, advantage had gone.  Kings Lynn probably deserved to win, best pairing overall and their 7-2 over their local rivals was the best heat.  I had moved from start/finish straight stand to first bend so I didn't get stuck on car park for final, Lawson was obviously looking what was going on behind him throughout, because of fence & no elevation couldn't see if Ellis clipped him entering the last lap but it looked like he did. Other than that Ellis was largely anonymous!  Sheffield got to final without me really noticing him.  Similar story for Kurtz, who is proving rather an inconsistent enigma, the only thing I remember him doing of note was making a mistake that allowed Ellis to pass him, nothing like peerless previous visit to Alwalton. Wolves seemed to start strong, Masters looked good, Douglas looked slow.  Douglas swapped bikes and was much quicker, but Masters faded as the dirt went wide, yet he was the first rider to sweeping outside pass overcoming in Lawson heat 6. Nearly a month until the next round at Foxhall!  Lets hope Peterborough don't declare their top 4 unavailable and go with three RS riders.  I can se some iffy pairings towards the end of this from the teams out of contention - the only negative comment, for now.
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